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honda generator

  • Question:-What kind of fuel does a honda generator use?
    Hi, this may be a stupid question but im a city slicker planning on campong and i want to buy a honda generator, What kind of fuel does it use? where do i get it? thanks.

    Answer:-Kind of depends on the actual generator you are buying. MOST generators will run on regular gasoline. Your owner's manual will tell you the proper type...

    Other types of fuels generators can run on: 2:1 stroke engine requires a mixture of oil and gas. Diesel Gasoline, Propane, Natural gas.
  • Question:-I need a bill of sale for a Honda generator?
    I need a "bill of sale " to buy this 1100 dollar for a eu3000is honda generator.. and I don't have no clue how to make one or even the words on where to start. can anyboyd help me do one.

    Answer:-BILL OF SALE. Sold, as is, one Honda generator, to ____________ , for the sum of $_____________.

    Seller's signature _____________________

    Receipt acknowledged (Buyer's signature) _________________

    (Fill in buyer's name and price, seller signs to indicate title transfer, buyer signs to indicate receipt of generator)
  • Question:-How can we clean out the gas tank of our EU3000i Honda generator?
    We strain the gas thoroughly and still there's dirt showing in the tank. We don't figure how to remove the tank so we never get the gas truly clean. The trouble doesn't appear to be water in the gas. The gas filter shows pieces of dirt. Last night the generator flickered, died, and wouldn't restart. But only a shot of WD40 to the air cleaner this morning would get the generator to start -- now it runs fine. The manual, of course, doesn't help; we are far away from a Honda dealer and would like to fix this ourselves.

    Answer:-Your fuel tank probably is rusting inside because old fuel was left in it. Try using mineral spirits or kerosene to flush out your fuel system by filling the tank and flushing it by then dumping the tank by rolling the generator on its side to dump the fuel tank. repeat until all the loose rust and dirt come out. And then replace the fuel filter. Refuel the generator and run to operating temperature. If you don't run your tank completely dry between uses; use a fuel stabilizer like Stabil or SeaFoam to protect your carburetor and fuel system. Most fuel starts to spoil within 30 days.
  • Question:-How do you make a quiet Honda Generator louder?
    I am doing a research project with birds in which I need to catch them using a spotlight at night and band them. I need a generator to both power the spotlight and to produce background noise so the birds can't hear the approach. How can you modify a generator to produce more sound?

    Answer:-put a couple of holes in the muffler
  • Question:-where can I get parts for my Honda 10i generator?
    I have a 12 yr old honda 10i generator and need a new carbie needle. I live in Perth WA.
    Have tried to get one from USA, not sure if it would be compatible with the Aussie ones, but there again I don't think they would ship to here.
    Any help appreciated.

    Answer:-go to a Honda dealer they should have one or be able to get one. There are also places that can rebuild them a lot cheaper than buying one. A12 year old generator isn't that old and they don't change styles that often.
  • Question:-advice for protecting honda generator from weather while running?
    we have 2 honda eu2000i generators, one is a companion. there will be times when it will be used in rainy weather, any ideas on how to keep rain from getting into the wire connections while running outside?

    Answer:-build a small shed to keep the water off of them
  • Question:-I have honda generator 5KV the problem is that it is not charging the battery?
    I bought new battery 12 v and 8 amps but my generator is not charging it . Please kindly tell me how can i get it fixed and what suppose to be the problem . Any help would be appreciated

  • Question:-How come my honda 2000 watt generator will not power my Lennox furnace?
    I am trying to hook up a Honda EU invertor 2000 generator to my Lennox furnace. The electrician put a pig tail on my furnace and that is hooked up correctly but when I put the power from the generator on, all that works is the thermostat display and then a red light blinks fast and a green light blinks slow.

    Answer:-That generator puts out 16 amps, that should be enough to run it.
    I agree with "Dan", check your polarity
    & make sure you've got a good ground between the two
  • Question:-I have older honda generator. is the battery in it to start the generator a 6v or 12 v.?
    the battery is about half the size of a car battery and it has 6 holes to fill water for it. I need to recharge battery but need to know what volt battery it is.

    Answer:-12 volt- 2 volts per cell.
  • Question:-Catalytic Converter On A Honda Generator?
    Is it possible to install a catalytic converter on a Honda Generator ?

    Answer:-Not without a great deal of work. In order for a converter to work properly you need to maintain an air-fuel mixture ratio that is very close to stoichiometric at all times. This very important so that the converter doesn't overheat. If the converter overheats, it will burn out the catalyst and stop working.

    This is why every car with a catalytic converter has a closed-loop fuel injection system with an O2 sensor. The FI system using the feedback from the O2 sensor can maintain very tight control over the fuel mixture.

    If you're willing to equip your generator with a closed-loop injection system, you can make this work. It can be done. Check out Megasquirt.

ghost hunters

  • Question:-Ghost hunters??????????????????/?
    My cousin doesn't believe me than Brian Harnois and Andy ( don't know what his last name is) was from the regular series of ghost hunters. He thinks that all the people from ghost hunters international aren't from the regular ghost hunters. So am I right or wrong that some of the members of ghost hunters international were from ghost hunters regular series at first.

    Answer:-You are right, Brian Harnois and Andy Andrews were both in the original Ghosthunters series!
  • Question:-ghost hunters?
    is there any website i can go to to see ghost hunters a.k.a taps season 2 diffrent episodes for free?

    Answer:-Try these sites .
  • Question:-Ghost Hunters?
    They were having a Ghost Hunters ( the one with TAPS) yesterday getting ready for their season premiere,, and there was an episode about a florida light house,, does anyone know the name of the Episode? or if there's a way to watch the entire thing? It was a really great episode that had some amazing stuff in it.

    Answer:-They usually have all the episodes and their findings on the official website.:
    I *love* that show!!!!! Did you see Tombstone?? Very cool! I was at the Bird Cage and I experienced what they had as well: the lady in white, the perfume smell, the card shuffling, the shadow that walked across the stage, etc. It was GREAT!
  • Question:-What is better ghost adventures or ghost hunters?
    okay in my opinion ghost adventure is way better than ghost hunters. First of all, unlike the ghost hunter crew, the GAC (ghost adventure crew) has less people so the evidence couldn't get contaminated with. Also GAC has the same scientific equipment as the ghost hunter crew does. I think that since the Ghost adventure crew takes more of a emotional approach when they investigate, is the reason why they get way more evidence than ghost hunters. i think that ghost hunters hardly get any evidence and overall is just to boring to watch. Whereas ghost adventure is exciting and i believe all the evidence they catch is TRUE! so GHOST ADVENTURE IS BETTER!

    Answer:-Ghost Hunters
    "Dude did you hear that" "RUN!"

    Ghost Adventures
    "Dude you heard that too right" "Come on lets find it"

    I like GA better
  • Question:-How does Ghost Hunters get the flash light to turn off and on?
    I use to like Ghost Hunters but after watching so many shows some of it seems a little hokey. Like why is it always the light they can turn off but can't do anything else. Some of the things I just don't believe are ghosts. But, how do they do it with the light?

    Answer:-I think sometimes it is a little over the edge, but at the same time, if you weren't a believer before the show and you're watching it, expecting it to turn you into a're just gonna end up thinking its fake. Its isn't always real, but I don't think that its always fake either. The live ones? Those are fake. There was one where they set up a camera and there was a head at the end of the hallway peeking out, I doubt that was fake. Some things are hard to fake.

    The flashlight is a really hard debunk, but I'm sure there's a way. Poke it with something and edit it out later? Lots of camera tricks could get rid of it.
  • Question:-How to start off a story about ghost hunters?
    I am looking for prompts. It is coming from the point of view of Cookie, one of the ghost hunters. There are 3 other ghost hunters: Zak, Grant, and Dave.

    The entire story is supposed to take place over 3 days, and it's going to take place in the most haunted house in the country.
    And they are professionals, and have tons of equipment. But they've never stayed in a haunted house as long as 3 days.

    Answer:-COOKIE'S DIARY

    Monday, May 3rd, 2010 - It was noon when we received the call. Zak, Grant, Dave and me were sitting in our office. We had got nothing to do, so we sat and talked to each other. "What did you do this weekend?", I asked the others. "Oh, nothing special. Only left the house to go for a walk yesterday", Grant answered. I looked at Zak. "I visited my mother. She lives in a very big house - big enough for lots of ghosts", he joked.

    But suddenly the phone rang. Dave put off: "Yes?" - "I understand." - "When did you see the ghost first time?" - "Three days before? Okay. We will come as soon as possible." After he had hung up, he told us: "It was an old lady. She said that there's a ghost in her house." - "Where does she live?", I wanted to know. "She lives in a big, old house two hours away from here. We should come as soon as possible", he replied...

    That would be my idea for the begin of such a story.
  • Question:-Why do the idiots on Ghost Hunters turn off the lights during their investigations?
    Assuming ghosts exist, the theory is that in order to manifest/ show themselves, they draw energy from light energy. The dumb asses on the TV show ghost hunters shut the lights off for dramatic effect on their show. What are they thinking?

    Answer:-Most of the video cameras that are used in many investigations including many of the paranormal programs are night vision and are light sensitive so dimming the lights or going lights out is essential. Also by working in dark light or no light it allows for there not to be many shadows which can fool the eyes and cause someone to mistake a normal shadow for a possible "Shadow Person'. Also working with EMF meters can require that there not be much electrical devices and fixtures on so they do not get false readings. Ghosts and spirits are energy and you are more likely to get an accurate reading without power being on though you can still investigate it is a bit more accurate with it off.
  • Question:-How to stream live ghost hunters on syfy using TVersity?
    I want to watch the live ghost hunters halloween special, and I have TVersity. How can I stream it from the website to my TV using th TVersity program?

  • Question:-What Ghost Hunters episode has the possessed girl?
    At the Dragoncon 08 Ghost Hunters panel there was a question asked where a specific episode was brought up. I do not recall this episode but it involved a possessed girl and the older sister being involved in cult activity. Does anyone know of this episode and what season it was?

    Answer:-Not spirits. Demons. Wow, if only people would REALLY know what they're getting into is real...
    And it's bad.
    Read your Bible more. :D
    I dunno. If I were you I wouldn't waste my time, but maybe that's just me.
  • Question:-What are all the locations of the Ghost Hunters live Halloween specials?
    I was just wondering where all Ghost Hunters has done their live Halloween shows. I am having difficulty finding a list anywhere. Thank you all.

    Answer:-2006 - The Stanley Hotel
    2007 - Waverly Hills Sanatorium
    2008 - Fort Delaware
    2009 - Eastern State Penitentiary (I think)

cc sabathia

  • Question:-How may games did CC Sabathia Pitch that the Indians Won?
    How may games did CC Sabathia Pitch that the Indians Won in the 2007 season?

    I know his record in 2007 was 19-7, but that does not answer the question because the tribe could have been losing when Sabathia left the game. If another pitcher comes and and wins the game, the W goes to the second pitcher. That is one example of how the Tribe could win without Sabathia earning a W. However, he still pitched that game and the Tribe won.

    Please provide some proof or documentation with your answer. Thank you.

    Answer:-the Indians were 23-11 in games started by CC.
  • Question:-CC Sabathia?
    How many wins will CC get this year, what will his ERA be, and will he win the Cy Young?
    wrestleing fanatic, he already has 11 win so 10 is impossible.

    Answer:-CC always seems to get run support from his team, and he pitches a lot of innings...I see him finishing the season with 23 wins (barring injury) a 3.12 ERA and the Cy Young Award.
  • Question:-What glove is cc sabathia have in the subway commercial?
    what kind of glove does cc sabathia have in that commerical, the black and white nike one he's wearing?

    Answer:-I believe he have a black and white Nike glove.
  • Question:-why is cc sabathia so good i havent seen anything that imperresed me but his stats prove it.?
    how does cc sabathia get the strikeouts,everytime i watch him he is like any ordinary pitcher but his stats prove it. is it his repition on fastball changeup or what. oh and whats his best pitch.

    Answer:-He's notorious for being a slow starter in the beginning of the season. Give him a chance. He will get better.
  • Question:-in fantasy baseball, should i trade bobby jenks and recieve cc sabathia?
    in fantasy baseball, should i trade bobby jenks and recieve cc sabathia. i need starting pitching and i have 3 other closers besides jenks.

    Answer:-Even though I am a big White Sox fan, I would have to say that Sabathia is a much better fantasy player than Jenks.
    The only reason why it would be a bad trade would be if you get an insane amount of points for a save.
    But using a standard scoring system or a head to head league, Sabathia will put up much better numbers and he will give you MANY more strikeouts, IP, and wins, and a similar ERA just above 3.00.
    Good Luck!
  • Question:-What would you give for CC Sabathia?
    Since CC Sabathia is getting shopped by the Cleveland Indians, how much would you give up if you were the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, or Cubs?
    He definitely is overweight, but he isn't old. He turns 28 in July.

    Answer:-I believe that any one of these teams would benefit from adding Sabathia. He had a real tough start which makes some of his numbers look inflated, but he's still a quality (arguably star) pitcher. The real danger with Sabathia is how much longer he will be at the top of his game. He's not getting any younger and who knows what french fry will break the proverbial camels back. The Yankees certainly have the most need to add Sabathia. Their pitching is atrocious and they have the pocketbook to sign CC. However, if the Yankees do acquire him, it is almost certain that the age/health concerns will come to fruition. This, of course, would fall right in line with the Yankees apparent philosophy of signing washed up stars to bloated multi-million dollar contracts, only to finish with a .500 record behind the Red Sox and (yes, this year) the Rays. That being said, if the goal is to win today, I would be willing to give up some considerable young talent to acquire Sabathia if I were Brian Cashman.
  • Question:-Who do you think had the better overall start: Ben Sheets, or CC Sabathia?

    CC Sabathia: 9 IP, 5 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 9 K.

    Ben Sheets: 9 IP, 5 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 6 K.


    CC: 1-4, 1 K.

    Big Ben: 1-4, RBI, 1 K.

    Answer:-Sheeter. He needed a good start. The Nat's are a good to to recover against.
  • Question:-Who thinks CC Sabathia will flop on his face in the playoffs again?
    There go the Yankees buying their team again. CC will choke in the playoffs like he did for the Tribe and the Brew Crew. Pending that the Yankees get there.

    Answer:-Ok keep convincing yourself of that if it helps you sleep better,keep saying cc fails, cc fails, cc fails,.But here in ny we're all saying
  • Question:-Why doesn't CC Sabathia want to become a Yankee?
    Let's forget the team. At $140 million, does it matter what team you go to? Apparently the answer is yes for CC Sabathia--but why? Do you guys think he is afraid of the big stage?

    Answer:-CC wants the west coast and to be able to hit. With the Yankees, there's too much media exposure and everything that's done is magnified more than with other teams.

    Personally, I think if he wanted the Yankees, he would have signed this contract already. Cashman is meeting him in Las Vegas, and if it doesn't get done, I think they pull back their offer.
  • Question:-would a trade for CC Sabathia and giving up Matt Kemp be a good idea?
    Ive got an outfielder on my bench (Bourne) that could take his place and I really need the pitching. Other than Lester, Papelbon, Rivera, my pitchers are scrubs. CC would really boost my pitching.

    Answer:-When you reduce your stats from Kemp to Bourne, you will be in shock. If you were OF rich, I could see it but you can't afford to make that deal. I don't mind trading a player who is worth more for a lesser player if it bolsters my lineup but this doesn't in the long run. Pass on it.

ruth madoff

  • Question:-How much will Ruth Madoff make for her new book?
    i was just wondering whether ruth and her son will profit from their new book about the bernie madoff scandal

  • Question:-Ruth Madoff wants 100 mill: Shouldn't that money go to all the victims in this ponzi scheme?
    Prosecuters are determined to give Mrs. Madoff just about nothing.

    What is it with some women, always mooching. Even when it's illegal, even when it's a crime, she mooches off of the hard work of her spouse.

    Answer:-Hey I want a million dollars. Can I have a million dollars? Just because I want it?
  • Question:-What similarities are there between Ruth Madoff and the Nazi party of Germany?
    Both preyed on Jews. Both have feelings of superiority. Both felt they were above the law and had a strong sense of entitlement.

    Answer:-you have a point but there were others besides the jews that were hurt by both parties!!!!
  • Question:-What do you make of Bernie & Ruth Madoff's claimed suicide pact?
    Don't quite understand how two people that could defraud investors of billions of dollars couldn't figure out how to snuff themselves. Countless people of far lesser means and far greater scruples have jumped out windows, kissed trains and taken hot lead. Sleeping pills? Seriously? That sounds like an emo teenager. Does Ruth just need a hug?

  • Question:-Will Ruth Madoff accept a minimum wage offer to work at Neverland?
    Her first duty is to dig Michael Jackson's grave with a spoon, then dress up as Peter Pan serving milk and cookies to the kids.

    Michael would have wanted it that way.

    Answer:-She's crafty and crooked. A no-wage job at Neverland is too good for her. She should be on the streets of NY and be made to live off welfare rather than sit back with several million stolen dollars in the bank.
  • Question:-When will the assistant Thief, Ruth Madoff, be charged as an accessory to the crimes?
    Prosecutors resting on their laurels for the 150 year sentence?

    Answer:-After the investigation finds reasonable proof of guilt.
  • Question:-Right or wrong that the money was taken from Ruth Madoff?
    I say right, and it's about time! Like the guy on the news said last night, "it doesn't matter if she knew or not, it's stolen money." I think she was in on the whole thing, and I feel no sympathy for her at all. Good riddance.

    Answer:-Right. She wasn't JUST the wife. She handled the books often. "Knew or should have known". Simple as that.
  • Question:-Agree or Disagree: Ruth Madoff knew everything her husband Bernard Madoff did But denied it in court?
    So they would let her free.

    Answer:-Agree. She was totally in the loop. She is not like women who married mobsters and didn't know anything. Those women were protected. She was a main player.
  • Question:-Is Ruth Madoff still legally married to her husband Bernard Madoff or did they get divorced?

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  • Question:-When will the assistant thief Ruth Madoff be charged as an accessory to the crimes?

    Answer:-I'm not sure she will be charged - they've got the one they wanted - maybe go after her with some sort of investigation to try and 'locate' some of the money thats still floating around but thats all.

    She will always 'claim' she knows nothing of where the money was 'directly' comming from - only that 'he' had a career in investment and will say thats all she new.

    There must be 'billions' tucked away in 'secret' bank accounts - this guy was not going to leave a 'paper trail' with what he was doing.

in living color

  • Question:-What is the 'In Living Color' skit with the muppet meat?
    There's a skit from In Living Color (I believe) with a couple visiting another couple's house. They're eating some kind of meat, which turns out to be muppet. Does anyone know the name of this skit? If so, please let me know and the first to answer correctly gets my vote for Best Answer!

    Answer:-what he said
  • Question:-What was your favorite in living color sketch?
    What was your favorite in living color sketch?

    Fire Marshall Bill has to be the funniest thing ive ever seen! "You think your safe don't you??? Well Your Not! Ha Ha

    Answer:-Oh my god Iove in living color!
    I love fire marshall bill
    Vera Cosa
    Homie da clown
    the jamaican doctors
    Head detective
    I have the first season. It's great I watch it all the time
    mo money mo money mo money
  • Question:-What In Living Color Episode is this?
    I remember watching an In Living Color episode and it was about somebody suing a homeless man and he wanted to look smart so he used big words that didn't have anything to do with the situation. what episode is this?

    Answer:-Anton In The People's Court: Season 1, Episode 11

    Damon Wayans had a homeless character named Anton Jackson.
  • Question:-What's the "In Living Color" sketch where two guys are in a bar for cheaters that covers up their infedelities?
    It's a sketch about two husbands at a bar that covers for them cheating on their wives. I remember the people in the bar acting like a surgery was happening when a doctor had to call his wife. Thanks for any help.

    Answer:-Could this be it

    Video - Cheaters RAW! -- Probably one of the biggest cheater's ever ...
    If your case is selected you will be notified. ... confronts his wife at a local sports bar where she is Caught on Tape with her son's best fri...

    * Have a Good Day *

    ~ Don ~
  • Question:-How to get the In Living Color Achievement on Blazblue?
    I have beaten someone with A button X button Y button and B button costumes with one character in versus but I still dont have the achievement is there another button to press for another costume?

    Answer:-Press "Start" when the cursor is hovering over the character instead of "A," "X," "Y," or "B" buttons. That will bring up the 12 color schemes in a sub-menu. Keep in mind that you must use the different costumes in single player modes (Arcade and Story) to get the achievement; online will not work!

    Use all 12, and bleep-bloop, achievement unlocked.
  • Question:-What was the name of the comedian who played on in living color?
    He acted like a young child with his mom. He was really annoying and he said stuff like "stooooop, I can do it myseeeellf" and "look what i can do" and he would jump around and act like an idiot? Also is there anywhere on the web where you can see clips of it?
    Yes, your right it is mad tv. lol thanks kinda sounds like you are taking about Stuart on Mad Tv.
  • Question:-Who do you think was the funniest cast member on In Living Color?
    I'm just going to be the stereotypical white person and say Jim Carrey. What do you think?

    Answer:-Yea Jim Carrey because he'd always make me laugh no matter what token white person he played
  • Question:-What decade is the show in living color from?
    I'm watching the. Show right now .when I press info on my cabel it says 2010.that cant be true.

    Answer:-1991 to 94 or 95.
  • Question:-Can You Describe Yourself In Living Color?
    What Color are you?

    What color is your mood today?
    What color is your soul?
    What color are the words you say?
    Red like blood that stained the cross or maybe black as coal?

    What color is your state of mind?
    What color is your love?
    What color is the peace you find?
    Green as ink on dollar bills or blue as skies above?

    What color are your eyes today?
    What color is your trust?
    What color are the games you play?
    White like fresh laid virgin snow or gold like angel dust?

    What color is your heart today?
    What color is your faith
    What color choices did you make?
    Bronze like statues in the park or pink like salmon steaks?

    what color is your world today?
    What color is your rain?
    What color are the tears you cry?
    Silver as a shiny dime or Grey as deep dark pain?

    What ever color you may be,
    what ever you may feel.
    A brighter day is your to see
    I know 'cause, God is real.

    Lady Moore-Sabb@ 1997

    Answer:-My mood is gray, my soul is silverish blue, and color of my words are a fresh paint on a palette to use, So I would now say that I'am red like the blood that is now the land and the sky that give color to life.
    My state of mind is green, my love is blue, and the color of my peace is beautiful like torquise, So I will speak that I'm blue as the skies above only because I know everyone thinks for the best of me for the fact of self.
    My heart is Black, and my faith is gold, the choices I made for my colors are the ones I use to paint color into my gray mood, For I already beleive I'm bronze statue now standing on marble floors.(my heart and faith)
    The color of my world is orange, the rain is purple, my tears are clear, So I now feel silver as a shiney dime.
    & the color I be is that of light, for thats how I feel, and I know cause I live.
  • Question:-Where can i watch that In Living Color skit where they read rap lyrics as poems?
    i searched and searched but have yet to find it. maybe you know or will have better luck finding it...



    Hey Sleepyguy-

    Wake-Up! I have your information for you.

    The Title of this skit is called, "poetry From the Hood"
    I have a link here for you to watch for FREE!! It's a'lil more then 1/2 way down the page. ENJOY!!!!
    Here Ya Go --->

    The skit features Jamie Foxx & David Alan Grier.

    Take Care!!

    _______ ~_~.



  • Question:-I am looking for desktop publishing software for a company enews letter?
    I am looking for software to create an company enews letter. I would like to find desktop publishing software to do this and contact management software. I don't want to use services like Constant Contact. Are there good, easy to use programs for this. I tried Publisher, and Adobe Indesign, but haven't been real happy with these programs.

  • Question:-What was the name of the song they gave yesterday on enews ?
    What was the name of the asong that they played in e news yesterday? Ithink the song started with a G and the artist name with an M

  • Question:-What song was playing at the end of Enews?
    I was flipping through the channels n a song was playing w what i thought was lil wayne n was feat a bunch of artist but i don't remember the name of the song does anyone know the song it was on this morning at 11 i think plz help me


    Answer:-Look here:
  • Question:-Kim k calls humpries a douchebagon enews. Did you watch it?
    Omg! For the first time e showed something un sensored. Kim k called her husband douche in front of the camera. And the interviewer asked him if she had called him d0uche before and his face turned pale and he couldn't believe she called him that way. He was like uhhhhh no.... And he felt uncomfortable. Lol. Did you watch his reaction ? What do you think ? I was laughing my a$$ off.

    Answer:-Find a productive hobby
  • Question:-girl talked about on enews? i want to know her name?
    they were saying she was 16 and she's getting married to a really older guy.
    and she's really pretty and looks about 25 and they were skeptical about her age but she showed her birth certificate or something, and this was on a few months ago i think.

    Answer:-I believe your talking about Courtney Stodden.
  • Question:-what was the juice detox they talked about on Enews?
    the site they named

    Answer:-Hi there.

    the juice detox talked in enews is a three-week-long “Clean” detox program designed by New York cardiologist and detoxification specialist Dr. Alejandro Junger.

    Here is the article I read about it:

    GOOP: What is Clean?

    Dr. Alejandro Junger: Clean is a program for achieving vibrant health and restoring the body’s own natural ability to heal itself. Clean is a detox program you can easily do at home, with freshly made foods and drinks (A meal replacement shake-supplement version of it is also available in a kit from Under my medical supervision, hundreds of patients over the years have experienced stunning results. Consistently they have reported no complications, and most have found it simple to follow.

    I developed the Clean Program to help treat the chronic symptoms many of us face by addressing them at the root level and restoring our bodies to optimum functioning.

    When our systems are overtaxed, they begin to break down in a multitude of ways. Allergies, headaches, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, fatigue, weight gain and insomnia are just a few of the symptoms that can result. The majority of these common ailments are the direct result of toxin build-up in our systems that has accumulated during the course of our daily lives.

    Dr. Alejandro Junger: After medical school, I moved to New York to complete my postgraduate training. The drastic change in lifestyle left me 20 pounds overweight, with severe allergies, irritable bowel syndrome and depression, visits to three specialists and taking seven prescription medications. The verdict: “I had a chemical imbalance – my brain was not producing enough serotonin.”

    The human body comes equipped with a highly effective detox system, a team of organs working together to eliminate the toxic waste of normal metabolism, such as uric acid, lactic acid, carbon dioxide, ammonia and homocysteine. Somehow it can even detoxify most of the modern chemicals. The problem is that when the detox organs get overwhelmed, toxins continue circulating and cause inflammation. As a defense, the body generates mucus to coat toxins and trap them in the tissues where they remain when digestion is kept working day in, day out. If they persist over time, toxin and mucus accumulation can cause increased acidity, malfunction and eventually the collapse of all systems, one by one.

    Global toxicity is enough to overflow the body’s detox capacity. Modern habits worsen the problem by keeping the detox process slow. All the different organs of the body need energy to function. Energy distribution has to be prioritized when many systems are being used at the same time or there won’t be enough. The body still gives priority to digestion over detox. For centuries, food was hard to come by. Only recently in evolution do we have food available and eat it 24/7, but our genes still act as if each feeding is the last meal and slow down everything else to concentrate on food. With digestion a full-time job, detox has to wait its turn while toxins keep coming in.

    Modern medicine is detox-blind. Even though this information could save your life, there are no medical specialists dedicated to detect and treat the effects of global toxicity.
    GOOP: How does the Clean Program help to remove these toxins? Is it different from the many other programs out there?

    For more information:

    • Visit for educational videos.

    • Visit for the supplement-meal replacement kit, formulated with all natural nutrients of the highest quality. This is perfect for busy people with no time to prepare the recipes in the book, masterfully designed by Jill Pettijohn, live food chef, nurse and detox specialist.

    • Visit, an interactive web community where hundreds of people around the country and the world are doing the Clean Program together. You will be able to share your experience and tips and inspire others to get “Clean.”"
  • Question:-What is the pregnancy belt i saw on Enews that allows you to wear your normal pants for longer? celebs have it

    Answer:-Its called a Bella Band. You can find them online or there is one at Motherhood Maternity too. I have them and they do work.
  • Question:-text enews to...?
    i've seen this commerical on E! that says if you text enews to some number you can get free instant updates on your phone. does anyone know what number you text enews to for this service?

    Answer:-text enews to 4info
  • Question:-Should they have predicted more acuratly the tsunaumi in Hawaii?
    My sister lives in Maui Hawaii and she called me this morning and said that My dad needed to go get her she didn't get on a plane to leave the island but they went to th ehighest part on the island and i watched th enews and the waves were as high as 4 to 5 feet! Overated!

    Answer:-GIven the state of the science, they predicted the tsunami quite accurately. But there's no way way to predict the height of a tsunami. There was no need for anyone panic, but people were right to take the warning seriously.
  • Question:-What are some words and phrases I can use when hosting a show?
    I'm so excited to be hosting my first show this Saturday! At the same time I'm very nervous! I need help with some phrases and words I could use to make this experience go smoothly. PS This is a career goal for me, I would love to become a TV host one day. ie hosting Enews etc...


    Answer:-Good morning/afternoon/evening, and welcome to (show name here), I'm your host (your name here).just type in news opening, show opening and you'll get a pretty good idea of what to do.

dia de los muertos

  • Question:-Dia de los muertos calavera tattoo?
    Do the colors or design of Dia los muertos=( Day of the dead) calaveras=(skulls) have a meaning? Thinking of getting a tattoo but want to make sure I get the right one, any links would be really helpful.

    Answer:-the day of the dead is a day to remember your dead loved ones..... its a day in south amarica for celebrating the life of their family/friend

    i guess any pic of a skull is representative of the dead member.
  • Question:-What is the name of this Dia De Los Muertos souvenir bought in Mexico?
    I bought a small souvenir in Mexico around Dia De Los Muertos. It is made of brightly colored plastic fabric and lined with blue silk. It contains a bunch of religious art. It opes with a Virgin Mary,and it has a tiny beaded charm of a Saint, it also has a cut out of what looks like a prayer that starts with "de el feliz", and a Corazon de Jesus. I was wondering what this was and its purpose.

    Answer:-What you describe sounds more like an ex-voto or a miniatura than anything having to do with Día de los Muertos.
  • Question:-What are important rituals when celebrating el Dia de los Muertos in Peru?
    I need to know different things that are done in Peru to celebrate El Dia de los Muertos.

    Answer:-I don't believe they celebrate sl dia de los muertos in Peru...I have a Peruvian friend, and he says thy do not. Also, I can find nothing on Yahoo Peru about it. El Dia De Los Muertos actually falls on All Saints Day...which is celebrated in Peru. See 1st site below for an article on Yahoo Peru about the all Saints Day celebration. People go to the the cemeteries to clean the grave sites, take flowers, and remember loved ones who have died. This holiday is distinctly Mexican, tho it is recognized in Bolivia and Brazil also...but not in all Latin American countries. All Saints Day, on the other hand, is a religious holiday recognized in all Catholic countries. 2nd and 3rd sites below tell about All Saints Day in Peru.
  • Question:-How do people greet one another on El Dia de los Muertos?
    Do you say feliz dia de los muertos? This is probably a dumb question, but I'm trying to expand my knowledge of and explore my ancestors' cultures and part of me is of hispanic decent.

    Answer:-"Live long and prosper"
  • Question:-Can somebody give me information on dia de los muertos toys?
    I'm researching on dia de los muertos and my topic is toys. Can somebody give me some information because I can't really find any good info online.

  • Question:-Has anyone ever been to the festival called dia de los muertos at the hollywood forever cemetery how is it?
    Do they sale food there and do they paint your face like a skeleton and do they sale merchandise of dia de los muertos can you take pictures of the altars and dancers and performers.

    Answer:-I have not been to the festival, but here is the link to their website and perhaps you'll find the info you need:

    Best of Luck to You!
  • Question:-How to start celebrating Dia De Los Muertos?
    I'm Mexican but born in America and my family hasn't celebrated Dia de los Muertos since they left Mexico 20+ years ago. Mostly because there hasn't been many deaths in our family in a long time.

    Anyways, the past few years has brought about the death of my great-grandparents, an uncle, and a friend. What would be a good simple way to start honoring them on this day?

    Answer:-Start a family altar with their pictures just for the event, not for all year long. What are some things that they particularly liked? Gather up those things to place in their sections. Usually Virgin of Guadalupe images are included. There is a special incense that is burned and flowers as well. Finally, you include their favorite foods.
    My mother loved avocados and olives. Olives are easy because I don't have to open the can or jar until the last few days, but avocados will spoil if I don't buy them at the last minute.
    Just a few ideas.
  • Question:-Where in Dallas to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos?
    I am looking for a celebration, carnival or parade for Dia De Los Muertos in Dallas. I would like to participate in dressing up, face painting and photography.

    Answer:-If you end up painting your face, here are some really good brands :) I have a tutorial on my youtube account also in the 'what's your source section". Good luck!
  • Question:-Dia de los muertos (Day of The Dead)- easy recipes?
    I would like to make some Dia de los muertos food for a college class, any suggestions? I don't' have enough time to do the skulls since I would have to get a kit. Something that is not too time consuming but delicious would be great :-)
    Halloween and Day of the Dead are two separate holidays, they are distinct in so many ways. Educate yourself next time before you talk. Thanks everyone for the answers, bread it is! And happy holidays to all on whatever you celebrate

    Answer:-Pan de Muerto is a great dish.
    It's a very yummy bread sprinkled with sugar traditionally severed on day of the dead. It's very easy to make, and recipes are everywhere.

    good luck XD
  • Question:-Is it inappropriate or disrespectful to have a "Dia de los muertos" themed wedding?
    We want to have a Day of the Dead themed wedding. Since Dia de Los Muertos is generally a holiday that celebrates death and rebirth, a reasonably significant theme in our relationship, we thought it wouldn't be totally unacceptable. But if anybody has any opinions based in experience, we'd love to hear about it.

    Answer:-Well, it IS your wedding. However, I don't think it would be my cup of tea.

herman cain

  • Question:-What would have happened if Herman Cain said he wouldn't feel comfortable appointing a Jew to his cabinet?
    Hermain Cain famously said that he would be uncomfortable appointing a Muslim to his cabinet. I don't know why he said this, but the media mostly gave him a pass on it. Glenn Beck seemed to welcome the comment and has invited Herman Cain to come to Israel for Beck's America Zionist rally, Restoring Courage.

    What would have happened if Herman Cain said he wouldn't feel comfortable appointing a Jew to his cabinet?

    Answer:-i would say that he is stupidly limiting his choices.
  • Question:-How can the Herman Cain scandal be a liberal smear campaign when he is running against OTHER Republicans?
    That is, at the moment, Herman Cain is Running for the G0P nomination.

  • Question:-What makes Herman Cain Stand out from the other GOP Candidates?
    I look at the GOP Debates and their positions on issues and Herman Cain to me looks like the only one that is electable.

    He speaks clearly, right to the point and doesn't come off as a big phoney.

    I really like that he has specific plans on how to fix this country which is more than I can say for the current President.

    So what makes Herman Cain Stand out from the other GOP Candidates to you?

    Answer:-You like him
  • Question:-Why do people support Herman Cain when black presidents cannot be successful?
    Obama is living proof that we should never vote for black presidents again. So knowing that, then why do people support Herman Cain?

    Answer:-Obama is living proof that we should never vote for corporatist puppets who will rape the country with bailouts, crony capitalism, wars of aggression, and unrestrained spending.

    Herman Cain is exactly the same kind of puppet.

    So are George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Michelle Bachman.

    Men (and women) without without a deep and abiding love of human freedom are unfit to govern, no matter WHAT color skin they have.

    Ron Paul 2012.
  • Question:-Are the polls indicative that Herman Cain is grabbing a bigger slice of the Republican pie?
    It's clear Cain is topping all of the polls, with his saucy 999 plan aimed at saving taxpayers more dough, and getting entitlement parasites away from the government cheese.

    Will Herman Cain rise in the polls and break through the crust of the issues that matter?

    Answer:-Herman Cain is a glorified side show who represents a bunch haters and clowns. I assure you his moment in the sun will be short lived. When Cain says we should build an alligator moat along the border and give citizenship to illegals who make it across, is neither funny or remotely relevant to anything. It further exposes the fact that conservatives need to cater to nut jobs and creeps in order to gain political traction in the primary. Cain, Bachman and other sell outs will not become the nominee because the republican hierarchy is not stupid. They know idiots like that will get eaten alive and rejected in the general election by normal people.
  • Question:-Is Herman Cain scared now that his book tour is being taken seriously as a presidential run?
    Herman Cain just wanted to sell books, and now the Tea Party is taking him seriously as he has surpassed Romney in certain polls.

    Since he has no foreign policy experience whatsoever, is Herman Cain worried that he could become nominated? It was just supposed to be a book tour to sell his new book.

    Answer:-Cain is just glad to have a forum. He's a smart man. He knows he won't get the nomination.
  • Question:-How many votes in the Senate would Herman Cain need to pass his 999 plan?
    If Herman Cain were president, would he need 51 votes or 60 votes in the senate to pass his 999 plan in the Senate? I know he would need 218 votes in the house, I suppose I dont understand what can and cat be filibustered.

    Im not interested in your opinion of the plan im more interested in if it can pass.

    Answer:-He would have a difficult time getting votes because few of them understand taxation or economics. The media has shown complete ignorance of our system already so no help there. It or something similar is the correct approach to reduce our debt, bring back jobs, and make us much more competitive internationally but I have little hope in people understanding that.
  • Question:-Pizza CEO Herman Cain running for president WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD?
    I ask myself, is this what AMERICA wants? A Pizza CEO running the country?

    Herman Cain is another Obama and he will disappoint every smart american.

    Ron Paul is the answer to freedom and America's last hope.

    Answer:-If you want to know how America would look under a Cain presidency, check out the attached link.
  • Question:-How desperate is the left to make up allegations against Herman Cain?
    I want every liberal to put up or shut the F up. No evidence of any sexual harassment exists of Herman Cain harassing anyone. The investigations found NO evidence a crime took place, and Herman Cain was NEVER involved in making any deal for money to be paid out in any shape of form. Cain will be suing politico, and anyone who jumps on the Lynch mob is indeed nothing less than a racist.

  • Question:-Should righties send Herman Cain home now since he will be useless to them in the election campaign?
    If Obama went into a diabetic coma for duration of the campaign, he would still beat Herman Cain.

    Answer:-Yes, if Herman Cain were the Republic nominee liberals/Deomcrats couldn't call republicans racist. Oh wait, unless they claimed we were racist because Obama is half white.

veterans day

  • Question:-Veterans Day?
    What will you be doing to celebrate Veterans Day??
    THANK YOU to all our veterans for your service!!!!
    (My DH is a Viet Nam vet and our son also served during Global War on Terror in Afghanistan)
    Thanks again to all our veterans and God bless who who never made it back home

    Answer:-I'll be remembering sacrifice is what God will not have,
    and the not part is notably not then, not now, not ever.

    I don't want Ned Flanders peace passeth understanding.
    I want understanding that brings true and lasting peace.

    Fighting for peace is like
    unto fornicating for chastity.

    God is not [the author] of confusion,
    but is [the author] of peace.

    Grace --> Mercy --> Peace with you all.
  • Question:-Veterans day?
    Topics with ideas for my veterans day paper, don't want you to write it, just give me some ideas, thatnx!!
    and i need something like a personification of a uniform of a description of something

    Answer:-Much is made of the warrior. How about something about a military doctor?

    Maybe a codebreaker?
  • Question:-On Veterans Day veterans should have gasoline free to visit their friends and family, what do you think?
    At least veterans should enjoy one day of travel without having to count their dollars and check if they have enough for gas. Many militaries families are suffering to the max. It is a small gift for all they have done for us. We shouldn't be paying $3.45 a gallon like third world countries. Distances are so big here, in other countries you go from one country to the other in one hour, not here. Americans need a break please.

  • Question:-Will six flags be crowded on veterans day?
    I want to go to six flags this coming veterans day. I was planning on going during the week to avoid weekend crowds. However, will going on veterans day avoid those crowds, or will they be there anyway? Thanks.

    Answer:-veterans day will be the most crowded then saturday next most...historically speaking
  • Question:-What is a good processional march for veterans day?
    Looking for an instrumental piece for the processional on veterans day. A march is prefered.
    Preferably something sounding patriotic.

    Answer:-Trumpet Voluntary
    It is called Arsenal, but i don't remember who the composer was.
  • Question:-What can I do for my husband on Veterans Day?
    Tomorrow is Veterans Day, and I wanted to do something for my Veteran.

    Any ideas? I've been thinking about this for days.

    Answer:-just let him be, and allow him to do whatever he wants...

    or, make him a nice breakfast, serve it to him in bed. Then tell him the rest of the day is for him to do whatever he wants
  • Question:-What is the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day?
    Seems they both honor veterans and those lost in wars. I make a point to appreciate our troops every day, so I'm not complaining about the redundancy, just curious.

    Answer:-Memorial Day honors the people who have died in war and Veterans Day honors the Veterans who are still living.
  • Question:-What is a good idea for a debate topic on Veterans Day?
    I'm hosting a meeting and the topic of the day is Veterans Day. Do I need to stick to military veterans or are there other people giving there time and energy out there to make the world a better place?

  • Question:-How many of you can post a thanks to our Veterans on this special day?
    Politics or belief has nothing to do with it. Men and women serve around the world to preserve freedom. Thank you heroes, past and present, for serving in uniform. God bless our troops and their families this Veterans Day.

    Answer:-thankyou to all the veterans out there who helped protect us.
    i'm grateful for you helping keep our country safe.

    from a military brat.

    son of parents in the USAF
    nephew of people in the US navy, US marines, US coastguard
    grandson of someone in the US army
  • Question:-How should I write a paper on the importance of veterans day. Where should i get info on this topic.?
    I have to write a paper about the history and importance of veterans day.
    How should i celebrate this day.

    Answer:-Interview a veteran.

eric johnson

  • Question:-Eric Johnson?
    Does anyone know if Eric Johnson is gay?

    I don't see a ring on his finger....
    Great Artist either way though.
    Im just curious.
    the "i dont see a ring on his finger" isnt part of a song, im saying...ive never seen a ring on his finger. haha

    Answer:-i really doubt he's gay...what if, in that song he was singing from a woman's perspective? really good guitarist though
  • Question:-What Eric johnson album should I buy for my boyfriend?
    I want't to buy an Eric Johnson cd for his birthday cause he really likes his music, and the music shop near us only has two albums - Ah via Musicom and Venus Isle or something like that. Please tell me which one is better?

    Answer:-You really can't go wrong with either. Venus isle is alot more mellow than Ah via musicom. So if you want an album for him thats has more rockin' and upbeat songs (which isn't by a whole lot) you should go with Ah via musicom.
  • Question:-What Effect does Eric Johnson use for Cliffs of Dover?
    What Effect\pedal does Eric Johnson use for cliffs of dover? And what is the tuning?

    Answer:-Tuning is G Major. For techniques he uses Hybrid picking and string skipping. For effects He probably just uses a wah-wah petal or his guitar's tremolo arm a lot.
  • Question:-How do I get that clean, yet distorted tone of Eric Johnson, using the Fender Stratocaster?
    I know that Guitarist, Eric Johnson, uses pedals, but I'm pretty confident that those aren't the answer. Is it an amp?

    Answer:-it is a combination of the amp, the pickups on the guitar and the pedals he uses (pedals mostly). I had the same problem before with a different artist and it was all the pedals.
  • Question:-Help on learning Cliffs Of Dover by Eric Johnson?
    I am learning Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson for a talent show. I've pretty much got the whole song down, except for the hybrid picking part just before the end of the intro solo. I just can't seem to play it fast enough. If I try to play it any faster than I can, it sounds real sloppy. Any tips?

    Answer:-This might sound dumb...but there's no shortcut to practice..u need to be at a certain level to learn a particular song....if u're sounding sloppy then u need to practice means u're not yet there with the technique..and that technique doesnt come in a few days
  • Question:-in what song does eric johnson battle against a harmonica?
    a guy at a guitar shop told me that there was a song that eric johnson did where he had a guitar battle against a harmonica. but i cant seem to find it!

    Answer:-Is it "Righteous", from "Ah Via Musicom?"
  • Question:-What can you suggest as far as Eric Johnson albums?
    I just heard about Eric Johnson -- but know nothing about him.

    Please enlighten me &/or suggest a nice CD to start with :)

    Thanks :)

    Ah Via Musicom as Ponce said is really great (I'm so jealous BTW).
    The song Venus Isle (from the album of the same name) to me is magical. On the same album there are some more really great songs like SRV, Manhattan and Pavilion.
    He has some awesome acoustic songs, Song for Life, Song for George and Once Upon a Time in Texas, and he does some Simon and Garfunkel covers really nicely.
    I also quite like his new album Bloom, it has some really nice songs, and it's really diverse, so your bound to like some of them at least.

    From Venus Isle:

    From Ah Via Musicom:


    A Song For Life
    Once Upon a Time in Texas:
  • Question:-Would trading a White Eric Johnson Stratocaster for a Gibson Les Paul Classic-Honey Burst be a good trade?
    Or should I just sell the Eric Johnson Stratocaster which is basically a brand new guitar and how much should I sell it for?

    Answer:-If both guitars are in good shape with no problems it would be a great trade. The gibson is worth a lot more money than the strat. As far as selling the strat , or any good guitar for that matter, you will never get what it's really worth. People that are looking to spend that much on a guitar will usually buy a new one, no matter how nice the used one is. If it were me and the les paul is in nice shape with no problems I would definitely make the trade. Simply because then Gibson has a much higher trade in value than the strat or if I decided to sell it I could get a lot more for the Gibson than the strat. Now , as far as keeping one or the other that's a whole different story. These guitars are two totally different animals with totally different tones and one would have to figure that into the equation as well. Money wise the les is the most expensive of the two so the trade would be fine but tone wise it's a matter of what you like.
    By the way , we are talking Gibson here , right? If it's an Epiphone I wouldn't even think about trading.
  • Question:-What are the lyrics to "Cliffs of Dover" by Eric Johnson?
    I was sitting all alone one day pondering the mysteries of the universe and so on and so forth when such a question just popped into my solitary mental state. I was not sure what the lyrics were for Eric Johnson's song Cliffs of Dover. I sat in contemplation for quite awhile trying to remember how it went but then i fell asleep.

    Answer:-It's instrumental, there are no lyrics.
  • Question:-Does anyone else think Eric Johnson will be a good starting TE?
    I have two TE: LJ Smith (PHI) and Eric Johnson (NO)

    I dont need two TE, who would you drop?

    Answer:-Drop Eric Johnson because he is not going to be a playmaker this year. LJ Smith has at least proved that he can play well in the NFL and i would recommend keeping him as McNabb tends to like him.


  • Question:-Generators?
    I really don't understand. They say a big $1000 generator can only run for like 12 hours. Then you got to refill it, and each fill costs like $15??? But obviously you can run the electicity in your car for like months, am I right. And what is it in your car that lets you do that and how much does it cost? So can you buy one of those things seperately and use it for stuff like a small fridge, a tv, heater, so on... instead of a generator because its cheaper and runs longer???

    Answer:-it won,t put out the voltage to run your house
  • Question:-generators?
    where can i find a sketch of a generator?
    (all its asking for is a generator, but im assuming a DC generator because the question that follows asks to explain what a DC generator does and how it works)

    I found the percent efficiency of a motor generator system. the efficiency was very low.
    where was the rest of the energy most likely lost to?
    (it was a basic motor system.
    battery ->
    switch ->
    motor 1 ->
    motor 2 (now acting as a generator because motor 1 is spinning it) ->
    light bulb)

    what impact do generating plants have on our environment?

    appreciate any help i can get.


    Answer:-there is an equivalent circuit diagram and other pictures on
    you could also just try google image.

    energy from a genset can be lost to both heat and friction. Many electrical generators are powered by diesel engines. Generating plants that run off of petrol diesel emit sulfur dioxides, carbon, and other nasty junk into the atmosphere. Hydro generators (from dams) mess up the ecology of a river or lake and changes the geology of the surrounding area.
  • Question:-Are generators allowed at national parks in the United States?
    Does anyone know if generators are allowed at campsites in national parks in the United States? I searched the National Park Service website, but couldn't find any overall policy statements regarding generators--just a couple of specific cases and exceptions. Thanks!

    Answer:-The rules are set by the individual park superintendents, and can vary from one campground to the next. Here in Death Valley, there are generator hours in most of the campgrounds. You need to go to the individual park website (they all can be found at -- unless you are looking at USFS or BLM recreation areas) and find out the rules at the particular park and its campgrounds.
  • Question:-How are different AC generators linked in a power grid?
    I've often wondered this. When you have two or more AC generators (say two different power plants) produce power, it seems like it would be impossible to be sure the two are in phase with each other. So how can the two be linked into a power grid? Is the same technique used when hooking up a home generator (from a wind turbine, for example) to supply the grid?

    Answer:-No. It's actually rather simple to keep them running synchronously on the power grid. All it takes is a simple phase comparator and a feedback control system to regulate the generator.

  • Question:-How do you connect 2 basic generators together in series, to power a house?
    Generators are typical small ones that are usually bought at Lowes or a Home Depot. I want to hook them together to power my house.

    Answer:-I could give you a lot of techno speak to tell you why, but the bottom line is that it is totally impractical to wire them together. You can not syncronize them and that is manditory if they are connected together.

    In any case, it would be in parallel, not in series. Since it is impractical, that is a moot point too.

    A better idea is to split your house into two separate sections. One would be powered by each of the two generators. This is not that easy to do for most houses if you want 220v available. I will explain that in a minute.

    If you only need 110v, you can connect one generator to each side of your breaker box's main lug. It is obviously critical to make sure you are totally disconnected from the power company's grid when you do this. If you are connected, it will cause a world of hurt. You must be sure about this.

    Also be aware that the 110v output of the generator is probably not going to give you as much amperage as you expect. This is quite doable if you know enough about electricity to do it safely.

    That is the practical answer. A purely theoretical one would be to partition your breaker box into two sections. Each section would be 220v, just like the power from the power company. One generator would power one section, the other would power the other section.

    The reason that is not practical is that you cannot easily partition the breaker box. A breaker box has only one main bus for each side. For this to work with one box, it would have to have two main busses for each side. It is totally impractical for most uses. If it was really important to do this, a better idea would be to have two independent breaker boxes.

    Each would be powered from the power company as normal. If you needed to go "off grid," you would disconnect each box from the power company and connect the one generator to each box.

    This would allow you to use the maximum practical power from each generator and would be easy to cut over from power company to generator and back.

    The drawback is that you need a much more complicated breaker box setup. Most people would find this impractical.

    Again, it is critical to life and property that you know what you are doing and that you do it properly. This is not something to design yourself, especially if you think there was a way to connect them in series.
  • Question:-How does one find the number of generators of a cyclic group?
    I have been given two cyclic groups, one of order 8 and one of order 60. No specifications beyond that. How do I find the number of generators of each?

    Answer:-The number of generators for a cyclic group of order n is φ(n).

    φ(n) denotes Euler's phi function, which counts the number of positive integers up to n which are relatively prime to n.

    (i) φ(ab) = φ(a) φ(b) if gcd(a, b) = 1
    (ii) φ(p^n) = p^n - p^(n-1) if p is prime.
    1) There are φ(8) = 2^3 - 2^2 = 4 generators for a cyclic group of order 8.

    2) There are φ(60) = φ(2^2) φ(3) φ(5) = (2^2 - 2) * 2 * 4 = 16 generators for a cyclic group of order 60.

    I hope this helps!
  • Question:-Are thermoelectric generators and coolers just the same in their structure?
    I am doing an experiment with thermoelectric generators.
    I need a lot of those things but the problem is that they're just too expensive. But when it comes to thermoelectric coolers, they seem to be cheaper.

    Can a thermoelectric cooler be used to generate electricity?

    Answer:-Essentially yes, though I'm not sure the components in a TE cooler are designed for it to work as a thermoelectric generator. I suppose it's worth a shot

    A TE cooler is, in theory, just a thermocouple, where the current is forced to run in the opposite direction; this causes one end to become warm and the other end to cool. The major difference is how the unit is designed to handle heat flow, which is why such a cooler may not work as a thermal pile.....
  • Question:-What type of equipment would i use to monitor generators and transformers?
    What type of equipment would i need use to monitor generators and transformers either in a small or large industrial place?

    Answer:-AC current meter , volt meter and frequency counter if it is AC.
  • Question:-How to destroy the generators with the Death Ray in Fallout 3?
    I shoot the gun then all the generators come up and I hit the switches and they just go down.

    Answer:-In the Death Ray room, there are 4 of the generators. You need to visit the console 4 times.
  • Question:-How do I make my own wind power generators?
    I want to make my own wind power generator at home because I want to use it to power my laptop and a small portable TV. How do I go about building wind power generators?

    Answer:-I make my 2 wind power generators at home and you will need
    a generator, blades battery and inverter.

    I use them to power my lighting along my balcony.

    Actually I got the infomation from Thats where I got my blade designs from and learnt how to wire it up.. Its saving me some good money :)

today show

  • Question:-today show?
    did anyone see the today show this morning with maria menounos? anyone cringe every time she spoke because it was bound to be something really stupid. like when she was talking to the cook. and when she was eating the cupcake.

    Answer:-I was cringing right along with you. What's with her? She's so weird.
  • Question:-Today Show?
    I thought I heard that MSNBC was airing the Today Show's coverage from 9/11/01. Does anyone know when that is playing?

    Answer:-I have no idea. Good luck.
  • Question:-TODAY show?
    is anyone watching the today show right now? what is that songs name jessica simpson is singing? "i can let my hair down, i can say anything, crazy, and you can catch right before i hit the ground"

    Answer:-It's called "With You," from her 2004 album, "In This Skin."
  • Question:-What was the lip pencil shown on The Today Show May 28th for $1?
    Did anyone see the segment this morning on The Today Show (3rd hour) about makeup tips? They were showing a lip pencil/liner for $1. You apply to entire lip and put some Vaseline over it.

    Answer:-Wet and Wild lip liner, she wears #666, then put vaseline over top. I am guessing a Rite-Aid would carry it.
  • Question:-How does one appear on the Today show with Matt Lauer? Can anyone appear on Today?
    I watch the Today show regularly, and it's a great show to start the day. I was wondering if an ordinary citizen like me can go on Today and share something with Matt Lauer and the audience. Do you have to go through screening, interviews, exams, etc?

    Answer:-Normally people are invited, however if you have something they might want, submit it to the producer and if they are interested they will contact you.
  • Question:-What island was featured on the today show wedding giveaway with the honeymoon to the island with turtles?
    In early fall the Today Show gave away a wedding to a young couple. They were sent on a honeymoon to a private island with 14 individual villas. The island was inhabited by large land turtles. Does anyone know where or what it was?

    Answer:-Sychelles. You can watch the today show video here:

    Wikipedia about Sychelles:

    Travel to Sychelles:

  • Question:-How is the TODAY show filmed for the east coast and the west coast live?
    I know the Today show is on for like 4 hours (7am-11am) . When I lived on the east coast, it was live. Now that I live on the west coast, I'm wondering how it works. Some segments if not all still say they are live. Are they just re-airing them or are they actually live for the west coast too.
    Just curious.
    Yea, it is 7am-11am on the west coast too.

    Answer:-are the times the same? on the East it is 7 am-11 am, on the west is it 11 am-3 pm? that would explain it. if it airs at the same time 7 am-11 am on both coasts then it is not live on the west, just a re-airing.
  • Question:-What time should I be at the today show to see Enrique Iglesias?
    Hes going to be doing a free concert that starts at 7am-9am on August 19th, 2011. The fastest way I can get to NYC would take around 45 minutes by train. What time should I arrive at the today show? What time should I wake up?

    Answer:-What time you wake up depends on how long it takes you to shower and dress. Be at the concert by 4 a.m........good chance of being in front. Maybe even get an autograph.
  • Question:-What time do the Today Show summer concerts begin and end?
    I really would like to attend the Katy Perry Today Show concert next week and I know you have to get there super early but does anyone know (around) what time the concerts usually start and end because I need to get home at a certain time...Thank you in advance!

    Answer:-Jamie Depends on your time zone it is 7:00 to 9:00 here.

    ~ Don ~
  • Question:-Can you bring signs to Today Show concerts if you have a fan pass?
    My daughter and her friend have Fan Passes for Coldplay's concert on the Today Show for October 21st. They would love to make a sign if possible, but I was wondering if they allow them to have them?

    Answer:-I believe so. If I remember correctly, the last time Coldplay played there I saw fans with signs. The band loves it.

rock center

  • Question:-I trying to find pictures of rock/flower center pieces to accent the front lawn?
    We are removing our current lawn(front yard) and we want to show a beautiful center peice, such as, a rock/flower center piece garden, with grass. The backyard will be golf turf for my husband to use for putting his golf balls.

    Answer:-I wasn't able to find any truly spectacular examples but the picture at,21135,1092887,00.html
    should give you some idea of the design principles for a circular flower bed. The idea is to create visual interest by using symmetry and by varying the height of the design elements. The centre should be something of height -- whether it is a fountain, a small tree, or a very large rock. It is then surrounded by circular plantings of medium height plants, followed by the lowest plants along the edges. You may want to vary the bloom times of the plantings that form your circles within the design -- tulips for spring closest to the centre, followed by progressively later blooming plants (or vice versa). For real punch, you can pick colours for each layer that are opposite each other on the colour wheel -- orange alternating with purple, or red alternating with blue. For something more harmonious, pick colours beside each other the colour wheel -- soft pinks and blues, for example.
    Annuals will give you a longer bloom time, so are more often used for circular flower beds than perennials. If you live in a hot dry part of the country, then your design might feature more of the desert species, arranged and layered in the same way I've described above.
  • Question:-When is the 2009 Xmas tree lighting at Rock Center in NYC?
    What date and time does the 2009 Xmas tree lighting take place at Rockefeller Center? Also anyone know who is performing this year?

    Answer:-"The live celebration of the 77th tree lighting will take place on Wednesday, December 2, 2009. Special guests are to be announced.

    When: Wednesday, December 2, 2009 from 7PM-9PM (tree is lit at 8:55PM)"
  • Question:-What shoes should I wear at an indoor rock climbing center? Is it worth 5 dollars to rent climbing shoes?

    Answer:-It depends, if you're a beginner you probably won't need them as most easy-moderate routes have decent footholds. You might want to continue climbing in trainers for a while and when you've improved to around level 5-6 try renting a pair. You'll probably find them uncomfortable like most people but try a hard climb. You should find it a bit easier. Then if you like them I would suggest buying a pair. If your climbing centre has a shop like mine, they should be happy to look at how you climb and suggest shoes to suit you best.
    Happy Climbing!
  • Question:-how much money does the plasma center in little rock AR pay for plasma blood?
    i need to know how much little rock pays before i drive all the way over there and waste my gas on just $20 or $25 dollars? can someone please help me?

    Answer:-I would suggest that before you look at how much you will be paid to donate, you should think of the impact it may have on someones life. If one of your family needed plasma or blood would you appreciate there being a delay because someone was too worried about wasting a little petrol??

    In australia we do not get paid to donate plasma, we dontate because we want to help.

    I think you should donate your plasma and give anything you make back to the collection centre.
  • Question:-Spreading center volcanism is associated with which rock type?
    Also, what causes rocks to melt in regions of spreading-center volcanism?

    Answer:-When I think of spreading centers, I think of Mid-ocean Ridges in the ocean, so just think of what makes up the sea floor... Basalt.

    And an eruption occurs usually occurs when the sea floor is spread apart thin enough to allow magma to push through, and a combination of the addition of water and the lowering of pressure as the magma rises keeps the magma liquid and allows it to flow as lava to the surface.
  • Question:-Why is it that even though the center of the Earth is molten rock, that everything around it is solid?
    We have all been told that the center of the Earth is molten rock, but since it is at such high temperature then why isn't everything else just melted? The same way that even though the surface of venus is between 400 degrees F and 740 K (hot enough to melt lead) why isn't the planet just molten rock?

    Answer:-Everybody seems to have missed one little thing. The Earth's core isn't molten rock. It's molten iron. Whether or not something is molten depends on pressure and temperature. The temperature at the inner core is high enough to overcome the pressure that tries to keep it solid.
  • Question:-if a rock is dropped through a hole to the center of the earth, will it gain or lose weight by the time it?
    if a rock is dropped through a hole to the center of the earth, will it gain or lose weight by the time it reaches the center? I know the mass will remain unchanged. Thanks!

    Answer:-It will lose weight as it descends into the earth.

    The inverse square relationship of gravity and distance only applies to point masses. With spherical masses, it is accurate to consider them as point sources as long as the distance between the objects is greater than their radii.

    Using calculus, it is provable that inside of a spherical shell, the force exerted by gravity is zero. So for the object inside of the earth, the mass of the earth beyond the distance between the two centers of mass can be neglected in calculating the force on the object.

    Intuitively, you can probably grasp this by imagining an object at the earth's center. Gravity will pull on it equally in all directions, thus having a net force of zero.
  • Question:-if a syncline were worn away would you find the oldest rock at the center or edge?
    I need help with my homework and I have to find it on the internet but I can't find it anywhere! HELP! (please)

    Answer:-Hi. At the edge.
  • Question:-What was the type of mineral/rock that the people in Journey to the Center of the Earth fell through?
    When Trevor Shaun and that mountain guide chick were in the place where all the minerals and stuff were. When Shaun dropped the diamond and it crack the floor and they collapsed through it...What type of mineral or rock was that? I have to write a stupid report on it for school:/ Please help me!

  • Question:-How painful is it to be front and center at a rock concert?
    Crowdsurfers, mosh pits, etc.

    Answer:-Yeahh kinda lol.
    Especially if the singer comes down by you... Fun but kinda hard to breath lol

    oh and by the way I like your picture
    Silverstein <3 lol

cl p

  • Question:-What is the best electric supply company other than CL&P?
    I just got a phone call from an electric supply company saying they can give me a lower rate on my electric bill... I understand electric companies were deregulated 10 years there a particular company that is better than the others? Thanks in advance!
    I live in Connecticut!

    Answer:-not knowing where you live makes it hard to give you a good answer.
  • Question:-How many electrons are in the second energy level for Cl, P, and K?

    Answer:-All elements past Neon (number 10) have full "second energy levels" in the ground state.
    Therefore, Cl, K, and P all have 8 electrons, denoted as 2s2 2p6
  • Question:-Use a table of bond energies to determine the atomization energy of PCl3 and the average P-Cl bond energy in P?
    Use a table of bond energies to determine the atomization energy of PCl3 and the average P-Cl bond energy in PCl3.

    D(P-Cl) =.......... kJ/mol

    Use the P-Cl bond energy and the atomization energy of POCl3 to determine the P-O bond energy in POCl3.

    D(P-O) = ........kJ/mol

    the table @
    lists the the average P-Cl bond energy as 79 kcal /mole, (aka 331kJ/mole)

    Using that table of bond energies to determine the atomization energy of PCl3 : you break 3 P-Cl bonds @ 331kJ each =
    your first answer: 993 kJ

    I believe your second question wants us to use this reaction:
    PCl3 (g) --> P (g) & 3 Cl(g) to find a comparable bond ernergy instead of using the 79kj/mol

    PCl3 (g) --> P (g) & 3 Cl(g)
    dH reaction = dHf's products - reactants
    dH reaction = [ 316.4 kJ /mol P(g) & (3 mol)(121.7 kJ/mol Cl(g)] - [-288.07 kJ/mole PCl3(g)]

    dH reaction = 681.5 + 288.07

    dH reaction = 969.6 to break 3 P-Cl bonds

    so your answer to,... "the average P-Cl bond energy in PCl3" :
    969.6 / 3 = 323.2 kj / mol

    this tells you that it requires less energy to break the P-Cl bonds in PCl3 than the average P-Cl bond,... which means that those P-Cl bonds in PCl3 are more unstable than the average P-Cl bond

    the atomization energy of POCl3 , using dHf's for the reaction:
    POCl3 (g) --> P(g) & 3Cl (g) & O (g)

    dH reaction = dHf's products - reactants
    dH reaction = [ 316.4 kJ /mol P(g) & (3 mol)(121.7 kJ/mol Cl(g) & 247.5kJ/mol O] - [-542.2 kJ/mole POCl3(g)]

    dH reaction = 929.0 + 542.2

    dH reaction = 1471.1

    1471.1 = breaking 3moles P-Cl bonds & 1mole P=O bond
    1471.1 = (3mol P-Cl )(331 kJ/mole) & 1mole P=O bond
    1471.1 = 993 & 1mole P=O bond
    1mole P=O bond = 478 kJ/mole

    that answer compares closely to the textbook answer for P=O in POCl3 of 460 kJ/mol.

    realize that dH's & bond energies varyt from reference to reference, you may have to make adjustments to the calculations using your data tables

  • Question:-Which of the elements: Al, Si, P, S, Cl, or Ar should have the lowest 4th ionization energy?
    Which of the elements: Al, Si, P, S, Cl, or Ar should have the lowest 4th ionization energy?

  • Question:-Why is a P-Cl bond in a molecule PCl5 is more polar than P-S in a molecule of P2S5?
    In terms of electronegativity.

    Answer:-because Cl is more electronegative than S
  • Question:-What bond angle is the Cl-P-Cl and what Shape arrangement?

    Answer:-PCl3 or PCl5?

    PCl3 = 107 (109.5 - 1 * 2.5 for each lone pair)
    it's trigonal pyramidal

    PCl5 = 90 for axial and 120 for equatorial
    it's trigonal bipyramidal
  • Question:-For PCl6 (-) some of the Cl-P-Cl bonds are 180. What is the angle of the other Cl-P-Cl bonds, in degrees?

    Answer:-not enough info to answer all triangles have to equal 180 you need to know what angles are there and sub for x x1 and x2
  • Question:-In the bond Cl-P the dipole points toward the?
    In the bond Cl-P the dipole points toward the

    Cl or the P?

    Answer:-Cl, because it is more electronegative.
  • Question:-What is K_p at 500 K for the reaction 2NO + Cl_2 <--> 2 NOCl?
    The partial pressures in an equilibrium mixture of NO, Cl_2, and NOCl at 500 K are as follows:
    P_NO = 0.240 atm, P_{Cl_2} = 0.608 atm, P_NOCl = 1.35 atm.

    Answer:-products on top and reactants on the bottom
    take the NOCl concentration to the 2nd power
    divded by
    the reactants NO to the 2nd power and Cl2 to the 1st power
  • Question:-What is the ion for Na,Ca,K,Al,Sr,N,P,Cl,S,Br & I ?
    Can you please give me with the protons & electrons,at least ELECTRONS like this =
    Li => P=3 & E=2
    Thank u !

    Answer:-Ions are Na+, Ca2+, K+, Al3+, Sr2+, N3-, etc.
    It is easy to use the periodic table to work out what you want from there. You should be able to do that as it is simply electrons loss or gain , depending on ion charge.

happy halloween

  • Question:-HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
    Happy halloween. I know its on a monday but come on really think about it. Its 2011, this is our only Halloween, and we will never get another 2011 Halloween, so enjoy it now. Happy halloween!!!!!!!

  • Question:-Happy Halloween?
    Happy Halloween everyone!! Just thought i'd say that...and what are you guys being for halloween?

    Answer:-Hey you too! haha.
    1(me) A&F Model that got murdered
    2(gf) A witch
    3(cousin) Scotty Vanity wannabe
  • Question:-happy halloween?
    this is not a question obviously but i just wanted to say happy halloween :)

    be safe!

    Answer:-thanks! you too! Happy Halloween!
  • Question:-HaPPY HALLOWEEN!!!?
    I wanna wish everyone a happy halloween
    Im going to school as Kairi (if u dont know)
    So i wanna know what
    1. Ur being
    2. What are u doing tonight or today
    im going.... well i dk

    Answer:-1. sand ninja from naruto
    2. i don't know i'm sick today so i don't know if my parents will let me trick or treat i was sick last year on halloween and they let me trick or treat so i don't know if i am going or not
  • Question:-HaPpY HaLlOwEeN!!?
    Hey, Happy Halloween everybody!! Go out and trick or treat and have some fun!!!! This isn't a question but I love you so I wanted to say Happy Halloween add me on myspace !!!! thx!!

    Answer:-awesome. u too. mines hockey. lol. add me.
  • Question:-Happy halloween?
    whats everyone dressing up as for halloween? I need some good costume ideas.

    Answer:-devil 4 me, a sexy one
  • Question:-HaPpY HaLLoWeEn?

    Answer:-I´m having a halloween party! I´ll be dressed as the spider queen!
  • Question:-What mythical creature from folklore and myths are you and are you happy about halloween?
    im curious to know whose all really exist well lets get to know each other comment and have a happy Halloween every one

  • Question:-How do you write Happy Halloween in Korean?
    How do you write ' Happy Halloween' in Korean?
    I think its something like.. 해피 할로윈!
    but that's just from a translator and im not too sure. Please tell me the correct way!

    Answer:-Well, that's right (even if it's from an online translator).

    There's no special translation for "Happy Halloween!" in Korean. It would be 해피 할로윈! (Hae-pi hal-lo-win!) —transliteration from English.

    Pronunciation : 해 (heh) 피 (peeh) 할 (hahl) 로 (loh) 윈 (weenh)!
  • Question:-What is the longest word you can make out of "Happy Halloween"?
    Using the letters of "Happy Halloween", what is the longest word you can make?

    If no one can make long words, I will give Best Answer to the person who makes the most words in all.

    Thanks! :)

    Answer:-polypnea (8 letters)
    hypopnea (8 letters)
    walleye (7 letters)
    polyene (7 letters)
    penally (7 letters)
    panoply (7 letters)
    hyponea (7 letters)

anna chapman

  • Question:-Anna Chapman gets caught spying and is home doing fashion shows, but people are in guantanamo: double standard?
    There are people who have not had a trial, still held in guantanamo depsite saying they are innocent.

    Anna Chapman is caught as a spy, inside the US, charged, then released.

    Why the double standard?
    Just for you Katzy, please be welcomed to view our new Jumpsuit line, in sun orange, citrus orange, safety orange and orange orange.

    Answer:-Being caught as a spy and being caught fighting against the US govt is another thing..
    People caught on the battlefield are prisoners of war and classed differently..
    If we went on what they say we could empty the jails as they all claim to be innocent.
  • Question:-Where I can see anna chapman photo?
    I want to see and download all anna chapman photo , anna chapman racy photo.

    Answer:-I just found this link and has too many anna chapman photo. You can save all photo to your desktop.
  • Question:-Who is the Hottest Political Icon, Democratic activists Anna Chapman or the Tea Party sympathizer Sarah Palin?
    We all know Politics is all about style not substance.

    Answer:-Spies are always sexier. I don't know how Obummer feels about his special escort service getting busted. You know Michelle had something to do with it, LOL.
  • Question:-Do you think Anna Chapman would go out with me if I asked her?
    She is the hottest double agent I have ever seen!

    Answer:-sorry dude prob not but you could find somone relistic go out and look not gonna hurt
  • Question:-How do we know Anna Chapman is a spy?
    And why on earth would Russia EVER need a spy in the U.S. after the Cold War is over?

    Answer:-Chapman was required to admit her guilt as part of the agreement to deport her to Russia.

    Countries gather lots of intelligence beyond military. Business secrets, crop forecasts, gossip on political leaders, all of that and more is grist for a spy to gather. Knowledge is power and the more you know about countries you compete with, the more you have an advantage over them.
  • Question:-While she is in New York, is the CIA briefing the Queen about Anna Chapman?
    The recently exposed Russia spy is reported to have tried to infiltrate Royal Circles through the Princes. She frequented the Boujis club where the young Royals often party the night away.

    Answer:-Yes indeed dear boy. I believe that the Chapman girl may have been privy to some very classified information during her 'pillow talk' with the Princes. It reminds one of the Profumo affair. How one loved those weekends at Cliveden! Happy days dear boy. Happy days!
  • Question:-Have any of the Russian NHLers been involved with Anna Chapman the hot Russian spy that was busted last year?
    What a babe.

    Answer:-Not too sure; Rumors have it Alex Semin was found all over her, though...
  • Question:-Is Anna Chapman the new pinup girl for the Obama leftist types?

    Answer:-She's cute , she ain't no pinup girl from what I saw in the news paper ...........
  • Question:-Why is anna chapman so popular?
    She spied for mother russia.She put our national security at risk yet all american males plesure themselves to her photos?Would you plesure yourself to the photos of an attractive women who murdered your family?

    Answer:-Whores are always popular.
  • Question:-Am i wrong for fantasizing about Anna Chapman lately when I am making love to my wife?
    Anna Chapman:

    Answer:-dont think so,but am i wrong for fantasizing about your wife when im making love to anna chapman?