Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What is Social Media

Some people will tell you that social media is a "here today,
after tomorrow 'fashion, but are the same people who are
waiting for the cover of the eight-track tape to return.
No, the media is not a flash in the pan. In fact, I will continue
evolving into something better, which is exactly what happened
when personal computers (PC) for the first time in the scene.
When the first personal computers, word processing was virtually the only
What they were really good. But then someone gave a
way to connect some of them. When people began to connect
in the expanded networks, began to understand the
the true power of technology.

One of the first services to try to exploit large-scale computer
networks was CompuServe, which experienced relatively stable
growth during 1980 and 1990. CompuServe connected along
well until America Online (AOL) arrived. AOL was the first
company of its kind to harness the power of a user-friendly
interface. Thanks to this strategy, AOL grew from 10 million
subscribers in 1996 to 27 million subscribers in 2002.
But things did not last for AOL. When people realized that
was only a supplement to the Internet, he decided to connect
directly. When that happened, the power of networked computers
really started to take off. First there was early sites consumer brochure;
Then came blogs, then forums, then bookmarks, labels,
Share photos, podcasts worlds, virtual, widgets, and so ...
you get the point. Things began to change. And they changed
so I could not even imagine when staff
team for the first time around.
That brings us back to our point: The evolution of personal
computer from a simple word processor to a complex network of
interconnected minicomputers is similar to the evolution of
social media networks simple Web 3.0 technology
is becoming today. Both technologies are transforming and

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