Tuesday, March 22, 2011

High Speed Internet Connectivity Available Through T3 Line

The advancement in internet and communication technology has demanded that new methods must be chosen for faster and speedier advancement into the future. The industry of telecommunication has been on a constant expansion mode, especially for its commercial customers. T1 lines became common and thus arrived the need for something faster, better and more efficient. T3 line connections came into view as a result of this change. Today it is common for small businesses to have T1 lines in their offices. DSL cables in the households have become just as stable as the connection provided by T1 lines for data transfer. Both of these connections run at 1.5 Mbps. With the quick growth of business thanks to T1 lines, there is a need for an even faster connection and more bandwidth now. Six T1 lines that have been bonded together can provide a user around 9 Mbps. However, if you need more, it is time to opt for the better and more efficient option of T3 lines. T3 lines can provide a user with the bandwidth of around 45 Mbps. A single line of T3 connection has 28 T1 lines. In short, now a business has 672 voice lines. The suppliers of T3 service offer competitive prices when one jumps from T1 to T3 lease lines. The installation process of these lines keeps the company tied up though. The end user company's network interface unit needs to be connected to the T3 port with the means of 2- 75 ohm coaxial cables with the local telephone office. The cost of installation is substantial since the length of the line will depend upon the distance from the company office to the local telephone office. It is interesting to note that most T3 lines are normally connected today with the means of optic fiber cables that run on SONET. One may also find people using the term DS3 instead of T3 sometimes. The reason for this is that the transmission system of DS3 system is the T3 line connection. The deliverance of DS3 is possible only with the T3. However when one goes into the technical terminology, these term alternations become complex. DS3 transmits data via T3 lease lines, when it multiplexes 672 voice lines. Full duplex is allowed to operate on T3 lines via the dual coaxial cables. Thus smooth transmission takes place whether it is being received or sent. DS3 is known to be the one of the fastest non optical internet connection on offer in the market today. As mentioned before, the prices of getting the line may vary depending upon the supplier. What makes it a costly bargain is the charge of the local phone company for installation and maintenance of the lines. However, some companies are ready to negotiate if they find a long term customer. Availability of the down streaming bandwidth is guaranteed in the service level agreement that the company makes with the T3 line supplier whereby any interruptions or latencies in the speed of the connectivity will be calculated in seconds as per error rates.

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