Sunday, August 7, 2011

What Is The DigiLink Doctor All About?

The creator of WPSyndicator, Andy Fletcher has recently launched a new WordPress plugin that he calls, the DigiLink Doctor. This plugin for WordPress is actually among the most complex plugins in the marjet today, but when utilized effectively, it can be among the most powerful. Like any other plugin out there, the DigiLink Doctor is so quick and easy to install - upload it directly from your WordPress Dashboard and it gets installed in seconds. Nevertheless, the DigiLink Doctor , like majority of the plugins for WordPress out there, is not for everybody to make use of. It is not for you if you only have a couple or a few sites and those sites do not have 404 pages and they are all currently active from the start. Simply because the plugin will not serve any purpose to you at all.


But, if your blog has already been online for quite a long time now and it has 50 or more pages and 100 or more posts, think about the number of posts and pages that you have in that blog that are already inactive but are still getting traffic and are still being indexed by the Search Engines. Pretty huge right? The DigiLink Doctor gives you the ability to tell Search Engines where you want visitors of your blog to pointed to, such as your homepage or even another post in your blog. Even more. not only the visitors get redirected, but also the backlinks that were leading to that 404 page as well. Here is how things actually work with the DigiLink Doctor, because broken links exist in your website, you are not actually benefiting from the posts or pages that might still be getting a huge amount of traffic. Traffic and backlinks are led to a 404 page which is actually a dead end. Through the DigiLink Doctor , your traffic and backlinks are redirected and pointed to other posts or pages such as your homepage, a specific post, a particular URL or if you choose, you can still even keep the 404 page. For the traffic and links to be rerouted to where they can be beneficial to you, the DigiLink Doctor plugin patches the 404 page or the post for you.

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