Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hopping Mad Designs and Web Design

There are just so many web site design companies advertising their wares online especially on google. If you do a basic search and type in the key word web site design you will see literally hundreds of companies online. So as a business owner how fo you choose a web site design company if there are just so so many to look at. You are almost spoilt for choice and really might be at a disadvantage as thjere are just so many web design companies all really saying and offering the same things.
Here are just a few ways that you can differentiate these companies and see if the web site design company is legitimate :
1) has the web design company got a strong and varied portfolio that you can see online and are there any companies or brands with in this portfolio that you can recognise. If they only have a couple of sites on their web site for you to look at and if these are not to your liking then I would not be usine this company. Go got a studio that has a really strong and varied portfolio  and one whose designs look as though they have had some thought put into them. This will work better for you and your business branding online in the long run as you will end up with a web site that has its own personality as well as a look and feel that clearly articulates through design your businesses uniqueness.
2) if the website design company has a domain name that has the words web design in the name then they are probably a search engine optimisation comapny and not a web site design company. What they are doing ( and this is really imporatant) is optimising the word web design by having it in their name so it it easily indexed by google. This in most cases means that they will not be a web site design company and are a seo company pretending to be a design company. This is really easy to spot so if you do see this I would stay well away from even contatcting these people. You will probably end up in their spam cycle and get emails daily from india. Be warned these guys are cowboys just out to take your money and deliver if they can actaully deliver a web site a sub standard product.

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