Tuesday, August 9, 2011

On This Page We Will Be Taking An Insiders Look At The Passive Profits System

I am sure you have noticed that every single day a completely new and amazing product is being released to show individuals how to make money on the Internet. If you have ever purchased any of them you know that 95% of these programs are just crap. I do not mean to say that all the products are junk, because you can find real legitimate programs that can help you.
But over all individuals seem to just be taking advantage of those who find themselves trying to make some extra money on the Internet. The Instant Passive Profits program is something that I purchased to see what and how it works and this is my evaluation of that program.
The Sales Page
To begin with on the sales page you will see a man talking to you, and informing you that he has been where you are now. You don't see any text on the web page it is just the video clip and the purchase link. As you watch the video you may think that the guy on the video is actually telling you the truth. At one point in the video he goes on about other product owners and how they never tell you what the product is how even exactly how the product works.
By the end of the movie you will realize that he does the exact same thing, you have no idea what the program is or what it does. He does however provide you with a short look at the software, and he shows himself making use of it which takes about 20 seconds and your lead to believe that is all there is to it.


What You Really Get
Now, lets get to the real truth of the system. I order all the new packages that come out to see if they really work or not, and then I let individuals know if the program is worth the investment.
Something that threw up a different red flag is that once you order his product you are lead through 10 to 15 other web pages trying to get you to shell out more money before you get to the members page. This could come as a shock, but I did not order any of those one time offers.
All About The Keywords
Now the particular "incredible" software itself that only took him just a few seconds to use is a software program that scrapes the search engine results pages. The particular way it works is you take a targeted keyword for what ever program your promoting and this software performs a search on the search engines and provides you the URL's of the websites which are on the first few pages of the results.
Now it gets better still, you are now required to sign up for a pay per view program and paste these URL's into their system. Just so you know joining this pay per view program will turn out costing you another $100. As soon as your told to sign up for the pay per view program they ensure that you get the link to join, which happens to be their affiliate link for that program, which means that they earn commissions from you.
The Sales Video
Inside the sales video, you are told that all you have to do each day is enter a very little information and click go and your all done. You aren't told that you need to spend more money once you get the so called software.
The funny thing is the fact that the software they're selling really does nothing but enable you to get the search engine results, which again you can obtain yourself. I am sure you already guessed but this isn't a product I would recommend to any individual. In the event your wanting to get visitors, a product that I work with and like is the "Magic Traffic Accelerator".

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