Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ensure Online Payment Safety With Secure SSL

When you are buying any product online, your very ultimate concern is payments. You are not pretty sure whether the payments you will be making out there at the online retail store will be secured. Whether your credit card number will be forged by any unscrupulous hacker or not! And if yes, he/she may use your credit card for all menial things. Therefore, you have to make sure when you are buying out there on any product based or e commerce website that it is completely secured via Secure SSL.
When transacting on Internet, you need to make sure of certain points. Remember, if you are ignorant of important security points, there is good chance where you easily succumb to Internet security, identity theft and fraud. SSL Certificates will help you safeguard your monetary concerns when you are transacting on any e commerce website. The very first thing that you must take note of, after you have logged in any e commerce website and before you enter your credit card number or other personal information, is the security of payment gateway.
Are you completely sure that the ecommerce website uses Secure SSL to secure your personal information on the respective website? Does e commerce website incorporate secured and foolproof payment gateway and transaction system? Well most of them do, but you do not have to take chances, after all it is your hard earned money and you just can't let go in the hands of any electronic imposter. Can you? Think over it!
Usually most of e commerce websites make their websites secured using SSL certificates. It means that when a potential buyer makes a log in to e commerce website and enters personal information along with credit card number, a unique encrypted public key is automatically generated. This key is secured and serves as the means to authenticate safe transaction process. The unique encrypted public key will have unique session key which ultimately helps in the protection of valuable data and only those transactions which intend to be processed by the buyer will actually be processed.
SSL certificates are issued by Certificate Authority, which is a reliable authority altogether. The Internet buyer who visits e commerce website should make sure that it has any of the SSL certification insignia like VeriSign, or SSLGenie, or Thawte. "These are reliable certifying agencies, and if you want to check the details, click on their respective digital insignia.

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