Friday, July 29, 2011

Promote Local Bike Races via Email Marketing

Buying an inexpensive bike, and using it to run errands around town that one would typically take care of with multiple car trips not only saves a lot of money but is a great way to lose weight and get into shape. And with this increase in bike riding comes a renewed popularity in local bicycle races. Nobody who revisits bike riding as an adult expects to compete in the Tour de France, but it's human nature to want to compete and see how you compare against riders of similar age and experience.
Yet how do casual riders learn about these races, and more importantly, how do race organizers inform the public of their event? The answer is email marketing for bike races!
While there are other publicity options for race organizers—the local newspaper, radio station and television station—none of those will be nearly as successful or as cost-efficient for bike races as email marketing. Campaigns are easy to manage and inexpensive to create once the software has been installed. And email marketing for bike races is doubly important since most bike races are "Mom and Pop" operations that are largely staffed by volunteers and unlikely to turn a profit—so saving money is as much a goal for race organizers as it is for the participants who got back into bike riding in the first place!
The bike riding community is a tight-knit one, so email marketing for bike races can actually start in stores that sell bicycles. Let the owner know you're organizing a race and that you want to not only find competitors but also build a database of email addresses so that the race is much more than a one-time thing. The owner will most likely allow you to place a sign-up sheet in the store promoting the race and inviting those who are interested to put down their email addresses.
Once you have some addresses, the bike race's email marketing campaign can begin! Input the addresses and keep riders informed of race news and schedules. For bike races, email marketing campaigns can cost little to implement—there are many affordable email marketing software packages on the market—and the campaigns can be maintained by anyone with a working knowledge of computers.
When organizing bike races, email marketing is a must for anyone who wants to build and promote a bike race and find the largest pool of entrants possible. Many other athletic events have been promoted via email marketing. Bike races can benefit, too, so check out email marketing software today!

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