Wednesday, November 30, 2011

victoria secret angels

  • Question:-whys it so hard to become a victoria secret angel? why did they pick the angels they have?
    Just out of curiosity, looking at some of the angels its hard to tell why they picked these models to be angels rather then the other Victoria Secret models which are equally as beautiful, bubbly, down to earth, good spokes people and have great bodies? what other qualities are needed?

    Answer:-besides just the looks you need the experience. the models that are 'angels' have been in the buisness for years and are part of modeling companies that are the 'big leagues' like IMG. they also work for other brand names besides victorias secret
  • Question:-Victoria Secret Angels Battle:candice swanepoel vs miranda kerr?
    Victoria Secret Angels Battle:candice swanepoel vs miranda kerr?
    Which one do you think is sexier/prettier if you had to choose one to be your girlfriend who would you choose?

    Answer:-Victoria! =)
  • Question:-free victoria secret angels card for march 2009?
    i just signed up for the angels card and i was just wondering if it is any good. i just signed up for it and i heard that there is a booklet that victoria secret offers. is it any good. wat discounts are coupons come with the angels card.

    Answer:-I had the angels card and ended up closing my account. The APR rate on retail cards is ridiculous so whatever you save with coupons you end up spending on interest. You only get that book the first year you sign up and the deals in it are okay. Even without the angel card I still get plenty of offers through my email and in my mail from Victoria's Secret. Hope this helps!
  • Question:-How can i get hair like the Victoria Secret Angels?
    I really have no idea how to make my hair exactly like theres. I know i would need a curling iron but my hair doesnt come out like theres when i use it. I just love how flowy and wavey their hair is. Thanks!

  • Question:-Do you have to have good credit to get a Victoria Secret angels card?
    I am just starting to build my credit. I got my first jewelry card, but I am not into jewelry, so after paying it off I would like to get the VS angel's card. How long do I have to let my credit build to qualify for the card?

    Answer:-If you want to improve your credit apply for a mastercard and/or visa card. You are extremely unlikely to build apurchase/repay track history with a single revolving department store card. RJ
  • Question:-Will the designer of the Victoria Secret angels will be willing to custom make a pair of wings for sale?
    I would like to have a human size pair for a photo shoot.

    Answer:-VS makes so much money im sure they dont need to make custom orders. u can probably buy some cute ones online (knockoffs though)
  • Question:-What's the song in the commercial for the new Victoria Secret Angels fragrance?
    I just heard it on the video on yahoo they had before one of their links and just recall the words "falling down."

    Answer:-I found it I found it finally!!!
  • Question:-Can Victoria Secret Angels Have Tattoos?
    I have 3 small tattoos and I am interested in trying to become one..
    will I have to get them removed?

    Answer:-Where are they and what do they look like?
  • Question:-how do i get a toned body like the victoria secret angels or britney spears?

    any good websites that'll help

    Answer:-Work out with a personal trainer, eat healthy and drink lots of water. =]
  • Question:-How do I request a new Angels card from Victoria's Secret?
    I can't find my Victoria's Secret Angels card and I hate having them look it up every time I go in. How do I request that a new card be sent to me? Should I call customer service and speak to someone?

    Please, no complaints about the store or card. I'm very happy with it.
    How long does it take to receive the new card?

    Answer:-you could call customer service and tell them you lost your card, there gonna temporally disconnected the old one and send you a new one.

chester mcglockton

  • Question:-Who's your all time least favorite player on your favorite team?
    Chester McGlockton. His bad attitude and poor work ethic ruined the Raiders solid defense. The kicker was in 98 during the Raider Chief game in KC where we got shut-out. Hes over on the sidelines chatting it up with Schottenheimer! He went to the Chefs next year and the Chefs declne was on.

    Answer:-Im a Giant Fan, there are a bunch of guys who didnt live up to where they were selected in the draft.. Eric Dorsey, Howard Cross, Tyrone Wheatley, Cedric Jones (The one eyed pass rusher from U of Oklahoma*sigh*), William Joseph... there have been too many to simply point at one...

    but if i HAD to say one, i go with Tyrone Wheatley... Have never seen a back with that size and speed that was as freegin soft a runner as wheatley was in NY.

adriana lima

  • Question:-adriana lima?
    what do u guys think of adriana lima? hot or not? i think she is absolutely beautiful! what celeb do u think is the hottest?
    she is so hot i could die jacking off to her

    Answer:-she is sexy.
    but what does this have to do with men's health?
    well... actually... um
  • Question:-Adriana Lima?
    Am i crazy for thinking Adriana Lima looks very plain and simple ? Actually no i think she's ugly.. what's happened to the real beauties like nicole kidman and catherine zeta jones?

    Answer:-Nicole Kidman is the classic sophisticated beauty. Adriana Lima is the sexy, mysterious victoria secret kind of beauty.
  • Question:-Adriana lima ?
    Am i crazy for thinking Adriana Lima looks very plain and simple ? Actually no i think she's ugly.. what's happened to the real beauties like nicole kidman and catherine zeta jones?

    Answer:-She is hot and young!
    The beauty about her is :-
    1) Eyes like angle
    2) Mouth , kissing mouth
    3) Cheek bones, show that she is the supermodel like Denise
    4) Her skin and exotic look
  • Question:-Could the Model Adriana Lima play the role of the greek goddess hedone?
    Do you think the Victoria Secret model Adriana Lima could play the role of the greek goddess hedone? The goddess of pleasure,enjoyment and delight.

  • Question:-What kind of body figure does Adriana Lima have?
    She has a great body but come she is a model so she has too. I know that there is four different types of body figures. Apple, Pear, Hourglass, or straight and rectangular. What kind does Adriana lima have? And what do most of the victoria secret models have?

    Answer:-the hot type
  • Question:-How can I get over my obsession with model Adriana Lima?
    I am 13 and weirdly obsessed with Adriana Lima. I think about her all the time. I am soooo obsessed with her to the point where I could be considered a stalker.

    Answer:-If I were you I'd flip though mag. and find someone new to idol.
    Or just start a sport.
    If your not that athletic try yoga.
    In your room if you have any pictures up on the wall of her, TEAR THEM DOWN.
    Look through vouge, and ripe out fashion pictures like, all designers and try putting them on your wall if there are any pictures of her DO NOT PUT THEM UP!!
    I'm 13too and it's weird for you to be so obbsesed with some one.
  • Question:-What if Adriana Lima was trying to steal your man?
    Hey guys, if Adriana Lima was trying to steal you away from your girl, would you dump your GF for her?

    Also girls, would you be intimidated that one of the prettiest girls in the world is trying to steal your man? What would you do about it?

    Answer:-Shhhiiett I would be so intimidated by this girl!! She is BEAUTIFUL. I would give her my man, eventhough I don't have I'd probably even date her LOL (just kidding) but she is very beautiful I admire her.
  • Question:-How can I look like adriana lima?
    Well some people have told me that I sort of look like adriana lima (I wish). But my question is how can I look even more like her. My hair is a light brown colour and its layered with a side bang. My eye colour is green with flecks of brown and dark blue. I am pretty tall for my age and I have full lips a normal nose and pretty pale skin especially now in the winter.

    Answer:-try making your hair darker...
    i think she has like a dark coffee color...
    and maybe look at pictures and try your make up like her
  • Question:-How can i get colored contacts to match Adriana Lima's eyes color in this picture?
    here is the link of a pic of Adriana Lima's eye color. i know her color changes but i need to find this exact color, so if you can help that would be great! also i would like some reccomendations other than Freshlooks and Acuvue colored contact..ones that are ver high quality.
    thanks : )

    Answer:-Here's my advice: DON'T get colored contact lenses.

    I used to want an eye color like hers too, so I spent $400 on one pair of colored contacts. Not only did they feel extremely uncomfortable and make my eyes bloodshot, but they looked really fake.

    There are NO colored contacts that look real. Trust me! This is because colored contacts have a huge hole cut into the center, to allow you to see. Not only does your natural eye color show through this hole, but it makes it look like your pupils never change and are constantly huge. Plus, up close, the lenses look terrible - you can see the fake pattern on them as well as your natural eye color!! And sometimes when you blink, the lenses slide down, exposing your natural eye color.

    Also, real eyes absorb light, while colored contacts reflect it - so they look really freaky under some types of lighting. And they have a 'bulging' effect. A real iris lies flat on the eyeball, while colored contacts pop out of the eye, another dead giveaway that they are fake.

    Trust me, they aren't worth it. Embrace your natural eye color. And remember, it's not Adriana Lima's eye COLOR that makes her eyes so beautiful, it's mostly the SHAPE.
  • Question:-Adriana lima is the hottest woman ive ever seen?
    I think adriana Lima is the hottest woman ever. Wat do u think?


carrier iq

  • Question:-Is there a list of android devices infested with the carrier iq spyware?
    BQ: how long before the pointless class action suit?

  • Question:-what ye think of carrier IQ?--shouldn't they be torn into pieces for violating our trust?

  • Question:-The old IQ Carrier game?
    Hi :-)

    Can anyone that remembers the old IQ Carrier game tell me where I can find one or if there is a game that is like it? My mom had that game a while ago and loved it and she wants it again so I have been looking and cant find where anyone would have one I can buy for her so any info anyone has is great!! Even if there is something like it she would like that would be great too. Thanks so much everyone!!!

    Answer:-even Google was pretty stumped on this one! The best I could do was get you a picture of what it looks like:

    The guy who owns it says he isn't selling but you CAN email him to see if he'll change his mind!

    I'd keep checking ebay too.....but they don't have it now either!

    Sorry I'm not more help!

  • Question:-Are there any good free IQ tests that don't want you to buy something?
    I mean like having to subscribe to a phone carrier.Many of the free IQ, tests that I have tried, make you do that.

    Answer:-Below are the list of sites that offers free I.Q. test online:
  • Question:-How can i take an iq test?
    Im afraid to take any online because they just lead to virus's and 'enter your cell phone carrier'. But is there any real iq tests out there?

    Answer:-I can suggest you some sites which will not lead you to virus. You can take that online IQ test. It is really good.
  • Question:-How high should a Mailmans IQ be?
    How high should a Mailman's IQ be? Parts of my IQ go high. My Verbal Comprehension being 112 and Perceptual Reasoning 113. The other parts a pretty low. My working memory being 92 and processing speed being 86. I would really really like to be a Mail carrier someday. I'm a hard worker and a people person also. Am I smart enough??????

  • Question:-I want to take an IQ test that WORKS! Where can I find one?
    I want an IQ test but they all don't work! The cell phone ones don't really send it, and they usually don't have my carrier anyway! Please, if you know one you can find one that just gives you you results or not a scam, HELP ME? I really want to know my IQ!!!

    Answer:-There are plenty of free IQ tests online, like this one but none of them are real. You can't take a real IQ test online - online tests are just for fun. They can't give you your actual IQ. They don't agree with the real tests and tend to give everyone high scores. If you need to know your real IQ, ask your school or doctor to have you professionally tested.
    Welcome to the Official IQ Quiz!
    Where you will be robbed thru your cell phone carrier for downloads and a monthly service charge !


    It's not even an official IQ Quiz; it's just 10 simple questions, most of them about the Beijing Olympics.After you take the quiz, it asks for your cell number so they can send you the results..
    After completing the quiz, we will calculate your score and provide you with the results upon completion of a mobile games subscription offer. We think IQ tests should be fun, so our quiz isn't PhD certified, but instead just for entertainment purposes only. You will also be eligible for our special offer to gain access to our awesome mobile games portal.
    YOUR WELCOME ! I have more updates to come . You can look at this site for more answers . VIEWPOINTS
    In the field of computer security, phishing is the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. Communications purporting to be from popular social web sites (YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Windows Live Messenger), auction sites (eBay), online banks (Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase), online payment processors (PayPal), or IT Administrators (Yahoo, ISPs, corporate) are commonly used to lure the unsuspecting.
    Phishing is typically carried out by e-mail or instant messaging,[1] and it often directs users to enter details at a fake website whose look and feel are almost identical to the legitimate one. Even when using server authentication, it may require skill to detect that the website is fake. Phishing is an example of social engineering techniques used to fool users,[2] and exploits the poor usability of current web security technologies.[3] Attempts to deal with the growing number of reported phishing incidents include legislation, user training, public awareness, and technical security measures.
    A phishing technique was described in detail in 1987, and the first recorded use of the term "phishing" was made in 1996. The term is a variant of fishing,[4] probably influenced by phreaking,[5][6] and alludes to baits used to "catch" financial information and passwords.
    Join the fight against phishing

    Submit suspected phishes. Track the status of your submissions.
    Verify other users' submissions. Develop software with our free API.

    Answer:-All the links in this post will put a virus on your computer.
  • Question:-How to be fully prepared for an IQ test?
    Before you all understand me wrong, no, I don't mean study for it or anything. I mean, how can I be at my full potential?
    I've been in a semi-depression phase these last days and I've been sad every day. I don't know if I will do well. Also, I'm really stressed out, like, REALLY! Because I've already planned that the results to this test will choose whatever I will do later. I really LOVE science, maths and computers so I wanted to do a carrier in computer science for college but if I score low, I will probably just go to some low quality sh*t subject in college, so this will literally decide my future.
    Anyway, any tips how to be at my fully potential at this test?

    Answer:-You can be at your full potential by de-stressing yourself (indulging in activities which you enjoy doing is a good way to do this), getting plenty of rest, eating a healthy diet, and taking vitamin and mineral supplements as well. Also, taking supplements of two chemicals, called choline and inositol, which seem to play an important role in healthy mental functioning, is a good idea. To learn more about choline and inositol, just google them.
  • Question:-not sure if i need to ask here or in biology. is there a carrier of the elementry force related?
    to the receptors for smell/taste. as gluons are responsible for the binding of protons and neutrons in the atomic nuclei (physics) if that seems a stupid question skip it and explain in simple terms are there things that hold the elements in the periodic table together. and i'm not very educated, and i've been called stupid, and i don't intentionally ask unanswerable questions. when you are not very knowledgable in a subject it takes a long time to learn the definitions,..., as in fermionic dyon in quantum electrodynamics after some time they let you know there in no magnetic monopole. then you must believe that they know everything to believe that. in other words their IQ's may be too much larger for me to understand.

    Answer:-You mean what holds the elemnets of the periodic table together in a compound?

    In a compound, the elements are held together by chemical bonds between the atoms. These chemical bonds form due to interations between the outer shell electrons (the valence electrons) of the atoms. An ionic bond is when the elements involved gain or lose elctrons to each other to gain a stable electronic configuration (i.e. like that of a noble gas); the elements are then held together by the attraction of opposite charges. This only happens between nonmetals and metals.

    Another type of bond is the covalent bond. Again, the outer shell electrons interreact, but, to gain a stable electron shell configuration, the electrons are shared between the two atoms involved. This only occurs between two nonmetals.

scott disick

  • Question:-Do you think Scott Disick will make a good father to Kourtney Kardashians baby?
    Do you think he is going to treat the baby growing up as badly as he treats Kourtney and the rest of her family? After the drunk incidents that occurred, do you think the Kardashians will eventually remove Scott Disick of all full and partial custody?

    I'm sorry, I just feel that Scott Disick is an absolute monster and feel that he has no rights having children. What do you think?

    Answer:-I agree with you! After seeing the episode where Scott violated Kourtney's rights and watched her Love Tape for Lamar, RIGHT in front of him; that's just disrespectful! I don't think he is ready, nor will he ever be ready to take on the responsibilities of being a father, and he will never deserve the benefits.
  • Question:-How did Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick meet?
    How did Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick meet?

    Answer:-In the show Kourtney and Kloe: In Miami, a producer meets Kourtney and invites her to his condo for a small party. Instead, the producer tricked her by bringing Scott as a surprise visit. This later happened when Kourtney and Scott went to a room after the club and had sex, later giving birth to a child.
  • Question:-How attractive is Scott Disick to you?
    In my opinion he's so attractive I mean he's sexy and has awesome style, but what do you think?
    ps he's Kourtney Kardashian's bf and they have a baby togheter...not a good bf or father!

    Answer:-Oh god, sorry no. I watch the show and not only is he a legit crazy person, but he also looks like an idiot with his stupid cardigans over his shoulders.
  • Question:-Does anyone know what ancestry scott disick of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" is?
    I'm just wondering what nationalities ex: italian, scottish, german etc. Scott Disick is.
    I'm looking for actual answers.

  • Question:-What did Scott Disick do to Kourtney Kardashian that made the family not like him?
    The Kardashians don't seem to like Scott and keep bringing up things saying hes not good for her. What did he do?

    Answer:-if you head them saying this in the show ,, it's not true ,,they probabley don't mean it ,,you know it's all about rating
  • Question:-What sign is Scott Disick from the Kardashian show?
    He is super handsome, i mean drop-dead devastatingly handsome. Amazing style too.
    Anyway what sign is he? I have a feeling he could be a Gemini... I can't find anything online surprisingly.
    @ Sandra, he is not a jackass. He's entertaining, and like all 'reality' shows, it's not reality. Its scripted, each character will have a typical role, the hero, the villain etc, and he happens to be the villain. Its called being open-minded, you should try it.
    And you cannot deny his impeccable style.

    Answer:-He's a Gemini and yeah I like him too. He's entertaining, and hes not a bad guy. He actually loves Kourtney and Mason so much.
  • Question:-Does anyone else find Kourtney Kardashian's boyfriend Scott Disick attractive?
    Yesterday I was watching the new episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and for some reason I am starting to think that Scott Disick is very attractive, but not sure why. haha, does anyone else think so?

    Answer:-Kris Humphries >>>
  • Question:-Has anyone figured out what Scott Disick does for a living?
    I haven't seen all the Kardashian shows but from watching it every now and then, I can't figure out what Kourtney's boyfriend, Scott, does for a living. He always dresses like he is important and acts like he has stuff going on but I don't see it. Anyone know what he does? (besides drink and act crazy-that's obvious)

    Answer:-He's in the nightclub business and he said he was launching a business called JuvaCare.
  • Question:-Do you guys think that Scott Disick will really?
    Be the father of Kourtney Kardashian's baby? In the commercials for 'Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami' It kind of looks like Kourtney is sleeping around with other guys. Plus, the time the show was taped was probably about March, and that would be 9 months from her due date. Do you guys think that Kourtney is just saying Scott is the father because she would rather him be the father than the random guy she slept with in Miami, or do you think he really is the dad?

    Answer:-I have a feeling that Scott really isn't the dad. Your totally right, couldn't have said it better myself! She most likely just got knocked up by one of those guys in Miami and slept with Disick a couple weeks or so later, so she decided to blame it on him because she could. I mean, come on!

    XD Sorry for my rambling...

    Seriously though, I think he is not the dad.
  • Question:-Is Scott Disick in the episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians where Kendall is on birth control pills?
    Just wondering because on the preview it didn't look like he was, but if he is how long is he on for?

    Answer:-Whoever likes the show is a wasteofspacecunt

chris paul

  • Question:-chris paul ?
    chris paul is not this basketball god people make him out to be... why do the announcers glorify him the way they do ?? he is an average point guard who runs simple pick and rolls for all of his points and assists... that doesnt take talent ???

    Answer:-is stealing the ball, throwing perfect passes for an assist, and leading a young team against the defending champs an easy thing to do? if it does then why are there few people who average double figures in assists?

    he may look like he doesn't have talent for you, but certainly he has the heart and passion to play ball and inspire every person in the hornets team. talent is not everything in basketball.
  • Question:-Chris Paul?
    Will Chris Paul be a legend like Magic Johnson?

    or will he have just good stats with no rings like Steve Nash?

    Answer:-Chris Paul will be a great player, i don't know about a hall of fame career like Magic Johnson. Because Magic is one of a kind. But if you're comparison is with Steve Nash, I think he can have a better career than him. Paul combines efficient playmaking and scoring and i would not be surprised if he would have an MVP and a championship ring when his career is over. For the record he would not just have good stats but great stats.
  • Question:-What are your thoughts on Chris Paul over the last five games? Paul 31% shooting Hornets 1 win and 4 loses?
    In the last 5 games, Chris Paul has made just 17 of his last 54 shots.

    The Hornets are 1-4 in their last 5 games.

    BQ: What is wrong with Chris Paul this season?

    Answer:-He's just struggling (same as to every NBA player, they go through this as well), plus not having the big guy down the block (Okafor) right now, means he's forcing more shots now (Ariza has been non-existent this season). because of less passing options, apart from David West
  • Question:-Did Chris Paul break the consecutive steals record, and is he continuing on set a new one today?
    I just wanted to know if Chris Paul is still setting a record for consecutive games with at least one steal. Lat I remember he was tied with Alvin Robertson for 105 consecutive games with a steal.

    Answer:-Paul broke the record on Dec 17 in a game against the Spurs. The streak came to an end a week later, in a Christmas day loss to the Magic.
  • Question:-Would Chris Paul start over Derek Fisher if he got traded to the Lakers?
    I have a friend who insists that Chris Paul WOULD NOT start over D Fish. He was completely serious.

    Do you think he would start over D Fisher on the Lakers?

    Answer:-Your friend is an idiot.
  • Question:-How will you Building around Howard, and chris paul on the orlando magic?
    How will you Building around Howard, and chris paul on the orlando magic?
    how will you bulding a starting line up around Dwight Howard and chris paul on the orlando magic?

    what nba play would you put around Dwight Howard, and chris paul on the orlando magic?

    Answer:-just get them the ball :)
  • Question:-Will Chris Paul at the end of his career, go down as the best complete point guard of all time?
    I mean this kid is absolutely incredible. Yes, we've seen many great point guards througout the years, but I honestly haven't seen anything like Chris Paul. I think his game models after Magic Johnson. Just the ability to score and make others better. So will he go down as the greatest complete point guard of time?

    Answer:-Well, at this rate who knows. It's all about the era the players were in. I mean, would Wilt Chamberlain average 50 ppg in the 80's or now? No. But I do think CP3 definetely has a chance.
  • Question:-Why didnt as much people got mad at Chris Paul or Carmello Anthony as they did Lebron?
    Even though Lebron, Bosh, Wade all joined the same team. There is no definite proof that before the summer they planned this. However, speculation is that Chris Paul and Carmello Anthony plan to plan on the same team. However, the same people who has criticized Lebron even though he play out his contract has not criticized Chris Paul and Carmello Anthony.

    Answer:-because lebron all ready had more haters
  • Question:-What do you think about this trade that would send Chris Paul to the Cleveland Cavs?
    It would be a sign and trade....

    Cleveland would get Chris Paul.

    New Orleans would get Anderson Varejeo, Delante West, and a floating basketball court to use the next time the city floods and people are too dumb to get out.

    Answer:-If this trade happend what I dout that it would then I would say that Cleveland has the best chance to win the title with a dominate big man in Shaq one of the best player's in the nba with Lebron and then the one of the best point gaurdes in the nba in Chris Paul.
  • Question:-What are the chances of knicks getting chris paul?
    What are the chances of knicks getting chris paul?

    Answer:-not good .they would need to free up money for that boy.

occupy la

  • Question:-What is the occupy la movement for?
    Why did this movement begin and why did it begin for? what is the reason for this? can you help me ? tnks

  • Question:-what is the reason for occupy la?
    whats the reason for the protest? what is the 99%? what are the people fighting for?

  • Question:-what are the occupy protests about in LA?
    going on right now in Los Angeles
    dude LA has some tough crowds...they can make a point if they want to, but not this time...there aren't enough people.

    Answer:-Graduating college but being $60,000 in debt.
  • Question:-Occupy LA schedule is needed?
    I want to observe and just maybe participate in downtown L.A occupy wall street protest, but i don't know how to find out about their schedule. Is there any website indicating their daily schedule including time and place?

  • Question:-Can someone explain what occupy LA is?

  • Question:-Why dont the occupy la ppl leve if the lapd is asking them politely? occupy la claims there peacefull but arnt?

  • Question:-Why do people have their kids at the Occupy camp site?
    im watching live on the news fox 11 live from Occupy LA and this lady in the background is dancing with her daughter playing ring around the rose-e.

    and the deadline for them to leave is Midnight and the police will move in soon.

    do they not care about their kids getting pepper sprayed or walked over?

  • Question:-What does Occupy LA on Glenn Beck have in common?
    About two weeks ago the Occupy LA facebook page was touting the virtues of buying and holding gold kinda like Glenn Beck does :) I wonder if 'occupy' realizes they are in league with Beck.

    Oh the irony :)

    Answer:-LOL. More proof that they are not only Liberal, but just nuts.
  • Question:-What is Occupy LA?????
    (Los angeles)
    i don't want any biased details...i have an idea about what it is i just want a clearer picture

  • Question:-Occupy where ever, How come your inundated with Criminals.?
    Occupy Boston, Heroin and Crack and Rape issues,
    Occupy NYC Heroin, Rape, Robbery.
    Occupy Oakland. List to long to deal with,
    Occupy LA. Gang infiltration Latin Kings, Acorn

    All in the name of the first amendment,
    Let me see the ciminals know why they are there, To bad the sheep protesters don't.


katharine mcphee

  • Question:-Katharine Mcphee?
    Does any1 kno if Katharine mcphee will b releasing an album any time soon ???? i really want her to but havnt heard anything yet. x

    Answer:-RCA has offically put on their site that her Debut CD will be coming out December 19th.
  • Question:-katharine mcphee?
    how old is katharine mcphee

    Answer:-I think that she is about 23...She just had a B-Day she was born March 25, 1984
  • Question:-How did Katharine McPhee make her stomach so flat?
    Does anybody know how Katharine McPhee get rid of her stomach? Please tell me what kind of workouts she did, according to the truth. I'm only asking about her workouts, so please don't gossip about her, thank you!

  • Question:-What kind of voice does Katharine McPhee have?
    I want to get voice lessons but I don't know what kind of voice instructor to get. I love Katharine McPhee's voice, and although I realize it would be really hard to get her voice, I want to learn to sing in her style.

    Any ideas?


    Answer:-I think she is a soprano. DO NOT try to sound like her. Everyone has their own vocal style. Make your voice sound like YOU.
  • Question:-Cash Warren or David Beckham who looks better as a couple with katharine mcphee?
    It is for a school project and i need to know who looks better with katharine mcphee.

    Answer:-Katherine McPhee is married. So are Cash Warren and David Beckham. And this sounds like a lame project, trying to hook up Katherine McPhee with other celebrities.
  • Question:-What did Katharine McPhee Sing on CSI NY Tonight?
    I was watching CSI NY tonight and at the very end Katharine McPhee was guest staring and she sang at the end of the show. Does anyone know what the song was?

    Answer:-Katharine sang - "It Won't Hurt So Much"
  • Question:-katharine mcPhee?
    She's the next superstar?

    Answer:-Probably, yes maybe not...who knows*
  • Question:-Katharine McPhee?
    What's up with her and that movie?????

    Answer:-A movie?! Say it ain't so! Are we in for another "Kelly Loves Justin"? or whatever that almost-career-killer's title was. Look, if you're a singer....SING. If you're an actor......ACT. Rarely do you get the whole package in one person. I wasn't impressed with Katherine McPhee beyond her stunning looks. She should go into modeling. Leave acting to the ACTORS.

    P.S. The movie is called "Crazy." It's about the life of Hank Garland, a Nashville singer trying to keep his head above water in light of life's little problems. K. McPhee in a movie about the world of singing? What a shocker.
  • Question:-I have Katharine Mcphee in my bed room right now?
    I have Katharine Mcphee in my bed room right now what to you advice me to do with her do I have to do the normal sex or the celebrity have their owen type of sex
    please answer quick.

    Answer:-unroll the poster until it's smooth & tack it to the wall with clear tape, then go about your bizness facing slightly to the side of the poster.
  • Question:-Would katharine mcphee and david beckham look good together as a couple?
    if not say someone you think would look good with them?

    Answer:-katherine mcphee would look good standing next to ANYONE.


kristin cavallari

  • Question:-Kristin Cavallari??
    Where Is The Best Place To Get Pictures Of Kristin Cavallari? Besides PhotoBucker/Google Image/Yahoo Images.

    maybe her myspace page?
    anyways...I LOVE HER
    shes so cool!
  • Question:-kristin cavallari?
    if you see pictures of her hair its like long now because they are like extensions but does anyone know how she makes it look so amazingly pretty when its curled? STEP BY STEP:)

    Answer:-i found this:
    and this hairstyle is for the 10th picture (the one w/ her wearing a strapless pink/orange top)
    for medium thick hair
    1. apply a mousse
    2. use a large radial brush
    3. blow dry the back under
    4. then blow dry the sides under
    5. part to the left
    6. blow dry bangs forward and to the right
    7. use a large curling iron
    8. use a curling iron to curl the back
    9. then use the curling iron for the front and sides
    10. piece the ends using moulding cream
    11. apply lacquer
    hope you like it! you can also look at the other styles and click on view hairstyle and on the side it says how to do it!
  • Question:-what is up between Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari?
    I just saw speidi's wedding and I have no clue as to why they made such a big deal about Kristin Cavallari can anyone tell me?

    Answer:-Back in the old "Laguna Beach" days of Lauren Conrads life...
    Lauren Conrad dated Stephen Colletti in High School. Well, it just so happened that Stephen was also dating Kristin.
    When Lauren found out about this she made Stephen choose between the two of them and he chose Kristin. Thus making Lauren not like Kristin for stealing her boyfriend.
    And then Lauren having to be in the same room with Kristin was probably very uncomfortable for everyone. Especially since Heidi and Holly were the only ones to know that she was invited.
    There is also the whole thing of Kristin taking over Laurens spot on the Hills. =[
    It won't be the same without Lauren.

    [I think the weirdest part of the wedding was that Stacy came...If only Heidi had seen here there...What kind of drama would have unfolded.?]
  • Question:-What kind of phone does Kristin Cavallari have?
    What kind of phone does Kristin Cavallari have?

    Answer:-what kind of question is this,idk,maybe an i phone or lg.
  • Question:-How To Get a Body Like Kristin Cavallari?
    I'm 14 and i'm not an average weight for my age. I want a body like Kristin Cavallari, what excercises? diets? etc.


    Answer:-Since you're 14, you're bodies going to be changing a lot. And you really shouldn't be dieting/cutting calories. But I doubt your mind will change, so I will suggest:
    1. Try not to eat to much sugar, white flour, white rice, etc. Eat things with lots of colour. If the label on the package lists sugar as one of the first ingredients, try not to eat too much of it.
    2. Lots of fruits and veggies. Keep up your proteins (chicken is a good, healthy source.)
    3. Cardio workouts are great. Running, biking, etc. anything that gets you active and gets your heart rate up!
    4. If you want a bit of toning, try sit-ups/crunches.
    And don't worry if you gain weight at first, muscle weighs more than fat. Plus, I'll say it again, you're 14, so you're body is still changing drastically on it's own. For now, just try to focus on staying active and eating healthy!
  • Question:-How much do you think Kristin Cavallari weighs?
    Yea, I know it is none of my business...but I am dying to know because she has a perfect body!
    How much do you think she weighs?She is 5' 2". I just want her body and I want to set a goal to lose as much weight as possible to like that. Thank you.

    Answer:-I think she looks about 110lb-115lb with around 20% body fat. She has a very athletic physique, so just dropping down to this weight won't necessarily put you as low as 20% body fat unless you do a lot of strength training and eat a high protein diet.

    But I agree, she has a fantastic body!
  • Question:-Who makes the sunglasses Kristin Cavallari wears on Laguna Beach?
    I have fallen in love with Kristin's black sunglasses with the square lens frame. Only problem is, I don't know who makes them! Does anyone know where I can get them?

    Thanks guys!
    I found out that D&G makes them but I cannot find them anywhere!

    Answer:-I have no idea who makes them. But here's 2 pictures of Kristin with different sunglasses.

    Since you mentioned about D&G, maybe you can find it here:
  • Question:-What do you think about Kristin Cavallari joining the hills?
    I think it should be interesting with Kristin but im going to miss lauren because she held the show together casey from laguna beach is joining as well what do you think of all this?

    Answer:-I think they are just milking that show as much as they can. Why not just give it up now. It was a good show, but now the main character that it was based around has left, why conutine? But, I guess it will still maybe be juicy. I haven't really kept up with the show for a couple of months now, but I'll check it out.
  • Question:-Is it true that Kristin Cavallari is going to be on the 4th season of The Hills?
    It was bad enough that Stephen got to be there (just to hurt LC again) but I heard now that they're going to put Kristin there? Can anyone let me know if they have more info on this?

    Answer:-Kristin commented in an issue of People Magazine that she will not appear on the Hills season 4!!
  • Question:-What Sunglasses is Kristin Cavallari wearing in hills episode "put on a happy face"?
    They are black aviator style with a gold logo on the side of the ear piece thing. Its the episode where all the girls go to Miami and its the next morning when she is all tired and such. Please does anyone know!?!?! I must have those sunglasses!

    Answer:-Juicy or Gucci

neil diamond

  • Question:-Neil Diamond?
    I need a free download of say maybe by neil diamond.Can somebody please help?

    Answer:-go to: -
  • Question:-What was the Neil Diamond song he performed in Saving Silverman movie?
    Neil Diamond and the rest of the cast in the movie Saving Silverman were on a concert stage and sang a song together.

    Can anyone tell me the name of that song?

    Thanks for any and all help.

    Answer:-holly holy
  • Question:-Is it true that singer Neil Diamond has disowned Dustin Diamond?
    Former child star Dustin Diamond is the biological son of popular singer Neil Diamond, although they've apparently had a falling out. I heard that Neil has cut Dustin out of his will because he thinks that Dustin is a terrible actor, extremely ugly, and an overall embarrassment to the Diamond name. Can anyone confirm these details or provide additional details?

    Answer:-Neil Diamond is a successful singer and is ashamed that his son Dustin turned out to be such a loser and douche. The guy above is correct that Neil has other sons Jesse and Micah. However, Dustin pushed Neil's buttons so much that Dustin has been the only son that he's actually disowned (so far).

    I think that Neil was ready to make up with Dustin in the early 1990s but was so enraged when Dustin started acting in Saved By The Bell: The New Class that he completely wrote Dustin out of his will. He must have thought that Dustin totally sucked on that show.
  • Question:-Who sings the song touching you, touching me i know its not neil diamond who sings the newer version its in?
    Taylor Swifts video she made when she went to Londen for the first time. The Neil Diamond one is deff not the one.

    Answer:-i believe in a thing called love - the darkness
  • Question:-Why Neil Diamond at the Billboard Awards?
    Neil Diamond is quite old now, and it's very doubtful that many of the young age group that filled that audience even knew who he was. Look at who were up for the awards, Ke$ha, Beiber, Rhianna, Brittany Spears etc. All of them young enough to be Neil's great grandchildren. And the kids in the audience were mostly probably in the same age group according to all the kiddie screams. It's like that award show is for the teenyboppers. Now I could see Neil Diamond on the Grammy award. That award show awards more older refined singers.

    Answer:-Like Lady oh said, he was receiving the ICON Award and maybe Billboard wanted to remind listeners what music sounds like without having high tech effects to be able to sound good !
  • Question:-neil diamond?
    is it just me or do you find it REALLY creepy how he wrote "sweet caroline" about caroline kennedy.......when she was like 11!!!!

    Answer:-You're taking it out of context. It's actually a sweet song.
  • Question:-Can you write a funny story with these Neil Diamond songs?
    1) Love on the rocks.
    2) You're so sweet horseflies keep hangin' 'round your face.
    3) I'll come running.
    4) Red, red wine.
    5) Don't turn around.
    6) You'll never be anything but mine.
    7) Can anybody hear me?

    Special consideration for additional Neil Diamond songs.
    He's got a gazillion of them!
    GRRR!!! Can't decide!!

    Answer:-"Hey buddy, gimme a love onthe rocks, will ya?"
    I turned around to see a dirty old man with coal dust on his clothes and trail dust in his beard.
    The bartender kept cleaning the glass he was holding and snarled, "Yeah, I'll come running if you show me some cash, Pete."
    Apparently this guy had been here before. I sipped my red, red wine and regarded this newcomer. Suddenly he looked my way and I tried to avoid his eye, but he said, No, don't turn around. I can see you're wondering about me. If you'll spot me a drink or two, I'll tell you the story of my Sweet Caroline."
    Well, I'm a sucker for a good story, so I agreed.
    Seems this guy had a lot of trouble with the ladies--had a good heart, but his mouth kept tripping him up. The story of Caroline started on a September morn. She stepped off the train and walked away with his heart back in 1859. That was the year the flies were so bad, so of course the flies were following everyone around. Well, he thought many more followed Caroline than anyone else, so his best opening line was, "Baby, you're so sweet horseflies keep hangin' round your face."
    That earned him a slap in the face, but he kept trying--complimenting her manure brown hair, her blister-red lips, her coyote eyes...I could see where this was headed.
    He finally got so desperate that he dropped the compliments and simply said, "Oh, baby, you'll never be anything but mine!"
    Sweet Caroline turned on him and landed a fist in his belly, saying, "There, ya creep! That'll turn on yer heartlight!"
    That's where the bartender entered the story. He had seen the whole thing and took pity on old Pete, offering him a drink or two to ease the pain.
    Turns out what Pete lacked in the romance department, he made up for in the mooching department. In a night's time, he drank the bartender right out of his establishment, the Longfellow Serenade, and never paid him a dime.
    After telling me this, old Pete stood up and staggered quickly out of the bar. "Hey!" I said, "What about Caroline? Why are you so dirty? Why does the bartender allow you in here when you don;t pay your tab?"
    Old Pete just cackled and said, "I guess I didn't tell you, I'm not much of a story teller either!"
    As I sat staring open-mouthed after this freeloader, the bartender laid down a bill in front of me---$42! Well, I guess the old geezer's other talent is guzzling the booze....
    Well, maybe I'll go try to find Sweet Caroline....
  • Question:-Does anyone want two tickets to see Neil Diamond at Fenway on August 23rd?
    I had bought two tickets to see Neil Diamond but I will be out of state on that day. If you would like them please email me and we can negotiate a price.

    Answer:-yeah! gimmie!
  • Question:-What do you think of Neil Diamond?
    Im 39 years old and I grew up listening to my Fathers albums of Neil Diamond. I took my father to a Neil Diamond concert last night, and I will say it was the best performance I have ever seen. He played all the great hits, and while I watched him I realized... it's not his distinctive voice that makes him great. It's that he writes all of his music and when you listen you can't help but hear how he has influenced Music of the 60's 70's. He is really a great songwriter.

    Answer:-when I was kid my step-father was really into him and I am just a few years younger than you are and we watched the Jazz Singer together it my first time seeing the movie and I loved the movie I thought it was a great story and very inspirational, its been a long time since I have heard any of that but I remember the song "Hello" like it was yesterday good song and yeah hes a good song writer
  • Question:-Is Neil Diamond's London Electric Prom's performance going to be broadcast on TV?
    I can see that Elton John's show from Friday will be shown on the Saturday on BBC2, but I cannot find any mention of Neil Diamond's performance on any schedule. Any help please?

    Answer:-It is my understanding that Diamond's show will be broadcast live on BBC Radio 2. Then, on November 13, BBC Two television is doing A Night With Neil Diamond which will not only include highlights from the Electric Prom's show but also a documentary on his career.

    Lulu also just announced that she'll be singing The Boat That I Row at the Diamond concert. Not sure if there will be other guests (UB40?).

miranda kerr

  • Question:-Miranda Kerr...?
    Do you think Miranda Kerr was cool when she was a teenager?

    Answer:-maybe who knows?sometimes some celebs turned out to be dorky-jessica alba says she was a loner in high school-so anything is possible.

    she has beautiful eyes, though, that miranda kerr.
  • Question:-does anybody know where i can find good pictures of miranda kerr?
    i just want good pictures of miranda kerr, ya thats about it, so please please, help!

    Answer:-Here are is a link to her homepage. There are 10 picture galleries to view plus 5 big scans. A nice variety of Miranda pics. Check out the other model pages too.
  • Question:-Do you think the model miranda kerr could play the role of a innocent/shy vampire in a movie?
    Do you think the Victoria Secret Model Miranda Kerr could play the role of a innocent/shy vampire in a movie? I know she isn't a actress but based on her looks do you think she could play the role of a innocent/shy vampire?

    Answer:-Miranda Kerr is one of the most attractive women I've ever seen. So no, and no one should be playing the role of any vampire.
  • Question:-How can I get a date with Miranda Kerr?
    How can I get a date with Miranda Kerr? What do I have to do to get her attention?

    Answer:-She's already got a boyfriend, I think.

    The lucky girl is dating Orlando Bloom.
  • Question:-What is the brand of Miranda Kerr's pink sweater dress?
    Does anyone know the brand of or where I can get the pink sweater dress that Miranda Kerr wore to the Victoria's Secret Heavenly Kisses perfume promotion party? I tried, but can't seem to find it anywhere. Thanks!

    Answer:-this isn't going to be any help but i would love to no as well.
    it was a great dress shpulleded it of really well.
  • Question:-What can I do to be more like Miranda Kerr?
    Miranda Kerr is my favorite Victoria's Secret model. I have watched videos of her and I think she is smart, and really pretty. I want to be more like her. What can I do?

    Answer:-You can be yourself and hope that's good enough.
  • Question:-MJ Fans Would Michael Jackson and the model Miranda Kerr have been good friends if they would have met?
    (If Michael Jackson was still alive of course) Based on their personalities do you think Michael Jackson and the Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr would have been good friends? Like if they would have met each other. Please be serious and answer with detail. To me Michael came off as a sweet and loving person and so does Miranda what do you think?

    Answer:-Her publicist is very cautious of whom she is seen with,
    also, she tends to keep a quiet life.
    With the big Pacific Ocean divide...
  • Question:-Could the model Miranda Kerr play the role of the Goddess Psyche?
    Do you think Miranda Kerr has the look to play Psyche the goddess of the soul?

    Answer:-yes i guess
    if she could act
  • Question:-how much does miranda kerr from victorias secret weigh?
    its weird b/c in general vs models look average and curvy, but are said to be like 120 lb, they just dont look dat way to me....especially like alessandria abrosio. so how much DO they weigh? on average? and what about miranda kerr?
    err ok wt_?

    Answer:-doesn't matter. She looks healthy to me.
  • Question:-miranda kerr?
    does anyone else absolutley idolise her!!?
    i think shes amazing :)

    Answer:-i idolise her,,shes my role model;)shes so cuteee
    this is my fave pic of her-

rockefeller center

  • Question:-Where are the stages usually located at the Rockefeller center Christmas tree lighting?
    I'm going to the lighting ceremony on November 30, 2010. I've heard that there is not just one central stage for the performances, but there are many stages scattered around Rockefeller center. Where are these stages usually located? Or do the locations of the stages change every year? Would it be obvious where these stages are if I were to just walk around Rockefeller center a few hours before the show is about to begin?

    Answer:-These stages are setup will in advance to the tree lighting. The main stage is by the statue of Prometheus on the rink. The other stages are on the plaza and are basically the same as those used by the Today show for performances on the plaza.
    You need to get there very early because the place gets packed and you will not be able to move around.
  • Question:-What is the average attendance in the Rockefeller Center?
    I need to know this for a school project i am doing. What is the average amount of people who go to the rockefeller center. This can be yearly, daily, weekly, etc. Thank you.

    Answer:-Well, when you say "Rockefeller Center" you are referring to an area that is several square blocks in area, over 22 acres (see link, below), plus, many, many people pass through there every day on their way to work, too, plus, there's a huge underground shopping concourse there, too, so that's a LOT of people every day.

    There's a very good article about it at the 2nd link, below, and perhaps there's an estimate of the numbers of visitors it gets in there.

    Good luck!... ☺
  • Question:-What is the best way to get from Rockefeller Center to the Statue of Liberty?
    We are coming by bus to NY and getting dropped off at Rockefeller Center. One of the places we would like to visit is the Statue of Liberty and Ground Zero. I know that taking a taxi would be a huge amont of $. What is the cheapest and most safe way to get to these places?

    Answer:-To get to Ground Zero, you take the B, D, F, or M trains (on the downtown side) to West 4th Street and transfer to the A, C or E trains to Chambers Street-World Trade Center.

    From Ground Zero, you can simply walk down to South Ferry and take either the free Staten Island Ferry to St. George, which passes by the Statue of Liberty, or take a special ferry to the Statue of Liberty (that you have to pay for)

    I hope this was very helpful.
  • Question:-When is Rockefeller Center decorated for the holidays?
    We will be in NY the week of Thanksgiving (leaving NY on Thanksgiving day) and are wondering if some of the sites/windows will be decorated for Christmas? Will Rockefeller Center be decorated by then, even though the tree won't be lit? Thanks so much for your help.

    Answer:-Hey.. I hope you're having a great time in NYC.
    They start decorating Rockefeller Center mid-november. As a matter of fact, today they put the tree on and tomorrow or later on in the week they will be putting the gigantic star at the top. While they decorate Rockefeller, you might want to considerate stopping by Macy's, which is already decorated! and lightened up!
    Have a good time!
  • Question:-What day do they shut off the Christmas tree in Rockefeller center?
    What day do they shut off the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center in NYC? Do they shut it down on Christmas day??? If so what day and time do they shut down the tree? What day do all the windows and evrything in Rockefeller Center go down?

    Answer:-The tree stays up until after the new year. The only time the lights are shut off are on NYE (I think).

    The store decorations should be up until January 1.
  • Question:-What is Rockefeller Center used for and what do people do there besides ice skate and shop?
    I need this for my project about Rockefeller Center. I need to know what it's used for, and I need to know what people do there besides ice skate in the winter, shop, and dine. :]
    Oh and I'm not allowed to use Wikipedia so I won't trust answers that were used from Wikipedia...sorry!

    Answer:-Well i know for christmas every body looks forward to the lighting up of rockefeller christmas tree it looks so beautiful plus the hosts of performers sure rocks.
  • Question:-What is the Christmas Music Played when at Rockefeller Center?
    There is an instrumental that is played when at Rockefeller Center in NY. What is the name of that song?

    Answer:-Christmas in Sarajevo 24/7 by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
  • Question:-How many poeple visit the Rockefeller Center daily and during the holiday season?
    I am a student, I am wrinting a report and would like to know howm many visitors shop or visit the Rockefeller Center daily,monthly,the holiday season ?

    Thank you in advance for the informations

    Answer:-I love Rockefeller Center simply because NBC studios is right there. Saturday Night Live and Conan tape there. Rosie used to, too. The ice skating rink is also fun, but it's pretty crowded. The third website listed said over half a million people visit the skating rink each year.

    Information from the last website:
    Rockefeller Center is one of the most highly trafficked areas of New York City attracting 19 million visitors a year to the Music Hall, skating rink, NBC studios, and its Christmas tree. Christie's spokesmen say special traffic arrangements will be made for important evening sales.
  • Question:-When do they light the tree at Rockefeller center?
    My husband and I want to travel to NYC for the first time this year (from Houston) and want to witness lighting the big tree at Rockefeller center. When do they light it? Any other tips for travel? great inexpensive hotels?

    Answer:-The exact date hasn't been set yet; it will be either November 27th or November 28th 7 - 9pm (if you call [212] 632-3975 closer to the date, you'll get exact information)

    If you will be in New for Thanksgiving, you might enjoy watching the preparation for Macy's parade the night before - you can watch them blow up those tremendous balloons, etc (warning - it's crowded and sometimes can get very cold)

    Hotels in New York are expensive - don't even consider the Pennsylvania or the Carter (bedbugs).

    Check out Radio City Apartments on West 49th Street (great location - less than a block from the tree - only a few blocks from the Theatre District). Every room has a kitchenette with a coffee maker, fridge, microwave and range. You'll save money if you can take back your restaurant left overs. There are suites and studios - very reasonable prices (for New York)
    Read what previous guests think about Radio City Apartments - would they stay there again?

    My brother and his family always stay at The Belvedere - spotless, great staff, in the Theatre District, subway and bus at the corner, microwave and fridge in every room, so you can take back the restaurant leftovers - he always gets a good price from Orbitz or PriceLine or Travelocity

    There are five Apple Core hotels in Manhattan - they are inexpensive and the New York Times says they are all very clean (they are also in good areas)

    Before you choose a hotel, look it up at See what previous guests think about it and would they stay there again. Look at the photos taken by the guests - not the ones posted by the hotel. The professional photographers make a box look like a spacious mansion.

    Get a copy of TimeOut New York - part of it is online here:

    This should help you plan what you'd like to see. Read other questions and answers here and see other recommendations. Wear comfortable shoes - you should do lots of walking. Have a great time!
  • Question:-What is the last day that I can go to Rockefeller Center during a year and see the tree lit?
    I am planning a trip to NYC on the weekend of 1/5 and was wondering if the tree would still be lit at Rockefeller Center. Any ideas?

    Answer:-The tree will be lit through "approximately January 6, 2007". Call the number at this site in a month or so, they may know the exact dates by then.

    Make sure you get to see the holiday windows at Lord & Taylor - Fifth Avenue and 38th Street. They are always spectacular!

fox 4

  • Question:-What were the animals from SPCA on fox 4 news today?
    My father said he saw a white dog on the news this morning that he wanted to get for my mother. So if anyone has any information please let me know. Thank you.

    Answer:-Call up your local shelters, or your local news station to find out. You didn't mention where you were from, so there is no way for us to be able to tell you. Your local shelters will be able to direct you, especially if they are having an adoption special going on currently, they will be more than happy to help you find your friend. Good luck!!

    Edit: You could also try reposting this question in the cities section of Yahoo in the specific city you live in, maybe someone else saw the program you're talking about :)
  • Question:-i get the following error on fire fox 4 have triedun and reinstalling and run virus scan?
    Could not initialize the application's security component. The most likely cause is problems with files in your application's profile directory. Please check that this directory has no read/write restrictions and your hard disk is not full or close to full. It is recommended that you exit the application and fix the problem. If you continue to use this session, you might see incorrect application behaviour when accessing security features.

    Answer:-Having dealt with the same problem, I know this can be a pain. But email Mozilla, They sent me to this Page here ( ) and That helped me to fix my errors.

    If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email me @

    Jon S.
  • Question:-Where Can I Watch Fox 4 Dallas News Or Channel 5 NBC Dallas News Online?
    I Need The Dallas News For What Should be Channel 5 NBC And Channel 4 FOX

    I'm Looking For The November 22, 2009 Airing Involving An Irving Shooting, Thanks In Advance!

    Answer:-Look at the station's Web site. If you don't find it there, you can call or write the station and buy a tape of the newscast.
  • Question:-Ever notice that when Kurama is a little fox he has 4 tails but when he's the humanoid Youko he has 1?
    Why is it that humanoid Youko Kurama only has 1 tail when his little fox form has 4? I haven't been able to figure this out and I am a divot YYH fan.

    Answer:-Pretty all great Demons, they look human and in that form they have to seal up some of their energy...well at lease in some anime...

    In YYH you notice that most of the strong demons look human while the lower class look like when he was a lower class demon he looked more like a monster and when he became strong enough he adapted the human form which made him look..well..human (and cuter!) I actually just started YYH because my anime addiction just ended (FMA omg ch 108 was EPIC) and I thought might as well watch a classic...

    I would hate to fan girl all over this answer but...I think Kurama looks so much sexier in his Shuichi form! OK I'm done ;3
  • Question:-Does anybody make longer boxing shorts like the one steave fox wears in tekken 4?
    Google "Tekken 4 Steave fox" if you don't know what I'm talking about.

    Answer:-i dont i bet there is someone though
  • Question:-Can anyone tell me the name of the song that is played on Fox 4 news Dallas Texas when they show the lottery #
    It is a Jazz song and it is always played when they show the Texes Lottery Numbers. The song are the artist will work for me.I have been trying to get them to answer my e-mail but no such luck.

    Answer:-Try phoning them directly, they may five you the answer that way, an Email is easily ignored.
  • Question:-whats the dosage of Ivomec cattle pour on wormer for a 4 pound toy fox terrier?
    I heard it is safe to use on dogs for heart worms, mites ect,.. I dont know the dosage for a 4 pound toy fox terrier though. Thanks!

  • Question:-where is bryon james the anchorman on fox 4 new dallas tx?
    what happen to the anchorman for fox 4 news, bryon james

    Answer:-Baron James is at WPLG Channel 10 Miami now. ABC Affiliate.
  • Question:-How much do helicopter pilots for news organizations like nbc5 or fox 4 earn?

    Answer:-News pilots get maybe $45,000 to $50,000 or so to start. For pilots salaries usually increase as they gain seniority within a company.

    This site has specific salary information for various helicopter companies, including other fields such as EMS or tours. I'm not sure if any of those listed do news, but it gives you a general idea of helicopter pilot starting salaries.
  • Question:-Does anyone know where to find the 2004 Game 4 FOX pregame show video?
    I'm looking for a flashback of the Red Sox past. The first song with the video is 100 years to live. Haven't been able to find it, not even on YouTube.

    Answer:-SOX SUCK!

billy graham

  • Question:-Billy Graham?
    Mom said that she heard today that Billy Graham was going to be on T. V. with expresidents. Does anyone know what channel and time.

    Answer:-10:00Pm Est on 20/ 20. That is on ABC .
  • Question:-What exactly did Billy Graham do to persuade the apartheid government of SA to hold an integrated crusade?
    I have read a couple of biographies about Billy Graham and unfortunately, both of them gave scant attention to one of the more compelling things he did: get the hard headed apartheid government to break their own apartheid rules and hold an integrated crusade. What exactly did he do? Anyone have any details?

    Answer:-About all I can find is:

    During the Apartheid era, Graham consistently refused to visit South Africa until its government finally allowed attending audiences to sit desegregated. His first crusade there was in 1973, during which he openly denounced apartheid.
  • Question:-Now that Billy Graham is in the last stages of Parkinson's disease, will he become a Quaker?
    Also, what's the funniest question you ever mailed to "Ask Billy Graham"? Was it published?

    Answer:-Sorry, it's hard for me to have a sense of humor about a disease that debilitates so many people and destroys so many lives. Maybe if you'd known a few people with Parkinson's you wouldn't find it funny either. So, what other kinds of disabilities amuse you?
  • Question:-What are you feeling about the remarks Superstar Billy Graham said about the WWE?
    After the Benoit incident Billy Graham just popped up out of no where, and he made remarks during several interviews that the WWE was like a circus and that the wrestlers were like animals. What are your thoughts?

    Answer:-Well, in terms of Billy Graham, he was part of an era that was more of a circus...

    ..And not to mention that he still blames himself for the popularity of steoid use in Professional Wrestling, I don't know if his word is always the most trustworthy or if his analogy is even close. If WWE was like a circus and the wrestlers were like animals, I'm sure the Government would've found a way to end it. The wrestlers mostly do things on their own free will, not by force.
  • Question:-Will it be an ominous sign if Billy Graham dies right before May 21st?
    Billy Graham is in the hospital. :(
    Google is your friend, Winning. It allows you to live up to your name, and participate in the conversation with the Big Donkeys.

    Answer:-No, just the end to a wonderful, fulfilling, well spent life on this earth for Rev. Graham. One of the greatest religious leaders that ever lived and he has earned his eternal peace in Heaven if anyone has. God Bless and keep him.
  • Question:-Why McCain meet Billy Graham instead of denounce him?
    Billy graham believe the AIDS is judjment of God and, he did any scientific explanation about the disease? Dark Age in the Baptist Church?

    Answer:-Religious people in general are highly deluded and primitive people, but don't hold that against McCain. I can think of lots of other reasons why he's not as qualified to be President as Obama is.
  • Question:-Does anyone knows the connection between Rev. Billy Graham and the Vatican ?
    I have been reading and visiting Jack Chick's website, and he presented a connection between Rev. Billy Graham and the Catholic Church. I wondered what is the connection between Rev. Graham and the Vatican.

    Answer:-Christianity is probably the greatest connection.

    I'm sorry but I cannot take anything that Chick Publications says seriously.

    If we were to believe all that Chick Publications claim then we would believe the the Catholic Church:
    • Started Islam
    • Instigated the American Civil War
    • Assassinated Abraham Lincoln
    • Formed the Ku Klux Klan
    • Was responsible for the Inquisition known as the WWII Jewish Holocaust
    • Keeps every Christian's name in a computer in order to make persecution easier

    Here is a detailed rebuttal to Chick's tracks:

    With love in Christ.
  • Question:-I was shocked when I found out that people are comparing Billy Graham to God ?
    I mean, God is good but is he as anywhere near as good as Billy Graham ?

    Answer:-It must be in the deep south, anything is possible down there.
  • Question:-billy graham?
    how old was he when he first started his misions work?

    hwhat made him devoted his life to missions

    Answer:-I don't know how old....but God put a call on his life and he said yes. His life has been directed and subject to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  • Question:-Looking for interviews about Billy Graham that talk about how he changed the Christian World.?
    Also, if they could address how his teachings affected them personally
    that would be cool.
    *I'm looking for one that is not an interview with Billy Graham, but someone that knows him personally, and talks about the changes he made.

    Answer:-I dare to think that anyone who knows him personally would say that he did not make any changes, rather was a willing instrument through which Jesus Christ brought about change. Sorry, I cannot offer any source for that which you are seeking. God bless.


  • Question:-ARSENIC??????????????????????????????
    Ok, I already know what arsenic is but what I want is basic information on it, and the site u got it from. Best answer goes to the answerer w/ the most sites (and information)



    all the websites pretty much same the same stuff about arsenic.
  • Question:-arsenic ??

    33 germanium ← arsenic → selenium


    Periodic Table - Extended Periodic Table

    Name, Symbol, Number arsenic, As, 33
    Chemical series metalloids
    Group, Period, Block 15, 4, p
    Appearance metallic gray

    Standard atomic weight 74.92160(2)  g·mol−1
    Electron configuration [Ar] 3d10 4s2 4p3
    Electrons per shell 2, 8, 18, 5
    Physical properties
    Phase solid
    Density (near r.t.) 5.727  g·cm−3
    Liquid density at m.p. 5.22  g·cm−3
    Melting point 1090 K
    (817 °C, 1503 °F)
    Boiling point subl. 887 K
    (614 °C, 1137 °F)
    Critical temperature 1673 K
    Heat of fusion (gray) 24.44  kJ·mol−1
    Heat of vaporization ? 34.76  kJ·mol−1
    Heat capacity (25 °C) 24.64  J·mol−1·K−1
    Vapor pressure P(Pa) 1 10 100 1 k 10 k 100 k
    at T(K) 553 596 646 706 781 874

    Atomic properties
    Crystal structure rhombohedral
    Oxidation states 5, 3, 1,[1] -3
    (mildly acidic oxide)
    Electronegativity 2.18 (Pauling scale)
    Ionization energies
    (more) 1st:  947.0  kJ·mol−1
    2nd:  1798  kJ·mol−1
    3rd:  2735  kJ·mol−1
    Atomic radius 115  pm
    Atomic radius (calc.) 114  pm
    Covalent radius 119  pm
    Van der Waals radius 185 pm
    Magnetic ordering no data
    Electrical resistivity (20 °C) 333 n Ω·m
    Thermal conductivity (300 K) 50.2  W·m−1·K−1
    Young's modulus 8  GPa
    Bulk modulus 22  GPa
    Mohs hardness 3.5
    Brinell hardness 1440  MPa
    CAS registry number 7440-38-2
    Selected isotopes
    Main article: Isotopes of arsenic iso NA half-life DM DE (MeV) DP
    73As syn 80.3 d ε - 73Ge
    γ 0.05D, 0.01D, e -
    74As syn 17.78 d ε - 74Ge
    β+ 0.941 74Ge
    γ 0.595, 0.634 -
    β- 1.35, 0.717 74Se
    75As 100% 75As is stable with 42 neutrons

    Arsenic (pronounced /ˈɑrsənɪk/) is a chemical element that has the symbol As and atomic number 33. Arsenic was first written about by Albertus Magnus (Germany) in 1250[2]. Its Atomic Mass is 74.92. Its Ionic Charge is (3-) Its position in the periodic table is shown at right. This is a notoriously poisonous metalloid that has many allotropic forms: yellow (molecular non-metallic) and several black and gray forms (metalloids) are a few that are seen. Three metalloidal forms of arsenic with different crystal structures are found free in nature (the minerals arsenic sensu stricto and the much rarer arsenolamprite and pararsenolamprite), but it is more commonly found as arsenide and arsenate compounds. Several hundred such mineral species are known. Arsenic and its compounds are used as pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and various alloys.

    The most common oxidation states for arsenic are -3 (arsenides: usually alloy-like intermetallic compounds), +3 (arsenates(III) or arsenites, and most organoarsenic compounds), and +5 (arsenates(V): the most stable inorganic arsenic oxycompounds). Arsenic also bonds readily to itself, forming, for instance, As-As pairs in the red sulfide realgar and square As43- ions in the arsenide skutterudite. In the +3 oxidation state, the stereochemistry of arsenic is affected by possession of a lone pair of electrons.

    Notable characteristics
    Arsenic is very similar chemically to its predecessor, phosphorus. Like phosphorus, it forms colourless, odourless, crystalline oxides As2O3 and As2O5 which are hygroscopic and readily soluble in water to form acidic solutions. Arsenic (V) acid, like phosphoric acid, is a weak acid. Like phosphorus, arsenic forms an unstable, gaseous hydride: arsine (AsH3). The similarity is so great that arsenic will partly substitute for phosphorus in biochemical reactions and is thus poisonous. However, in subtoxic doses, soluble arsenic compounds act as stimulants, and were once popular in small doses as medicinals by people in the mid 18th century.

    When heated in air it oxidizes to arsenic trioxide; the fumes from this reaction have an odor resembling garlic. This odor can be detected on striking arsenide minerals such as arsenopyrite with a hammer. Arsenic (and some arsenic compounds) sublimes upon heating at atmospheric pressure, converting directly to a gaseous form without an intervening liquid state. The liquid state appears at 20 atmospheres and above, which explains why the melting point is higher than the boiling point [3]. Elemental arsenic is found in many solid forms: the yellow form is soft, waxy and unstable, and is made of tetrahedral As4 molecules similar to the molecules of white phosphorus. The gray, black or 'metallic' forms have somewhat layered crystal structures with bonds extending throughout the crystal. They are brittle semiconductors with a metallic luster. The density of the yellow form is 1.97 g/cm³; rhombohedral 'gray arsenic' is much denser with a density of 5.73 g/cm³; the other metalloidal forms are similarly dense.

    Lead hydrogen arsenate was used well into the 20th century as an insecticide on fruit trees. Its use sometimes resulted in brain damage to those working the sprayers. In the last half century, monosodium methyl arsenate (MSMA), a less toxic organic form of arsenic, has replaced lead arsenate's role in agriculture.

    Scheele's Green, a copper arsenate, was used in the 19th century as a coloring agent in sweets.

    The application of most concern to the general public is probably that of wood treated with chromated copper arsenate, also known as CCA or Tanalith. The vast majority of older pressure-treated wood was treated with CCA. CCA lumber is still in widespread use in many countries, and was heavily used during the latter half of the 20th century as a structural and outdoor building material. It was commonly used in situations where rot or insect infestation was a possibility. Although the use of CCA lumber was banned in many areas after studies showed that arsenic could leach out of the wood into the surrounding soil (from playground equipment, for instance), a risk is also presented by the burning of older CCA timber. The direct or indirect ingestion of wood ash from burnt CCA lumber has caused fatalities in animals and serious poisonings in humans; the lethal human dose is approximately 20 grams of ash. Scrap CCA lumber from construction and demolition sites may be inadvertently used in commercial and domestic fires. Protocols for safe disposal of CCA lumber do not exist evenly throughout the world; there is also concern in some quarters about the widespread landfill disposal of such timber.

    During the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, a number of arsenic compounds have been used as medicines, including arsphenamine (by Paul Ehrlich) and arsenic trioxide (by Thomas Fowler). Arsphenamine as well as Neosalvarsan was indicated for syphilis and trypanosomiasis, but has been superseded by modern antibiotics. Arsenic trioxide has been used in a variety of ways over the past 200 years, but most commonly in the treatment of cancer. The US Food and Drug Administration in 2000 approved this compound for the treatment of patients with acute promyelocytic leukemia that is resistant to ATRA.[4] It was also used as Fowler's solution in psoriasis.[5]

    Copper acetoarsenite was used as a green pigment known under many different names, including 'Paris Green' and 'Emerald Green'. It caused numerous arsenic poisonings.

    Other uses;

    Various agricultural insecticides, termination and poisons.
    Used in animal feed, particularly in the US as a method of disease prevention and growth stimulation.
    Gallium arsenide is an important semiconductor material, used in integrated circuits. Circuits made using the compound are much faster (but also much more expensive) than those made in silicon. Unlike silicon it is direct bandgap, and so can be used in laser diodes and LEDs to directly convert electricity into light.
    Also used in bronzing and pyrotechny.
    Occupational Exposures

    Exposure to higher-than-average levels of arsenic can occur in some occupations placing workers at risk. Industries that use inorganic arsenic and its compounds include wood preservation, glass production, nonferrous metal alloys, and electronic semiconductor manufacturing. Inorganic arsenic is also found in coke oven emissions associated with the smelter industry. [6]

    The word arsenic is borrowed from the Persian word زرنيخ Zarnikh meaning "yellow orpiment". Zarnikh was borrowed by Greek as arsenikon, which means masculine or potent. Arsenic has been known and used in Persia and elsewhere since ancient times. As the symptoms of arsenic poisoning were somewhat ill-defined, it was frequently used for murder until the advent of the Marsh test, a sensitive chemical test for its presence. (Another less sensitive but more general test is the Reinsch test.) Due to its use by the ruling class to murder one another and its potency and discreetness, arsenic has been called the Poison of Kings and the King of Poisons.

    During the Bronze Age, arsenic was often included in bronze, which made the alloy harder (so-called "arsenical bronze").

    Albertus Magnus (Albert the Great, 1193-1280) is believed to have been the first to isolate the element in 1250[2]. In 1649 Johann Schröder published two ways of preparing arsenic.

    Alchemical symbol for arsenicIn the Victorian era, 'arsenic' (colourless, crystalline, soluble 'white arsenic') was mixed with vinegar and chalk and eaten by women to improve the complexion of their faces, making their skin paler to show they did not work in the fields. Arsenic was also rubbed into the faces and arms of women to 'improve their complexion'. The accidental use of arsenic in the adulteration of foodstuffs led to the Bradford sweet poisoning in 1858, which resulted in approximately 20 deaths and 200 people taken ill with arsenic poisoning.


    A large sample of native a
  • Question:-Arsenic??????????????????????????????????????
    ok i need to know alot about it any info

    Answer:-Arsenic (pronounced /ˈɑrsənɪk/) is a chemical element that has the symbol As and atomic number of 33. Arsenic was first documented by Albertus Magnus in 1250[2]. Its Atomic Mass is 74.92. Its position in the periodic table is shown at right. This is a notoriously poisonous metalloid that has many allotropic forms: yellow (molecular non-metallic) and several black and grey forms (metalloids) are a few that are seen. Three metalloidal forms of arsenic with different crystal structures are found free in nature (the minerals arsenic sensu stricto and the much rarer arsenolamprite and pararsenolamprite), but it is more commonly found as arsenide and arsenate compounds. Several hundred such mineral species are known. Arsenic and its compounds are used as pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and various alloys.

    The most common oxidation states for arsenic are -3 (arsenides: usually alloy-like intermetallic compounds), +3 (arsenates(III) or arsenites, and most organoarsenic compounds), and +5 (arsenates(V): the most stable inorganic arsenic oxycompounds). Arsenic also bonds readily to itself, forming, for instance, As-As pairs in the red sulfide realgar and square As43- ions in the arsenide skutterudite. In the +3 oxidation state, the stereochemistry of arsenic is affected by possession of a lone pair of electrons.
  • Question:-How much arsenic is needed to kill someone?
    I'm working on a novel, and a character is plotting to put arsenic in a bottle of communion wine. How much arsenic would be needed to poison and kill someone who has just a sip or two from the bottle? Would you be able to taste the arsenic?

    Answer:-about 600g at one time but it's easy to detect. Most people who kill with it use it over time so in the autopsy, there aren't abnormal amounts detected in the body.
  • Question:-How much arsenic would it take to kill?
    In most murder mystery's, arsenic is used to kill people.
    But how much would be needed? Heck, what is arsenic?

    Answer:-763 mg/kg (by ingestion) and 13 mg/kg (by intraperitoneal injection).
  • Question:-Arsenic in a ant trap. Does it matter how much is ingested before a pet might have problems or worse?
    The ant trap had 2% percent of arsenic in it. My dog is a golden retriever whose 3 months old and weighs 35 pounds. I'm not sure how much poison was in the ant trap and how much my pup managed to get into his body. Plus for how long he first came in contact with it before I could get him to the vet. I'm really distraught over this and don't wanna lose him.

    Answer:-Here is some information on ant traps w/arsenic, and pet poisoning. It has some figures on how much is how toxic per lbs of weight of the dog.

    If you've gotten him to the vet, its the best thing you could do. Good luck, I hope he's ok.
  • Question:-How much Arsenic would it take to kill someone?
    I need to know how much arsenic will kill the average person over a period of one month. I also need to know how much arsenic will kill the average person within a couple of days. I need this information for a Forensic Science research project.
    Thank You.

    Answer:-To find the answer to that, research books about toxicology and find the LD (lethal dosage) of arsenic. If you are truly doing a research project go to the library and find the journal of forensic science, they might have research on this already. There are tons of journals/books in Forensic Science. Ask help from your university librarian and I'm sure you will find lots of info. If I was your teacher (I taught a course in FS) I would not allow you to use Yahoo Answers as your reference point. Actually I only allowed 2 internet resources since our students seem to have trouble differentiation from a reliable source and one that was not.
  • Question:-Is there anyway to tell, without using an arsenic testing kit, if wood has been treated with arsenic or not?
    Are there any visual indications one might go off of? Would the wood have an irregular color? Was arsenic only applied to lumber for things like decks? How do I know?

    Answer:-If it is an outdoor wood structure built prior to 2004 then, yes, it was pressure treated with arsenic. No exceptions. Your exposure is greatly reduced by making sure your deck or structure is sealed with a stain or paint frequently. Else if you are highly concerned then you would need to replace the wood.
  • Question:-What is the chemical equation for arsenic?
    If it helps, the question on my assignment sheet it "How is your element produced? Include a chemical equation." I'm not really sure what that means, but i guess where arsenic is the product of two other things?

    Answer:-Arsenic is produce by heating arsenic-bearing minerals in the absence of air. E.g.

    FeAs2--------------->FeS +As(g)------------>As(s)
    (at 700 celcius)
  • Question:-What are the physical properties of arsenic?
    I can't find any website that will give me the physical properties of arsenic without them giving me a whole bunch of reactions and such.

    Answer:-It pains me to admit it but Wikipedia does a good job.


kourtney kardashian pregnant

  • Question:-Is Kourtney Kardashian Pregnant?
    I've heard that Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant, is that true?

    Answer:-Yeah shes pregnant and I saw just saw on E! news that Kourtney said that Scott was the daddy on Good Morning America.
  • Question:-was kourtney kardashian pregnant during the show?
    ok so she's due in dec. which means she became preggo in march, and the show was filmed around may (thats when the dash store opened).... so she would of have to been pregnant by then, but she was always gettin drunk and stuff???

    Answer:-Ya she was and a lot of times women have so much going on in their life to realize that they are pregnant. She may have drank, but under doctor supervision and tests the baby is being watched now. I had a friend this happened to, but it didnt happen to me...
  • Question:-Is Kourtney Kardashian PREGNANT!?
    I was just watching E news and there was an interview and Kourtney Kardashian confirmed she is pregnant and due some time around Christmas.
    In pictures she has recently took, her stomach looks normal and she doesn't look pregnant at all!


    Also, in a magazine she was spotted wearing a bikini and in more pictures of her recently taken, she looks normal too.

    Can it just be shes 5 months pregnant?

    Answer:-Yeah she's pregerrs.
    I was actually just watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians today on E! when they said Breaking news Kourtney Kardashian is preagnant!
    I was like OMG! hehe
    i love the kardash's :)
  • Question:-Who is kourtney kardashian pregnant of?

    Answer:-Last time I watched the show, she went to seek counseling because she did not trust Scott, and they were going to break up.
    Now she is pregnant.
    I feel sorry for the baby.
    Parents are 2 mixed up puppies.
  • Question:-How did Kourtney Kardashian become pregnant?

    Answer:-she forgot to take her birth control pill and had sex wit her boyfriend.

    Congrats and best wishes to Kourtney! =)
    I kno u will be a great mom! =)
  • Question:-Kourtney Kardashian pregnant?!?
    By her ex-boyfriend Scott??!! What do u think about this, i can't wait to see their new show tomorrow "Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami"

    Answer:-Ooh, I know! I am exciteddd!

    And I think it's sooo weird... I mean, she doesn't really seem responsible enough to take care of a baby... Neither does Kendra Wilkinson, though, haha!
    Whatever, I don't know them. I'm sure it'll all work out (:
  • Question:-Kourtney Kardashian Pregnant!!!!?
    i cant believe she is pregnant and by her ex bf scott. She supposably is due on december like Kendra Wilkinson

    i cant believe she is pregnant and by her ex bf scott. She supposably is due on december like Kendra Wilkinson. Kourt, 30, refused to say if she and ex-boyfriend Scott Disick are back together. "You're going to have to see on the show," she said, referring to Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami, which debuts this Sunday.

    Funny enough, the big question these days has been whether Kourtney has switched teams because of a kiss she shared with her bisexual friend Jackie during shooting of said reality show.

    Answer:-Wow just proves how fake that show is..! (Keeping up with the Kardashians)
  • Question:-Is Kourtney Kardashian pregnant?

    Answer:-YEP>>>shes pregnant...shes pregnant with her ex boyfriend Scott or however you say it...Scott Disick ..
  • Question:-Kourtney Kardashian PREGNANT??? WTF. thoughts?

    Answer:-I wonder who the dad is?
    She gonna be thirty though.
    So its fine.
  • Question:-Is Kourtney Kardashian really pregnant with twins?


mike leach

  • Question:-What was the biggest reason for Mike Leach's firing from Texas Tech?
    I'm curious as to what the Yahoo community thinks. Was it his (alleged) treatment of Adam James coupled with his family's complaints? Or was it the fact that Mike Leach was due a hefty $800,000 bonus this past Friday? Do you know of another reason? 10 pts for the most thought provoking, grammatically correct answer.

    Answer:-The biggest reason is that he stuck to his guns and refused to apologize when they offered him a way out. He refused to back off and allow the school to give something to the media/accusers/etc.

    The $800K was a tiny part EXCEPT in how quickly they made the decision. It represents an insignificant (6.7%) part of his nearly $13M contract.

    The stage had been set with many incidents over the past year. The shed incident gave them a focal point and his stubbornness pulled the trigger.
  • Question:-Question concerning concussions and the allegations against Mike Leach?
    I am aware of the situation concerning Mike Leach and his treatment of injured WR Adam James. However, I am not fully aware of the effects that isolation in an electrical closet or dark room has on a concussed individual. So what makes this treatment so bad that he deserves to get fired? Please help me understand.

    Answer:-Sensory Deprivation can be helpful for a concussion. This would be done maybe at home in a dark room in a comfortable chair or in an SD chamber. The stories Leach is putting out now are called "Lawyering Up".

    Their purpose is to divert attention from the fact that he was planning on punishing a kid he (Justified or not) didn't like. Perhaps the kid was a goof-off. But, Leach is now trying to protect himself from a lawsuit that his actions have qualified him for quite well.

    Coupled with SEVERAL earlier actions that he got away with, this latest action that (while not likely to be dangerous to the kids health) could easily be grounds for criminal prosecution from the articles I have read.
  • Question:-Will Texas Tech regret their idiotic decision to fire Mike Leach?
    Seriously, this kid Adam James is a spoiled brat. Leach only got fired cuz of Adam's daddy. Espn is a bunch of crap. They have FAILED to properly cover this story. SAVE MIKE LEACH!

    Answer:-Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. You ever met the jerk? I did when he was OC at Oklahoma. Anything bad that happens to Leach is okay by me.
  • Question:-Does anyone find the firing of Mike Leach a bit ironic?
    The school that hired Bobby Knight as a head basketball coach, fires Mike Leach? Double standard?

    Answer:-Yeah, I hadn't really thought about that, but it's true. Knight was a coach that made a career out of mistreating others and Texas Tech welcomed him with open arms. It sure seems like there is a double standard in play.
  • Question:-Has Mike Leach ever been a position coach?
    Everywhere i've looked their has been no mention of whether Mike Leach was ever a position coach. But that doesn't make any sense to me, so has did he start out like most coaches coaching a position?

    Answer:-Yes he was the OL coach and OC at Iowa Weslyan and was QB coach at Valdosta St while serving as OC, and I think he was QB coach at KY as well. Most all coordinators will also coach a position.

    He got a masters from US Sports Academy after leaving BYU then went on to Pepperdine Law School, his first coaching job was at Cal Poly in San Louis Obispo in 1987, then one year at College of the Desert as an assistant, then went to Euro League, then got his first OC job at Iowa Weslyn.
  • Question:-what happened with Texas Tech Coach Mike Leach?
    I guess I just missed it or didn't care, but I completely missed what happened to get Mike Leach fired.

    Answer:-On December 28, 2009, Leach was suspended indefinitely by Texas Tech pending investigation of alleged inappropriate treatment of Adam James, son of former SMU and New England Patriots running back (and current ESPN college football analyst) Craig James. On December 16, James suffered a concussion in practice. He was examined the next day, and told not to practice that afternoon due to the concussion and an abnormally high heart rate. According to a James family source, Leach ordered him to stand in a dark shed near the Raiders' practice facility. Leach also threatened to kick James off the team if he left the shed.[ According to the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, Leach thought that James was faking the injury. School officials gave Leach an ultimatum--apologize to James in writing by December 28 or Leach would be suspended. Leach refused to do so; his attorney, Ted Liggett, said his client didn't dispute the facts, but didn't think he'd done anything wrong.

    Read more at the link below...
  • Question:-On ESPN radio 12/29 Doug Gottlieb compared the Mike Leach case with a famous broadcaster. Anyone know who?
    He said the broadcaster also had a contentious contract negotiations with his network and so when the next contract was being negotiated, the network dropped him and they said this is similar to what Texas Tech is doing to Mike Leach. Anyone know who the broadcaster is? I remember the situation, but can't remember the broadcaster. Thanks.

    Answer:-Marv Albert?
  • Question:-Who else is glad that fool Mike Leach got told to take a hike?
    That fatass abuses his players and should be thrown in jail. Who the hell locks their own player in an electrical closet? I hope Leach never has kids.

    Answer:-I've had two concussions in my life. Both times my doctor told me to spend as much time as possible the first couple of days "in a dark room". If it weren't for James' last name, Leach would still have a job. Back to the bottom of the Big 12 South.

    Bring on the Tide!
  • Question:-Mike Leach is a moron and needs to be fired immediatley?
    What kind of a coach locks his own player in an electrical closet when he has a concussion? I hope Leach never has kids.

    Answer:-No, Leach freaking rocks and is the greatest.
  • Question:-Do you think Mike Leach Deserves to be fired as head coach of Texas Tech?
    I dont think he should have been fired. Adam James and his father are both BIG babies. Seems to me like Adam James has been a brat this whole year. I dont blame Mike at all. What do YOU think?

    Answer:-Let me pose a question to you guys that have played football..

    What was Adam James doing with his cell phone at practice? If I'm not mistaken, the video in question was shot using his cell.

    IF James had concussion like symptoms then sticking his butt in a dark room, out of the bright light, is the right thing to do. Why? With concussion type symptoms, people are more susceptible to the light and could possibly make the issue worse.

    IMO, Craig James used his media contacts to try and "influence" Mike Leach into playing his son more. When Leach refused, this is when this whole drama filled story came out.

    Again, IMO Tech football just took 3 giant steps backwards. Leach should not have been fired, the school was looking for a way out of the contract they gave him. Enter Adam James...

    You can bet your ass that Leach will get a gig somewhere and every time he plays Tech, he won't "call off the dogs" and handily spank Tech.