Friday, April 29, 2011

Valuable Web Design Tips to Apply

The web design industry is wide in scope and areas of study. Naturally, you can find a tremendous number of large and small companies that will design a first class site for you. The considerations and points to good design are many when you're approaching it. Knowing your site can get the job done is a welcome relief to have off your mind so you can proceed with your marketing. But you know what a bad site is like, if it's difficult to deal with - gone - that will be your visitors. This is why it's extremely important to keep web design in mind, and work towards creating a site that is visually appealing and doesn't cause any confusion. So next... let's discuss some of these tips and hopefully they will help you become more successful. Make sure you have a fast loading website, as not having one is the biggest mistake some webmasters make. There are a number of sites online that take too long to load, that's not a good thing because people generally don't have the time to wait. The best web design tip that anyone can give you in relation to this problem is to make sure you use more text and less graphics. And that's all it takes. While loud graphics/animations may be alright on the eyes but these definitely slow down the load time of the site. Therefore, only use graphics on your site if it's essential. A good way to lose half your traffic is to have a site that takes longer than 10 seconds to load. A good way to make sure your site loads fast is to check its performance using a slow connection, if you see it's taking time, then just cut down on the graphics. There are very many people who have a hard time appreciating heavy flash use. Generally speaking, a website that is built with flash takes a longer time to open, since it has to load. Fact: search engine spiders cannot read flash - end of story, no SEO, no rankings. And as you know, people online are extremely impatient, so that will not help a flash based site with many. Flash was popular a long time ago because it looked cool and it was novel. It all looks really great, of course - but so many people do not like it that you have to listen to what they want. If your aim is to impress your visitors, then maybe a flash website would do. But if you want to have an optimized site, one that converts, reaches the maximum amount of people - then you will kill your flash site. Always remember to space out your content so that it doesn't look like lots of unreadable text in one single spot. Try your best to keep content in small chunks that are readable and to use lots of white space in between your text. People read differently online as they do when they're reading offline. You have to make your content more scannable. Thus, to conclude, good web design isn't as difficult as it may appear. Just take care of the details and don't overlook the previously mentioned tips. It is easy to design a site, but the difficulty comes in creating a site that is interesting to visitors.

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