Saturday, April 30, 2011

Blogging Underground Review - Find Out If This Traffic System Will Get You Top Rankings

Welcome to my Blogging Underground review . In this article I'm going to cover what this service does, who it's for and whether it will work for you.
What Is Blogging Underground?
It's a traffic system which consists of 3 main components. It has been put together by Mike Liebner, whom I have known of for several years now. If you are a blogger or own websites in any family friendly niche, this membership can help you get tons of extra free traffic.
3 Main Components Of The Membership
1) Blogs - You can post content to any of the blogs in the network once you have become a member. This is a well established blog network, which has new blogs added to it frequently. Additionally, there are also member contributed blogs you can post in as well. Inside a content post you can link back to your website which means you can build as many powerful contextual one-way links as you desire. In turn, over time, this will generate increasing levels of free traffic to sites you want to promote.
2) Keyword Resear ch - Mike Liebner knows that many people either dislike keyword research, don't have the time or aren't sure of what to do in order to come up with really good keywords. Part of your Blogging Underground membership consists of spreadsheets which contain tons of valuable keywords. Utilize these to create content pages and add extra related words to them as well.
3) 12 Part Training - Included is a comprehensive training success program to ensure you get the most out of your membership. Mike has recorded videos and included supporting PDF documents to teach you exactly what steps you need to follow in order to succeed. He has a laid back style which makes learning fun and even relaxing to a certain extent.
Who Is It For?
The Blogging Underground membership is for anyone that wants more traffic to their website. Whether you are making money with Adsense, affiliate offers, products or services, if you want an increased level of organic traffic for free, this membership is going to help you achieve that goal. If you want top rankings in the major search engines, you should take a good look at it. However, it doesn't include training on paid traffic such as pay per click campaigns, so if you want to drive traffic that way, you will want to invest in a different product.
Does It Really Work?
Obviously in this Blogging Underground review, you want to know if the traffic system actually works effectively. When you have high quality blogs from all over the world that you can post in to build incoming links to your website, it only stands to reason that this is going to work to drive organic traffic to it. The more pages you build and the more links you obtain by using the blogs, the more success you are going to see. If you think of success a bit like a water pump, as long as you keep taking action, water is going to come out. This isn't a miracle system, it's a workable system that can deliver great results if you stick to the fundamentals and follow the steps as they are outlined.

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