Monday, April 25, 2011

New Web Design California Trends

Trends are constantly changing in web design southern California just as they are in fashion, furniture design, home décor, and any other type of design business. There is always something new and exciting in web design California. Web page designers are always coming up with new ideas and web design California is one of the trendiest in the United States.  Current web design Southern California trends seem to be returning to favorite design techniques used a few years ago. Current trends tend to go with the well known, "less is more" ideal. Less is More
When flash animation first came out all designers wanted to jump on the bandwagon and create "Wow" flashy, colorful designs. But over the last couple years web design Southern California has seen a trend going back to the old days when Internet presence was simple. Although flash is still popular, it is more controlled and used sparingly, especially in website design Southern California for businesses. In the past it was normal to have too much flash in website, but in this caused issues and visitors soon became unimpressed with the fancy footwork.
Some of the newer designs even include the very old single page designs. Of course, newer elements have been added like the combination of large fonts and titles. However, many website design Southern California firms are choosing a more minimalistic layout with just a relevant image or two, and include simple text layouts and a large title. In some cases artistic web design Southern California firms are even choosing hand drawn images instead of photographs.
When it Comes to Fonts-The Bigger The Better
Most web design California firms will tell you that for years website design consisted of using a single sized font. However, recent website choices include braver text, larger fonts, and bolder typography. In fact, many website design Southern California firms seem to be focusing more on fonts then on the images. These consist of slab typefaces, over-sized headers, footers, and titles. Many fonts are being created expressly for a unique website design Southern California element, which is the use of modal boxes. This type of box makes it easier for designer to get information from the visitor, without the visitor having to click something extra to get the information. Many web design California firms have adopted some of the newer, e-zine inspired layouts, which help a business improve its search engine optimization by making new, high priority content available on the very first page.  These are just a few of the latest trends made popular in web design California. They no doubt have had great success and impact with business owners and are becoming widespread throughout the United States and other countries.

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