Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Finding Your Web Hosting Service Provider in Australia

Web hosting service is one of the non-core functions being outsourced by several business organisations. They could not afford to expend huge costs both in capital and operations, from the smallest utilities to the servers. With outsourcing, their thoughts are focused on the payment for the services provided by the web host. Also, they don't get headaches due to repairs and maintenance of tangibles, and hiring, recruiting and employing IT professionals. The absence of these responsibilities will give them ample time to concentrate on their core competencies. And most importantly, there is reasonable assurance that their web hosting solution is managed by the experts.
But here's the catch: there is a big risk that business entities may partner with a mediocre hosting provider. This is a glaring truth no one cannot deny. If companies won't be careful with their choices, they will end up paying for services that do not give them a good return on investment, plus the wasted opportunities and time lost. You can do the math on how much money and other resources are squandered just because of one mistake. The question now is what constitutes a reliable service provider? How will the clients know the right business partner? What are the criteria that defines quality?
Here is a list of some factors of a web host that can be relied on:
Secured facility.  Whether you want to outsource a dedicated server hosting, virtual private server hosting or cloud computing, or plan to enter in a colocation services or reseller hosting, the facility of the hosting provider should be secured. When I say security, this does not only mean protection against man-made attacks such as robbery. It covers anything, including preventive measures against natural disasters, extreme anti-virus systems, and sleepless electricity and Internet connectivity for around-the-clock operations.
Leading technology.  The web hosting solution must be powered with the leading technology today. The websites and other online activities must be working in high-speed. This is to be on top of competitors and make an impression to the potential clients. Also, all the data of the clients, including the client's customers, must not be lost.
IT professionals.  Nobody can do properly the task of web hosting except the IT professionals themselves. Australian web hosts are then expected to employ only the experts in this field. They are the only professionals capable of supervising, monitoring and regulating data centre operations. They know better than anybody else.
Track record.  Checking the previous and existing engagements of the service provider is also one way to learn how it performs. How such web host delivers in its programs tells its competencies.
Affordable packages.  Of course, you can only apply for a web hosting plan if it is affordable. Reality dictates that you can buy only those that you can pay, even if the company is truly outstanding. But, there are several credible hosting providers that offer low-cost packages and you still get high-quality services.
I cannot measure the difficulty of finding the right business partner in web hosting, especially that IT is not the field of some companies. Just think of the aforementioned factors and read some more tips from other authors. If you have the know-how, start your search now.

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