Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Are You a Fan of Team Work or Going Solo?

These days, the Internet allows you to work alone on what would have been previously achieved by an entire team of people. With the popular trend of freelancing and home-based business, there are many opportunities to find solo web designers.
There are certainly plenty of advantages to working individually. However, before choosing this approach, as a web designer, you have to weigh both the pros and cons of such a venture, and develop a strategic plan to suit your needs over the long term.
A web designer may find exciting opportunities to freelance for the following reasons:
It boosts productivity by providing fewer distractions enabling more working time;
It is a very popular concept among designers that "isolation fuels creativity";
Creative individuals are thought to be more effective while working individually;
You benefit from flexible working hours;
You gain autonomy and the ability to manage your freelance projects at your discretion.
However, there are drawbacks to the concept that you need to be aware of in order to achieve a comprehensive understanding of freelance work:
Creativity dynamics - Creative ideas stem from many external sources including interactions with other people, interconnectivity, and brainstorming.
New suggestions or ideas – It is a fact that we will typically make the best decisions and come up with the better ideas if we interface with a group of people in the process.
Professional difficulties – After a period of time, it may become almost impossible for you to work as part of a group and fit in within a team. Taking orders and doing tasks according to procedures and organizational structures may become difficult, if not impossible.
Lost confidence – Appreciation and recognition from people working with you are more important than you may realize as it relates to providing a boost in the level and quality of your design work; it is a reality that working in a competitive environment stimulates potential.
Over confidence – When no one questions you, or challenges your ideas, you run the risk of falling into a mode of "design complacency" which may leave you unable to expand your creative thinking and impact the effectiveness of your designs.
Diminished design productivity – When you are a freelancer, you need to work not only on the graphic design aspect, but also on the coordination of your customer's requests, while driving sales or new web design projects for yourself. The result is, you may soon feel overloaded and allocate less time to creative aspects of your work.
At CodemyIMAGE we believe in the power of teams to generate ideas and stimulate creativity. We are open to customers' suggestions and think it is always refreshing to gain their insights and perspective. As a partner, we are here to share ideas with, provide constructive feedback and to assist you in resolving potential issues so you can spend more time focusing on the creative aspects of your business.

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