Friday, April 15, 2011

Create More Profit With The Right Kind Of Content

With regards to adding content let's simply do a quick overview of how you may approach that. Weblog Posts - with regards to weblog posts, again you want to put the post displaying as a summary in your homepage as a weblog and put the key phrases in it. So this one once more, the keyword that I was truly trying to rank for is Optimizepress and I've got a very great ranking for that and I have also picked up some good rankings for Kajabi. Categories - now when you place a post you've got the choice to select categories. So you would like to tick at least 2 categories but I do not thoughts ticking 4 or 5. That just means that it is going to show up in a couple of different places in your website in relation to that particular theme. You may have come across things like Siloing. In this situation just consider it like a filing cabinet, what filing compartments would you place these blog posts in? Tags - another option you have is tags. So for this post I get to tag it with key phrases that are related to the actual post. Now I put James Dyson who's the writer of it. I've put the item name (Kajabi, Optimizepress and Wordpress). How would you really label your blog post if you would do one of these Dino tapes because that's what you'll place on the tags.  And wherever possible, use keyword research. Post Layouts - use a lot of photos. Pictures drive visuals and viewers adore photos so I make sure that every post has a image in it. I recieve a much better response. I get much more comments, so I get individuals really relating to the content material. A lot like this presentation includes a lot of pictures in it. Individuals like photos so use loads of photos and don't be afraid of a long blog posts. Link the pictures towards the homepage from the weblog or put an affiliate link. But you want to really hyperlink your photos to your blog. Don't let the picture link to the image itself, that's a waste of the resource. So either link the image to your blog post or to the homepage or use an affiliate link towards the resource you are recommending. Remember to produce value in your weblog posts.  Use correct tags and categories to avoid using misleading info to trick visitors into reading your posts.  Gain much more clients and increase the profitability of your weblog by creating valuable content that attract targeted traffic .

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