Sunday, March 20, 2011

Big Picture Planning for Startup Businesses Regardless of Where You Are At In Your Business

Do you need to plan for next year or plan for what you're going to do to get your business up and running? Regardless if you're just starting out in business or a seasoned professional…you always want to plan at the very minimum once a year. Most business owners choose December or January to start planning but it really can be done anytime throughout the year and/or all year long as well; it's really great to set time aside every month if possible, every quarter at minimum to plot out your next steps for the upcoming few months. I talk about a 4 step process for 'working ON your business' in my coaching and this planning topic is actually step 3 of this process. Remember, an entrepreneur that keeps learning and planning will implement new practices and strategies to be more successful and financially free, one who doesn't simply has a JOB. In this article, I want to share with you some big AH HA's I've had over the years about planning and what I've learned from people I've met making millions of dollars each year!! Why learn secrets from Millionaires you ask? Because we want to strive for financial freedom right? You have a big mission right? You have a lot to give back right? Therefore you want to learn how to think and play bigger so you can earn more to fund your mission. If you don't want this please stop reading this now ….you obviously don't get it (yet). Go back to your JOB and be content with your life. Let me know when you're ready to stop working yourself so hard. Those ready for more….free time, unlimited earning potential, total abundance and complete balance in life….keep reading. What these millionaires all have in common: 1. They take their businesses from Ordinary to Extraordinary (they spend a lot of time thinking up new products, services and marketing strategies to offer more value and increase their market share) 2. They defy industry norms (outside of the box - way outside - thinking). 3. They position themselves for power (they know their market and position themselves as experts in their industry) 4. They welcome strategic process change (delegating and automating for example for higher productivity and efficiency) 5. They consistently raise their prices (because they know they offer greater value). 6. They have immunity to criticism (they don't care what people say or do). 7. They implement systems in their business so their business runs like a well oiled machine (without them having to be there). 8. They always look at the Big Picture, Big Idea - implementing little changes that have big effects. 9.They are able to spend more than their competition to get and keep a customer (because they understand 'how much a customer is worth' to them) 10. They exemplify specific personal behaviors that non-millionaires don't (you want to know what these are so that you can act and think like they do) So where do you start to create YOUR Big Picture Plan? Here are some key elements that your plan might consist of: • How much money you need to make this coming year o Break down your annual revenue goal into monthly increments so you can then determine how many clients/customers you need to get to reach that goal. • What new programs, products or services do you want to launch and when o What needs to be in place to make sure that happens efficiently. • What personal goals do you have (vacations, time off with family each week, relationship focus, self care, etc). • What marketing will you tweak or add this year to reach more of your ideal target market. How many clients will you need in order to reach those money goals? Figure it out. Now, what are the steps you need to take to reach those goals? Do you know? Do you have those plotted out as well? This part is crucial. Some people just put down the goal but then stop there. Break down each big picture goal into bite size pieces that are more manageable.

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