Monday, April 11, 2011

IPhone App Popularity Contest - Strategies to Be a Winner

There are many iPhone apps on the iTunes store. Which of these are you going to buy? Obviously, the answer is going to be the most popular one. Unless and until the prospective users do not know the utility of the application or its features they are not going to buy it. If the application is fulfilling certain needs that are already in demand then its good but if the need has to be created, it may take some time to make the application popular among the masses. IPhone is popular like anything, but without app iphone will become useless, apps added charm into this phone. Winning iPhone app contest is not an easy task for anyone. It requires proper and clever strategy to grab this grand contest. Now from an application developer's perspective, another question pops up in mind. How to make the iPhone application popular? There are three different strategies to make any iPhone application popular. Initiator: Any application developer would like to have a 5 star rating and review for the application he/she has developed. This has now become nearly mandatory because if the developer wants any buyer to be attracted by the application, then the ratings and review have to be on the higher side. Usually, no one likes to initiate and be the first one to leave any comments on any application. This implies that one needs to plan before putting up the application for sale at the Application Store, especially for the positive review and rating. Before launching the Application there should be a list of prospective users with you who are sure to download the application and give a positive report on it. The list of prospective users can include friends, colleagues, business associates and the earlier customers. The People Element: One should remember that it is people who make any product or services successful. The principle is even applicable to the applications you develop. When are your friends and other professional acquaintances going to be of use? You need to trigger the people whoever you know to promote the application by posting its comments on the social networking sites like the Facebook and Twitter. Make the application experience easy to be shared and this will directly promote the application. Building Buzz: This is one way to create demand for the application. If you want the buzz to develop automatically about the application it would most probably take a very long time. It is better to resort to other strategies for building buzz. One of the strategies involves making people know how much is your application liked by the current customers. It is common psychology that when someone says positive about something, the others will try to find the reasons for his/her being positive. Get your application endorsed by the current customers and you will find the referral market growing along with the rise in sales. One of the best ways to build a buzz is through publicizing the application on the social marketing websites. Copyright © 2011

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