Wednesday, November 9, 2011

penn state board of trustees

  • Question:-Can someone please post the phone numbers to any members of the Penn State board of trustees?
    I would like to tell them what I think about their decision. I am in CA and I can't stand by while a legend is thrown under the bus.

  • Question:-Joe Pa thrown under the bus by the board. Doesn't this remind you or the mortgage mess?
    Those who created the problems and were responsible for it, throw an employee under the bus. Penn State board of trustees decision is identical to the governments handling of the mortgage crisis....reward those responsible with golden parachutes and killing off those that encouraged competition and had nothing to do with the problems they created.

  • Question:-Was Joe Paterno partially responsible for not following through w/the child sexabuse cases he was notified of?
    The Penn State Board of Trustees just fired him.,0,2839873.story

  • Question:-How does a University hierarchy work?
    So far we've gotten a clear, disgusting display of the order of operations in a University...

    - Janitor, who is below
    - Janitor's dad, who is below
    - Head Coach, who is below
    - Athletic Director, who is below
    - University President, who is below
    - Board of Trustees

    Is there one supreme power?

    Hypotheticlly, say a scandal came across a campus where the Board of Trustees has been embezzling money or commiting a crime, or whatever.

    The campus government seems like an oligarchy right now!

    BQ: Penn State is PO'd!!! Holy crap! Riots in down town! Will there be violence and riots at the game Saturday??
    BQ2: Do you agree with the Board's unanimous decision?

    BQ3: Are you listening to the press conference? It sounds like students are asking questions, and THEY ARE PISSED.
    BQ4: Did you hear that student as the conference ended? He shouted out, "That's f***ing insane!"
    See, I do agree with the board... The best interest of the football team must be ignored here... Young lives were permanently altered, and everything and everyone even the tinyest bit involved MUST be removed immidiately.


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