Monday, February 21, 2011

Creating Seo Plan

Once you have a goal or set of goals in mind for your website, it's time to build your SEO plan.
SEO plan is the document you use to stay on track as they try to implement SEO strategies
in place.
For many people, the idea of implementing SEO on a website that includes tens or even
hundreds of pages is overwhelming.
It need not be, however.
Prioritize pages
SEO looks chopped, bite-size.
For example, instead of searching your site as a whole, look
on each page of the site. Give priority to these pages, and then plan your SEO about priority of each page.
Taking into account one page helps eliminate the "everything that has to happen now"
subject and makes it possible for you to create an SEO plan that will maximize your website potential
in the minimum amount of time.
pages high priority should be that visitors most naturally gravitate to, as
your home page, or pages that are generated as much in terms of traffic or income.
pages, is also creating a roadmap for your marketing efforts. If three of the pages of your
site are their top priority, the three will do most of the time, capital, and effort when
SEO is marketing.
Site assessment
After you have prioritized your site, you should evaluate where you are and where it should be
with your current SEO efforts.
Again, evaluate each page individually, rather than the whole site.
In SEO, individual pages are equally important (if not more) than the entire site.
All your
efforts are designed to classify a site about everyone else in the search results.
What page is the
important should be determined by the needs of your business.
Your SEO evaluation should be a document that describes the current status of the main SEO
elements of each page.
Should contain columns for the element of the site that we are evaluating the
current status of this element, you have to improve on that element, and the deadline for
It is also useful if you have a checkbox next to each item that can be checked when
improvements have been completed and a column for the monitoring, since SEO is a process that never ends.
The elements that must be considered during the assessment include:
_ site / page tagging: Meta tags are included in the coding of your website are
essential for the site listed correctly in a search engine.
Labels that must
Special attention is the title and description tags, as these are the most
important for a search engine.
_ page content: How fresh is your content? What is the relevance? How often is it updated? Y
the amount of content is there?
Content is still important when it comes to search results.After
all, most people are looking for a specific piece of content, whether information or a
If the content is outdated, search engines could eventually begin to ignore your site
for a site that has fresher content.
There are exceptions to this generalization, however.
And one exception is if your content is, by nature, very rich, but not very dynamic.Because
the usefulness of content, the site probably will rank well.
But it is a difficult task
case to determine.
In most cases, fresh content is better.
_ web links: Site links are essential to SEO. Crawlers and spiders find the links
and out of place to explore the site and gather data about each URL.
also find the links in-context, ie, the link must be from lead or
to a site that is relevant to the page being indexed.
Broken links tend to be a great
problem when it comes to search engine ranking, so be sure to check that links are still
work during the evaluation process.
_ Site Map: Believe it or not, a site map will help your web site more closely linked.
But this is no ordinary site map that includes help users quickly navigate through
place. This site map is an XML-based document at the root of your HTML, which contains
information (URL, last updated, the relevance to the pages around, and so on) on each
the pages of a site. Using this XML sitemap will help ensure that even the depths
pages of your site are indexed by search engines. If you do not have a site map,
must create one. If you have one, make sure it is accurate and current.

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