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Top 20 article directories

Top 20 Article Directories For Search Engine Optimisation

Writing and submitting articles is a very important part of Search Engine Optimsation (SEO).

The process of creating an effective, traffic driving, revenue generating, Search Engine Optimisation campaign for a client or for yourself can be a very varied one. There are press releases, social bookmarks, Wikipedia pages, online payed advertising such as Google ad words, business listings, directory listing and so on and so on - but any and all Search engine optimisation veterans will tell you...high quality link building trumps them all put together.

When it comes to good old fashioned link building to drive traffic to your online business, writing Articles is a cheap, effective and (potentially) fast way of promoting your business online.

One mistake many people make when it comes to writing articles is that they get slightly carried away with the apparently blatant ease of writing an article and then submitting it to a hundred different directories and expecting immediate results.

Your article must first be high quality material that people are going to find helpful or interesting.

You should try to make your article original

You should make sure your articles layout isn't too flashy | don't go insane with the bold and color icons.

The best articles are articles that have a fluid flow - Ever read an article that felt like the author was talking directly to you? - That's a fluid flow article.

Writing effective, captivating articles takes experience - don't get discouraged and try not too take negative feedback to much to heart (easier said then done i know, but it takes practice and a thick skin)

So when you have finished your article and are happy with it, the Top 20 article directories to submit it to, are waiting below...

Number   Article Directory                 Alexa Traffic Rank          Google Page Rank

1                            24                                          7
2                              1                                          7
3                                      102                                         7
4                               178                                         6
5                                  183                                         6
6                              294                                         6
7                                     512                                         6
8                                564                                          7
9                  565                                          7
10                               593                                          7
11                            943                                          8
12                            1,163                                         6
13                                1, 436                                         6
14                                1,645                                         6
15                     1,675                                          7
16                           1,892                                         2
17                       2,254                                         5
18                           2,320                                         3
19                                 2,391                                         5
20                          2,494                                          5

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