Saturday, April 16, 2011

CB Surge Review: Clickbank Analytics Right At Your Fingertips

CB Surge is a new product developed by Mat and Brad Callen to provide more analytics for the Clickbank affiliate. Many affiliates make a ton of money promoting Clickbank products, but it's very difficult to determine which of the thousands of the Clickbank products are the winners and loosers. The only information that Clickbank provides to give you a clue to the popularity of a specific product is the products "gravity." Other than that, you're on your own. Maybe you can go to the Warrior Forum to check out what other are saying about the product, but in reality not a lot of analytical data is available to the aspiring affiliate. The Callen brothers have put together a a pretty slick software package and what it essentially does is supercharge the Clickbank Marketplace pages to provide more analytical data for each product. The software works through the Firefox browser and here's what it will do for the Clickbank listings:
Displays top gravity, top movers (increasing gravity), top shakers (decreasing gravity) at the top of each listing.
Highlights the products marketability above and below a score of 40 (<40 bad, >40 good).
Product topics are highlighted in green (<40) or red (>40).
Manual keyword check. Just type in a related keyword to check its marketability.
Product potential based on a proprietary algorithm based on the top 10 websites: page rank, total links and page title.
Marketability potential based on Alexa rank, website opt-in form, exit pop-ups, embedded video.
Graphic Trends indicator based on gravity rank, percent referred, earnings per sale, percent per sale and commission percentages.

CB Surge is offered for free as a basic package, but the Elite software package includes everything listed above and is available for a one-time purchase of $67 . When you purchase the Elite package you get access to the brandable copy of the software. What that means is that you can include your Clickbank affiliate link in the software package and then you can start giving it away for free. When somebody that you gave the software to upgrades to the Elite version, you'll get credit for the sale. Sounds pretty slick.
This product was launched in April 2011 and at the time of this writing there is not enough information to tell you what others are saying about CB Surge. My only thought is that this software takes the information that can already be found at Clickbank Analytics, but places it right inside the Clickbank marketplace, which is where it can become most useful. It gives you lots of valuable information right at your fingertips.

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