Sunday, June 5, 2011

ROI Unlimited Compensation Plan – Is it the Best or the Worst?

If you are considering joining this opportunity and are wondering about the ROI Unlimited Compensation plan, you have landed on the right article. Read on to find out how it works and why I believe it is the best opportunity available on planet Earth today.
The products you will receive when becoming a member of ROIU are hotel, travel and vacation discount packages. There are three membership levels, of course the higher levels offer more products than the lesser levels. Similar to several other travel programs discounted hotel, resort, cruise and travel are included in the packages. The thing that sets this company apart from the rest is the way its members get paid.
Again, there are three membership levels all with one-time entry fees. All three levels use a 2x3 company wide follow me matrix ROI Unlimited Compensation plan with sponsoring bonuses. That means you and people below you down three levels, all sponsor two people each, for a total of 14 people sponsored. When everyone sponsors 2 people the matrix will cycle paying the top person a bonus. After that point the person that cycled will receive bonuses when their personally enrolled people cycle and will be placed in a new funded higher level matrix.
The three membership levels are: 1st  Driver Board  $250 entry. Cycling bonus $500 2nd  Accelerator Board  $1000 entry. Cycling bonus $5000 3rd  Power Board $3500 entry. $20,000 cycling bonus
This program is spreading like wild fire because of the amount of money people are making. Since March of 2011 in my small town alone my friend Bob has earned 80 thousand dollars, Ted 50 thousand dollars and Lance 5 thousand just to name a few.
I know what you are thinking , this guy is just blowing hot air and making up these names and figures. I would be thinking that too. Only thing is, these are real people with real figures. Do yourself a favor and get a detailed description of the ROI Unlimited Compensation plan and products at the website listed below. If you do I'm sure that you then will come to realize as I do that this is truly a powerful opportunity.

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