Monday, August 1, 2011

Does Brad Callen's Affiliate Elite Program Gives Affiliate Marketers The Tools To Succeed?

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to become successful on the internet. Many of the best and brightest in the internet marketing world got their start as an affiliate. Many people that I talk to don't have a clue what I mean when I say I'm an affiliated marketer, so I explain to them that it is online commission sales. Even marketers who have developed their own products continue to work as an affiliate because of the large lists that they have created and joint venture contacts they have made. Some of the biggest names with products of their own to promote, still venture into affiliate marketing when the opportunity is right. Brad Callen's latest product called Affiliate Elite is designed to give the affiliate marketer many unique tools to simplify the process of choosing and marketing the affiliate products that demonstrate the greatest potential.
There are many so called guru's selling software in the internet marketing niche and Brad Callen is one of the good guys. He heads Bryxen Software company that specializes in software solutions for SEO and internet marketing. Bryxen has released some rather significant internet marketing tools such as Keyword Elite, SEO Elite and about thirteen other software products. Brad began marketing products in the health and diet industry and took an insignificant ebook called Ultimate Weight Loss Revealed, and turned it into a top selling online weight loss success.
Affiliate Elite continues in the tradition that Brad Callen has established over the years . The features that this membership program offers will give your affiliate marketing efforts the boost they need to help you achieve your goals.
Here is some of what Affiliate Elite will help you with:
Identify the Clickbank and Pay Dot Com products that have the greatest potential.
Uncover the products with a recurring revenue stream.
Highlight the exact Adwords Keywords that anybody is bidding on.
Enable you to see the ads that your competition is running.
Monitor how long your competitors run their ads.
Find the most successful affiliates to help you promote your own products.
The membership also offers 3 bonuses that includes:
19 hours of recorded coaching sessions from 12 top internet marketers.
Hours of step-by-step training videos.
Access to a members forum.
The word on the street regarding Affiliate Elite is positive . The biggest negative is the fact that the software only works for Clickbank and Pay Dot Com products and there are certainly many other affiliate opportunities available besides those two networks. The interface that Callen has employed in Affiliate Elite is the same as was used Keyword Elite and SEO Elite. Some people have expressed disappointment in the fact that this interface is not as user friendly as it should be. Overall, however the feedback is guide good and the software extracts tons of valuable information to help make you affiliate marketing tasks more effective. The first months membership fee is $4.95 and then it runs $39.95 thereafter.   

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