Monday, August 1, 2011

New Report Confirms Popularity of Video Marketing

Many times when you visit a Digital Marketing Agency , they will tell you about how video marketing can bring traffic to your website thus growing your online business. Some website owners wonder whether video marketing can really be an effective tool for promoting a website. To answer that question, we need to take a look at some numbers. There was a recent study done by the Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life Project which indicates that video sharing site use is growing among American adults.
Back in 2006, 33% of adult internet users in the United States would visit video sharing websites. On an average day, 8% of people online would visit a video sharing site. If we compare these figures to those from 2011, we can see a dramatic growth in the popularity of online video sharing. The 2011 results indicate that 71% of internet users visit video sharing websites. As part of a typical day, 28% of internet users that were polled have shown that they visit a video sharing site. What these numbers indicate is that currently, the majority of online users visit a video sharing site at least occasionally and more than a quarter of them do so on an almost daily basis so a Digital Marketing Agency should take note .


What does this mean for website owners and those who want to promote their business online? Quite simply this means that video marketing is a powerful way to do online promotion. An Internet Marketing Agency can help you set up an efficient campaign to take advantage of video sharing sites such as YouTube. Basically, you just need to create attractive videos that users will want to watch. They are already going to watch some videos, so why not have them watch one that you have created and uploaded? The great thing about these sites is that just like with social media websites, the traffic is already there. Users are already visiting these sites and are seeking out interesting content. However, creating a video is not the only way to get traffic from video sharing websites. Many sites such as YouTube, allow contextual advertisements to be placed on the site or during video playback. This can be another, very efficient way to take full advantage of video site traffic.
Of course, you may still promote your website in other ways in addition to using video sharing sites. For example, you may team up with a Boston SEO Services firm to get your website to the top of search engine results. Using both SEO and video marketing is a winning combination, as it will combine two powerful sources of traffic to send to your website. It will also help with your branding, as more and more online users will become accustomed to seeing your website online.

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