Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pay For Performance Benefits Advertisers And Publishers

Pay for performance is a type of online advertising in which a merchant advertises on another website. The owner of the host website is paid a commission after a predetermined result. Generally, pay for performance models only pay a commission for qualified leads and sales, not for every visitor sent through the ad to the merchant's website. The pay for performance model offers significant benefits for the advertiser and the publisher hosting the ads. Basically the advertiser and the publisher share the same goal, which is to generate money through performance based marketing, either by generating new business or increasing income through hosting online ads. Pay for performance advertising meets these needs in a mutually beneficial arrangement. The advertiser has the opportunity to advertise products or services without the expense of traditional forms of advertising. The commissions are paid for qualified leads or sales, so the advertiser is paying a commission only after generating sales. This method of advertising is a good choice for The publisher won't be paid for every click, as in pay per click advertising, so they don't get commissions every time a visitor clicks on the advertiser's message. However, the commissions paid for pay for performance advertising are generally higher, since the visitor results in a sale. This allows the publisher the potential to earn more money, provided they are sending quality traffic. The key in performance based marketing is to generate quality traffic and this is the goal of both the publisher and the advertiser. Pay per click programs charge a commission for every visitor, even if they remain on the website just a few seconds. This is not the goal in pay for performance. This traffic needs to be quality traffic to increase conversion rates. There is sufficient motivation for the publisher and advertiser to work toward bringing quality traffic to the advertiser's website. By connecting with publishers with websites related to their products or services, advertisers can increase online sales and make more money. By providing this quality traffic, publishers can earn additional income through commissions. For successful pay for performance advertising, you will need to track the results. When you track and evaluate the results of your online marketing campaigns with performance based advertising, you can make decisions regarding the success of a campaign and use the information to create your next campaign. Look for an agency that provides reports and access to data in real time to assist you in managing your campaigns. Media Trust offers innovation in pay for performance marketing. Our online platform allows advertisers and publishers to generate, track, optimize and maintain online advertising campaigns. If you prefer, our internet marketing specialists can do it for you. Visit our website to learn more about the benefits of our service for pay for performance marketing campaigns for advertisers and publishers.

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