Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tips to use video marketing

Video marketing is about using the popularity of videos to get your marketing message to your intended market. In this post we are going to show you a few successful tips that will help you to use video marketing to its fullest potential. You must have search engine optimized videos if you want to get tons of traffic. Videos are ranked higher than other internet content because the search engines love them. So that you can take full advantage of this fact, make sure that you optimize your video the right way. First and foremost, you should create a keyword rich title because doing this will help the search engines understand what kind of content your video has and what's it all about. This makes it where it isn't as hard to rank higher for your targeted keywords. In addition, put in your video's transcript text. When you include an optimized intro transcript, this makes it easier for the search engines to understand the content of your video. Also, make sure you have the keyword video added everywhere; your title, description, meta data, etc. This is done because most searchers will use "video" as a part of their main keyword search. Make sure that you have the feedback, comments and ratings enable when you post your video. This will encourage your viewers to leave comments, which will put your video closer to the top and and get more views. In addition to making your viewers feel important, this will also let them see that their opinion is valued. Take all feedback and comments very seriously and make sure that you respond to every one of them. Many times you will see great comments that are left by people who are very interested in your video. Interact with them and start a relationship if you can. This is because you never know who can possible help you in the future with your business. This is a great route for getting joint venture partners, affiliates, etc. Besides, this kind of feedback will allow you to analyze both the positives and negatives of your product. People will discuss the quality of your video and what it needs. So it is important to appreciate these comments and use them to make your video better. A smart tip is to leverage RSS for getting more exposure to your videos. Many people like utilizing RSS feeds because they deliver new information that is compiled from numerous places. When you submit your videos to RSS feeds, it will allow people to get your feed to their viewer and browse for new information. This is just another way of getting your viewers interested; when they are included, you will receive more traffic. Apart from that, if your viewers find your videos serving good content on a regular basis, they will spread them virally through word of mouth. In conclusion, there are many different methods for benefiting from video marketing, but how you use these methods is more than important than which method you use.

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