Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SharePoint Server 2010 Hosting - ASPHostPortal :: Benefits of SharePoint Server 2010

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 provides a full-featured business collaboration platform that scales from the enterprise to the Web. This enables businesses to meet growing demands for internal and external collaboration and meet the fast-changing requirements of the new world of business—knowledge transfer, support for the next-generation workforce, virtual teams, open innovation, collaboration with partners and customers, and more—with a single, extensible, centrally managed enterprise platform.
Whether deployed on-premise or as hosted services, SharePoint Server 2010 helps companies cut costs with a unified infrastructure while simplifying how people find and share information across boundaries - Connect and empower people by letting them work together in ways that are most effective for them. Whether through the PC, browser, or mobile phone, SharePoint Server 2010 offers an intuitive and familiar user experience and enables people to find the most relevant experts to collaborate with, while providing them with self-service information that significantly enhances their decision-making capabilities. - Cut costs with a unified infrastructure that offers enterprise-scale manageability and availability. Whether deployed on-premise or as hosted services, as part of an intranet, an extranet, or the Internet, SharePoint Server 2010 lowers total cost of ownership by offering an integrated set of features. - Rapidly respond to business needs with dynamic and easily deployed solutions. Whether it's an end user or a professional developer, SharePoint Server 2010 offers the tools and capabilities to design and create business solutions that can be integrated with existing enterprise data, tools, and processes.
Why upgrade to SharePoint Server 2010?
Companies wanting to build out a full-featured collaboration platform that allows them to collaborate inside and outside the organization should consider upgrading to SharePoint Server 2010, which builds on the core technologies of SharePoint Foundation 2010 and provides new layers of capabilities, customization, and scalability. SharePoint Server 2010 is recommended for larger companies, enterprise deployments, and portal scenarios.
Key advantages of SharePoint Server 2010 include: - Cut costs with a unified infrastructure With SharePoint Server 2010 you can provide information workers with all of the organizational productivity services they need in a single, extensible infrastructure. The consolidation of business collaboration solutions onto SharePoint Server 2010 makes it possible to cut costs through lower training costs, increased IT productivity, and enterprise-wide management tools, all within a governable and compliant platform. - Empower employees through access to information Self-publishing of content from any source allows you to scale information-sharing from the team to the entire enterprise. Empowering employees to manage portal content directly keeps information current and saves time and cost, and puts business people in control of business processes without the involvement of IT resources. - Find the right content and expertise to increase productivity Because SharePoint Server 2010 can reach across SharePoint Foundation 2010 and other data repositories—including Lotus Notes—you can deliver the most relevant data no matter where it's stored. Search is the dominant navigation tool used, and empowering information workers to find the right content or people with the right expertise more quickly leads to increased productivity and decreased redundancy. - Connect people to enhance teamwork Social networking and people search in SharePoint Server 2010 allows employees to find and leverage the expertise of coworkers, amplifying the impact of each individual in the organization. With My Sites as a personal profile, information workers can manage and increase the scope of their networks to increase productivity and engagement with the company. - Rapidly respond to business needs Whether it's an end user or a professional developer, SharePoint Server 2010 offers the tools and capabilities to design and create business solutions that can be integrated with existing enterprise data, tools, and processes, allowing organizations to respond rapidly to business needs. - Share data throughout the organization Now you can empower your employees to share and collaborate around line-of-business (LOB) data in a familiar and easy user experience. The Business Data Catalog enables publishing data from SAP and other popular LOB platforms directly into SharePoint sites, making collaboration around the data possible without requiring expensive LOB clients for all users. - Ensure regulatory compliance With SharePoint Server 2010, all employees can turn any document into a record when necessary with built-in Enterprise Content Management. Giving document management to everyone improves information discovery and increases reuse of critical assets while reducing business risk through records management. - Make informed decisions SharePoint Server 2010 democratizes business intelligence by combining structured and unstructured information together to give decision makers access to information anytime, anywhere. Interactive dashboards and Excel Services enable users not only to access the data to make the right decision with deeper analytics, but to capture and share that decision with others quickly. - Facilitate employee self-service SharePoint Server 2010 facilitates employee self-service and reduces the burden on IT through Business Process and Forms. Utilizing forms, workflows, and business processes saves time and increases business agility. - Standardize content management Web content management (WCM) capabilities in SharePoint Server 2010 provide easy-to use functionality to create, approve, and publish Web content, enabling you to quickly get more information out to employees, partners, and customers with a consistent look. The speed and ease of WCM empowers employees to provide fresh, relevant, and high-quality content, while saving time and cost by standardizing on SharePoint Server 2010 for all content management, including Web assets. - Improve technology adoption Remove technological barriers for employees with one platform that works with familiar, easy-to-use business productivity software. Save time and cost of training while increasing employee efficiency.

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