Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Are You New To Internet Marketing? - READ THIS FIRST

Are you new to internet marketing? If you are then you probably have a whole bunch of questions, and one of them may be "how the heck do I get started?" Actually that is a great question to ask because too many newbies just google different money making sites and buy into the flashy websites and promises of making thousands of dollars, if they will just send in their $49.95 for the money making course...or whatever. Yea..I'm sure you have seen those sites like I have and hopefully you haven't sent your money off yet. The truth is that online marketing, or internet marketing, is not an easy thing to do. It is quite simple in its concept, but it's actually hard work. The people who make the big bucks usually are making that money because they are selling the promise of big bucks down the road if you just join this multi level company or that juice or vitamin company and all you have to do is sign up 4 people per month, etc, etc, etc. If you have already been trying internet marketing for several years and still have not made your million dollars yet, don't feel bad because there are thousands of folks just like you. Many people have made the mistake of thinking that having a website is the same thing as making money, or just by joining some vitamin company, they will be able to make thousands of dollars per month as soon as all their friends hear about this great new product. No...those scenarios don't produce the riches that some of those company websites promise will come your way. To make money earn some money on the is actually a good idea to get some serious training first, and we are talking about Internet Marketing training. Find a good mentor or internet marketing coach and let someone show you the ropes. Whatever money you spend for that will eventually be far better spent than just buying into the promise of easy get rich quick schemes from some vitamin company or skin care company. Solid training is a must for any brain surgeon, car manufacturing employee, and even NFL football players. I have no idea why so many people think that it would be any different for Network Marketing, so find a legitimate source of training and then you will increase your odds for success in the future.

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