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  • Question:-chargers???
    what is the original prupose for chargers (the ones used with fine china)? and what do you use them for?

    Answer:-I use them mostly decorative, but I also just use them instead of place mats and to keep your hot dinner plate off the table.
  • Question:-Chargers??
    Us san diegans had hope that they would win, but I think we all knew with all the injuries we were pretty much screwed, who thought the chargers had a chance ?

    And who else hates brady ?

    Answer:-the chargers had a big chance, thats why they only lost by 9.
  • Question:-Can solar car chargers work without having the key to the car turned to accessory?
    I am thinking of installing a solar trickle charger in my car. Most of them have a cigarette lighter plug-in for easy installation.

    But I am not sure they will actually charge the battery. I cannot get power to the cigarette lighter plug-ins without having the key turned to "accessory". If I were to plug in a solar charger, I am afraid that it would not work, simply because no complete circuit to the battery exists while the key is not in the ignition.

    There are chargers that connect to the battery using alligator clips. But these mean running a separate line to the battery. Is there a solution to this seemingly simple problem?

    Answer:-If your cigarette lighter works when the key if off, then yes, the solar charger will work. That will confirm you have popwer to the lighter when the key is off, thus the necessary connection to the battery.
  • Question:-How do chargers work that use magnetic fields instead of contacts?
    Can chargers that use magnetic fields, such as tooth brush chargers, be constructed in a much larger scale? What are the pit falls to charging without contacts, excessive heat build up, loss of energy, etc. and could they be considered unsafe in any fashion, cancer causing like radar waves, produce static electricity, or could it pose a shock hazard?

    Answer:-You need to learn about transformers.

    All battery chargers use magnetic fields, because they use transformers to step down line voltage to the voltage required by the batteries to be charged. The little toy electric toothbrush uses a transformer in which the primary winding is in the base and the secondary is in the handle of the toothbrush.

    This would never be needed in a larger scale application, so there is no point in scaling it up. Most charging devices use a transformer in which the primary and secondary windings are enclosed in a metal case and the output of the secondary is fed to a rectifier to produce the DC current needed for charging the battery.

    In the toothbrush, the secondary is in the handle so it can be removed without breaking a contact. This is useful only for toy and novelty applications such as a toothbrush, because of its vulnerability to stray magnetic fields.

    Also, the electric toothbrush still has "contacts," because there is a switch in the base that turns off the primary winding when you lift the toothbrush out of the charger.

    So don't worry about scaling it up. There is no reason to, and there are extensive practical reasons for not doing so.
  • Question:-Do the same Nokia chargers work for Nokia flip phones and for the non-flip phones?
    I have like 6 Nokia chargers from previous phones that are not the flip phones, but I'd like to get a Nokia flip phone. Are all Nokia chargers the same, regardless of the type of Nokia phone?

    Answer:-well depending on how old these nokia phone chargers are, right now there is a new plug its really thin and there is the old plug whitch is a bit fatter the newer nokia phones carry the thin charger pin but their is also a plug that you can plug into your old nokia charger and the end is thin like the newer nokia phone chargers
  • Question:-Will the Chargers be the first division winner not to lead their division during the season?
    If the Chargers beat the Broncos sunday they will win the AFC West without being in first place at any point during the season. Has this ever happened before?
    This question is not a matter of opinion. If you actually have the FACTS please answer.

    Answer:-it has probably happened before
  • Question:-How come the last 2 of my laptop battery chargers stopped working?
    I have a Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop and my last charger I had stopped charging, but other peoples chargers still work on my computer. I bought a new replacement charger, and after about a month, this charger died too. I have multiple batteries so I don't think it's the battery. What should I do to prevent this from continuing?

    Answer:-I don't think the problem is your batteries too, the problem might be your handling of the laptop charger or the laptop charger quality. However, you can also take the laptop to a local repair center and make sure the problem is not internal (motherboard).

    I would recommend that you wrap tape around the more sensitive parts of the laptop charger to prevent bending the wire at all times (places where the cord connects to some hinge, or the power jack). This way, it prevents the charger from moving too much to avoid stress.

    I would also recommend that you not buy chargers from cheap places, as the quality is usually extremely poor. I recommend buying from because they offer lifetime warranty and free shipping at a relatively cheap price. With lifetime warranty, you can avoid spending on charger if it breaks again (if it does, you really need to take it to a technician).

    Best of luck.
  • Question:-Chargers are already 15 point underdogs to the Patriots, will that work in the Chargers' favor?
    Since New England is the overwhelming favorite in the game next week, and most are predicting an easy New England victory, do you think that will actually help motivate San Diego to keep the game close, and actually have a good shot at pulling the upset? I think New England is great, easily the best team this year, but I think the Chargers are a capable team to pull it off, and being the huge underdogs it will only help them not hurt them. What do you think?


    Weren't the colts favored by 10 points? Didnt they think they had the game in their pocket? Manning said he's gonna try to finish the game early so he can watch the rest! I didnt see that happening because being the underdog motivates the team, and the Chargers want revenge from th pats for what they did last year in the playoffs!

    GO BOLTS!!
  • Question:-What Do the Chargers Need to Do to Win a Playoff Game?
    So, here we are again. Rolling up on the playoffs. The Chargers are feeling good about themselves, etc. I've seen it happen over and over again for the past 35 years only to be disappointed with a first or second round loss.

    So, I ask the almight Yahoo answers community... What does this team need to do to get this crazy playoff monkey off of their back.

    Was firing Marty enough? Can't be. What's the deal?

    Answer:-This question has had THE MOST intelligent answers of any question I have seen on this board recently.
    Everyone seems to know the formula:
    LT+No turnovers+defense= Championship
    RIvers is an "X" factor, they should limit the game plan to:
    1. Run First
    2. Play Action
    3. High Percentage Passing
    4. Throw down the field (ONLY after wearing the defense down with plans 1-3).
    San Diego is great at putting pressure on the QB and leads the league in interceptions, get after the QB and create turnovers.
    If San Diego can do these things and certainly have the personel to get it done, they will win it all.
  • Question:-What is the consumption of power by device chargers if left plugged in but not charging a device?
    I have many electronic devices and cordless tools that have chargers. If I left the chargers plugged in when not charging devices, how much power if any is being consumed?

    Answer:-Yes, these chargers use a small amount of power when they are plugged in, even if they aren't attached to whatever it is that they are supposed to power. It is a small amount (perhaps 5 watts) each. To get an idea of what that might cost you, you are billed by the kilowatt-hour, or kWh. One kilowatt hour is one watt that is used for 1000 hours, or 1000 watts that is used for one hour. There are about 725 hours in a month, so 5 watts would use about 3.5 kWh, or somewhere between 25 and 40 cents each month.

    To find out more about other things in your house that use energy when you aren't using them, check out the website below.

    Good luck.

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