Saturday, April 30, 2011

Eight Signs You Are Addicted to the Internet

Internet addiction disorder (IAD) is a newly recognized trait, and one which effects both the young and the old. It crosses all borders, and is not only focused on any particular social group. What are the eight signs you could be addicted to the internet?.
Cheaper technology, faster servers and more choice on an evolving web are attracting millions of internet-dependent users, every month. And like any addiction, could effect the way you work, think and co-exist with others around you.
We have all heard of the internet " widow ," a partner who rarely has time to see her own husband, who is often too "busy" on the net, or the reclusive son/daughter who always seems to be on their computer, and even the manager who freaks out and panics- if an internet connection is down. These are symptoms of Internet addiction Disorder (IAD).
1. Your Social Life Revolves Around Your Computer
In smaller towns or cities, and remoter villages, the internet may be the only real entertainment in town. But once your social life revolves around a computer- you fast on the track to becoming addicted to the internet.
2. Your Off-Line Life is "Boring"
Mona started to feel her surroundings becoming less interesting, even boring compared to her on-line life. She started becoming introverted, and stayed in, rather than socialized outside. She become restless, and impatient with her off-line surroundings, whilst always planning her life around her online Facebook activities..
3. Dependency Syndrome
Bob's activities are dependent on the internet, irrespective of the fact he may earn a living on-line. His friends, communications, and hobbies, all are inter linked on-line. Bob even chats to his closest friends using a messenger service, rather then in person or on the phone.
4. Without the Internet, You Cannot Work
Mira works outside a computer -based environment, but needs the net to work effectively. She started communicating with associates, online- even if they are next to her in the office, and feels frustrated if a task took more time then it does online. Impatience, lack of verbal communication, and irritation are signs that Mira may have IAD.
5. Browsing Ineffectively
Don needed to research his competitors on-line presence, but ended up spending hours surfing the net, chatting and browsing non-related websites. His work became less efficient, and often you find Don working late, catching up with the work he neglected during regular working hours.
6. Addiction to Multi-tasking
Sarah thought she studied hard, but by bringing her laptop to lectures, she multi-tasked. Facebook, yahoo messenger and her i-phone was constantly busy, whilst she occasionally made notes on the lecture. Once offline she felt depressed, and disconnected. Sarah shows classic symptoms of IAD.
7. Addicted to Gaming
Rich at first found the game relaxing and inspiring after a hard day at School., but soon he grew irritated with it. His challenge was to reach the top, and a determined Rich would spent many hours getting higher, and higher scores. An innocent game started taking over Richard's life- his conversations with friends, and his thoughts at home were only about the game.
8. A Socially Dependent Addict
Lina loved Facebook, and added friends from all over the World. After work she would walk around a Mall, adding new photos, chatting and whilst she waited for friends go on-line, and connect to her new on-line "buddies." Lina slowly became oblivious to her off-line surroundings, as she became increasingly obsessed with her on-line life.
Most experts agree anything can be addictive. The internet is great, but if you let your on-line use take over your life, then it can become as dangerous as any other addiction, and have very negative consequences. The solution may be to balance your on-line and off-line activities.

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