Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Truth About IM Mentors By Ryan Allaire

The Truth About IM Mentors By Ryan Allaire
Just recently we seen the guy from the Obama campaign reveal his powerful secrets and now have the second video in this series of interviews brought to you by IM Mentors. here is the shocking video link Chris X is a master at clickbank, and is currently the world record champion record holder for most amount of sales in a day with Dayjobkiller. Many people have released product after product every week and no one has come close still. Chris X is a no nonsense, straight to the point with his mind blowing copywriting giveaway, at no cost at all to you. We really had to twist his arm and break a leg for this one. Here is few features of interview -
4 secret siphon techniques that will extract cash outevery visitor using his tried and tested methods.
Proof of clickbank record that is still held to date,even though there has been products who have sold more units...
Proof that his system and methods do work, and are very much current.
There will be a IPad, IPhone and more prizes for the best comment/ feedback left by the IM mentors community. Be sure to grab one of these insane prizes just for watching a video and telling us how you really feel!
Not sure how long the video will be up as they got more to play, so go right now and watch the shocking video of Chris X - World clickbank record holder.
The other truth about IM Mentors by Ryan Allaire is about Michael Cheney .
The millionaire mentor that has generated over 45,000,000 marketing information products, gives us deadly insight to the capturing of profits. Michael Cheney is a well established guru, who has helped countless of people reach their dreams. We have managed to get a amazing interview from Michael, and want you to see it before the page gets pulled down.
Michael Cheney has over 20 years experience whichhas helped over 50,000 people.
Why even top celebrities have a mentor, and the importance of a mentor to succeed.
Revealing exact strategies which are proven to work time and time again.
Michael also explains just how things work in the industry - definately one to be missed.
These videos are not going to be up for long, so go right now and see if they are still available to watch. Remember, there are prizes being given away everyday like IPod, touch, Ipad and much more just for leaving feedback or message on the Im Mentors community. Simply jump over to Im mentors page and unlock the secret videos worth over $497. Don't foget the next video which is going to be by the world famous designer, ' Design Guru Ryan' who has been behind the designs and testing of Mike Filasimes 7 figure code and much more...Hurry now, as spots are very limited indeed.

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