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jello shots

  • Question:-jello shots?
    I am planning on making pinacolada jello shots, this is my plan tell me if i should add anything or do something different.

    the bottom layer is going to have either a coconut jello or or a plain jello, i will add coconut milk to either and coconut extract to the plain if needed, and malibu rum. (1-1 ratio to the other liquid) i will pour that into the cups half way and let those set for a few hours. then i will take pinapple jello and add rum to that same 1-1 ratio, and pour it on top of the set coconut jello. maybe adding a little whip cream and a marichino cherry right before serving.

    ok suggestions............ go!
    i'm kinda wanting to go for the crazy presentation... i am rather bored these days...

    Answer:-You know...... I have seen pina colada jello in the why not just use that and substitute rum for the water.
  • Question:-Jello Shots?
    I am going to have a party and would like to make some Jello shots. How do you make them? Can you use any alchohol? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Serious answers only please~ Thanks

    Answer:-You can really get creative with these! Dissolve your Jello in the boiling water just like the package says, but instead of adding cold water after the Jello is dissolved, substitute liquor for all or part of the cold water depending on how strong you want your shots. If the box calls for 1 cup of boiling water and 1 cup of cold water, instead of 1 cup of the cold water, use maybe 1/2 cup of alcohol and 1/2 cup of water, or 3/4 cup of alcohol and 1/4 cup of water, or 1 cup of all alcohol. You pretty much can use any alcohol you want. Nowadays, they've got some great flavors of Jello and liquor, and you can really go crazy. For example, there are flavored vodkas and rums that you can mix with different flavors of Jello to try and mimick your favorite drink. You can get Lime Jello and mix with tequila and triple sec. for a margarita flavored shot. Or strawberry jello and tequila for strawberry margarita. Coconut rum is good, but it's weak so mix it with regular rum or vodka for some added kick (Maybe 1/2 cup of each instead of the cold water). Most Jello shots I've had are made with Vodka. You can't go wrong with that. But if you want to get crazy, experiment. What's the worst that can happen? They don't taste as good? So what. After a couple of shots, it won't matter anyway. Get some disposable plastic shot cups. I get them from a local bar supply store, and they come with lids so it's really easy to stack them in the fridge. If you're counting calories, use sugar free Jello. It's not as good as the regular, but it's pretty close.
  • Question:-Jello shots?
    i need good recipies for strong jello shots, if you got any that taste like hpnotiq or alize and taste good tell me please.

    Answer:-Here's the basic & different flavors.

    Amaretto Jello Shots
    Beer Jello Shots
    Berry Berry Jello Shots
    Red Wine Jello Shots
    Rum and Coke Jello Shots
    Daiquiri Jello Shots
    Carribean Blue Jello Shots
    Bocce Ball Jello Shots
    Fuzzy Navel Jello Shots
    Irish Whiskey Sour Jello Shots
    Lemon Drop Jello Shots
    Mai Tai Jello Shots
    Margarita Jello Shots
    Purple Passion Jello Shots
  • Question:-How do I make jello shots easier to come out of the cups?
    How do I make jello shots easier to come out of the cups? I am making jello shots, but everytime they get really hard to come out from the little cups. Is there anything that would make them come off easier?

    Answer:-Sit the cups in a little hot water just before you try and dislodge them. This slightly melts the edge jello and allows the whole thing to slip out.
  • Question:-What do you do if jello shots are still liquid and not jello?
    I made jello shots about 6 hours ago and they are still liquid what do i do to make them jello.

    Answer:-You probably used too much alcohol. The shots won't set if you use too much. Whatever the box says to use for water, put half of that in as water and half in alcohol.
  • Question:-What's the best alcohol to make jello shots with?
    I've had weak jello shots with barely any alcohol and I've had strong jello shots with gross strong alcohol. I'm looking for a good smooth alcohol to make jello shots with. Also, what's the best flavors of jello to use for jello shots?

    Answer:-You should use unflavored alcohol when making jello shots and let the jello do the flavoring. My recommendation would be to use something that has a high alcohol level like vodka, so that the alcohol doesn't vaporize when you mix it with hot jello. Experiment with the jello flavors and alcohol levels. No one else but you can decide which is best.
  • Question:-How long do vodka jello shots last for in the fridge?
    How long do vodka jello shots last for in the fridge?
    Im making vodka jello shots for a party in 9 days and i dont really have time to do them any closer to the date (because im doing rainbow layered ones) and i want to know if they will still be good if i make them now. Each shot cup has its own air tight lid if that makes a difference.

    Answer:-I would say 9 days would be too long cause I did them one weekend and didnt drink them so we saved them for the next weekend and they were already drying up even tho they were sealed up with the pop on lids.. So maybe 3 or 4 days tops is what I would say.
    Good Luck
  • Question:-How fast do jello shots take to set?
    I am having a Halloween party tonight and was wondering if I made jello shots with half vodka and half water, how long would it take to set? Also, is there a way to make them set faster? Thanks!

    Answer:-Just as long as regular jello usually.
  • Question:-How long can jello shots last without refrigeration?
    My friend is throwing a Halloween party and I'm in charge of jello shots. The only problem is I live an hour away from her. I highly doubt the shots will go 'bad' that quick, but will they be okay that long without being cold? I plan on using cheap vodka, vanilla vodka, and rum in the shots. I'm debating on whether I'll show up to her house early and make them or if I should make them at my house where they can at least be refrigerated for a day.

    Answer:-I think jello shots go bad as soon as the box is open.

    If you just have to make them then buy a cooler and some ice. Personally, I'd just bring a bottle of vodka and tell people if they want jello then go ask Bill Cosby.
  • Question:-How long do Jello Shots last if you keep them in the fridge?
    If I make Jello shots today (wednesday) will they last until Saturday if I keep them in the fridge?

    How long can you keep Jello Shots in the fridge before they go bad?

    Answer:-If you make them in a pan or mold a 4 days easy

    little jello shot cups 1 to 1.5 weeks

    If you make them in "JelloJectors" a month

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