Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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Add An RSS Feed For your Internet Pages In four Effortless Actions! Grab A Copy Click here Login for your Control Panel Choose an RSS Feed Customize the Look of one's RSS Feed Paste the RSS Code into Your Webpages It's That Easy to Include Breaking News to your Site with RSS Content Builder * Publish News feeds on your Webpage Effortlessly and Instantly * Present clean frequently updated content for your visitors * Strengthen your web page SEO * Boost visitor retention * Encourage repeat visits Finding and Publishing New Content for your Visitors Just Received a Whole Great deal Easier. In 15 minutes your web page might be exhibiting refreshing themed content from RSS News Feeds around the internet. Breaking News will update by itself immediately 24 hrs each day, seven days a week! You'll by no means need to raise a finger and you'll be providing your viewers beneficial and highly relevant stories. It's Very simple - Add A few Lines of Code on your Web Pages and also the News Headlines Will Self Update Every day!
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RSS in Javascript format is readily accessible from most RSS Publishers but what they don't let you know is the fact that Javascript is not lookup engine friendly. What that means is search engines do not read Javascript. Any thing placed on your internet pages in javascript format will not be study from the indexing search engines. RSS Content Builder Offers Feeds in Both Javascript and PHP. So you've got a choice. PHP can be a lookup engine friendly scripting language. Adding RSS feeds for your web pages with PHP will provide refreshing content material for your search engines like google to choose up and rank you for. PHP is server facet scripting. That indicates it can be parsed to the server before your web page loads within the browser. To the visitor and to the search engines like google PHP scripts aren't apparent. When PHP is mixed with RSS feeds it is a fairly powerful concept. With PHP and RSS you are able to include other people's content to your web pages plus the search engines will see it and think it's part of one's webpage! That free RSS content material when put on your internet web page with PHP will basically turn out to be a component of your internet site and provide you even more traffic. Which is why we suggest that you include the feeds to your website with PHP instead of Javascript each time you can.
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