Saturday, August 6, 2011

Create 2d Photo To 3d Laser Crystal Gifts

Creation of photographs by exposing light to photo sensitive films and then developing it by using chemical photographic processing is now history. Today you have digital imaging that uses an array of light sensitive sensors to capture the image focused by the lens of digital cameras. Digital imaging has come a long way since by pushing into obsolescence making of images by film photography.
What are the exciting new technologies that are now making headways in digital imaging? Converting 2D photo to 3D is now the buzzword in the digital imaging market. University of Stanford has developed a wonderful piece of code that that can transform a 2D photo to 3D image. A 2D image lacks spatial information. Converting the 2D photo to 3D requires not only the latest conversion technology but also the skill of experienced computer graphic designers.
How Does The Software Work?
It uses a breakthrough technology in machine learning. The software estimates depths from a single image by using monocular vision algorithm, captures a variety of monocular cues and learns the relationship between different parts of the image using an innovative machine learning technique.
All this high sounding technical jargon may sound Greek and Latin to most people.  So to make it simple, converting 2D photo to 3D is finding exciting new uses. From just one or two photos of you or your loved ones, you can have the image reconstructed in a 3D photo in glass. Is this not a thrilling development? This 3D modeling technique was earlier reserved to professional 3D designers and film studios only. Now it is available to anyone. You have specialists who can transform portraiture from 2D photo to 3D photo in glass by ordering online. 
You must however follow the photo guidelines that provide tips on how to take and submit good photos. Usually all common image file types are acceptable. To get optimum results designers recommend uploading a large file, even though smaller files are accepted. The specialists isolate the background from the original image and create the best 3D model from the foreground and central figures. The images of your choice is not confined to just portraiture. You can choose anything you are fond of like pets, cars, building and landscapes.
The Final Product
The final product is a precisely etched 3D Photo in Glass made by using innovative subsurface marking green-laser machine. 3D photo in Glass is a wonderful gift to your loved ones, who will cherish it as something exceptional. You can even get a caption of your choice engraved in the 3D laser crystal. Customers even have an option to receive a digital version of a picture in the form of windows screen saver. Most people are familiar with digitally created gifts of 2D images. You now have an opportunity to be one-up and gift someone with a transformed 2D photo to 3D.

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