Monday, March 14, 2011

Social Media For Parents

It is a fact of life that mothers and fathers tend to be paranoid about their kids and may do anything they can to keep track of what they're doing. Some parents track their children's mobile phones so that they know where they are all the time, others have resorted to using social media to observe their children's social relationships.

Social media continues to be extensively utilized in online marketing circles, but this isn't its initial purpose. The social media world was initially meant to allow people to connect to friends and family they could not visit regularly. It is now getting used to help parents keep an eye on their children's social interactions.

Many parents have opened social media accounts for themselves and connected these accounts to their children's accounts. This allows them to see who's friends with their child and exactly what trends are beginning inside their social circle.

Parents can see what kind of things their children are interested in and whether these interests could be unhealthy to them or not. There are lots of trends that may be harmful to children yet still seem appealing to them. It is then up to the parents to handle the consequences of those trends. Now the parents can see the trend gaining strength and may stop their children from getting engaged in the first place.

It can present a small problem though. Children who realize that their parents have social media accounts attached to their own accounts are usually less open about what they talk about and interact with online. The old saying, when the cat is away, the mice will play holds very true. It's also entirely possible that a child can open a social media account without their parent's awareness. There are plenty of social media sites available, no parent is able to keep track of all of them.

The additional advantage of all of this tracking capability is that online marketing companies get a wider audience. Since all of the parents of kids with social media accounts also have social media accounts they're also subjected to these marketing campaigns. This means that social media marketing businesses can expose more people to their customers goods a lot more easily.

So, although social media started off as a platform for people to stay in touch with each other it has evolved far beyond this. A wide variety of social media marketing techniques have already been developed and utilized ad nauseum and mothers and fathers have the ability to keep an eye on what their children are doing, who they are getting together with and what trends they are keen on. This last development has helped many parents help their kids under control and protect them form numerous dangerous trends.

Do not write social media off as remaining only good for chatting to friends and discovering prodigal school mates. If you own a company, you can use it to promote its products. If you are a parent, you can open your own personal accounts and monitor your children's relationships.

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