Sunday, March 20, 2011

Expired Domain Secret Review-Expired Domain Secret Scam

You have probably gasped in disbelief to think that people are willing to spend an insane amount of money to buy good domain names on the internet (For example traded for $7.5million and sold for $3million!!) Click Here To Grab Your Copy Now, I am hardly surprised because I too can spot properties that can fetch million of dollars with my years of experience in real estate. So I figured since I know the tricks and secrets of trading real estate, trading in domain names that are simply virtual real estate shouldn't be any different from the REAL world, right?.... How wrong I was! My name is John Khu. I have been a trading in commercial properties for more than 20 years and I remember starting it the hard way. When I first started, I had absolutely no idea how to spot a good property, how a little signage down the street can make a difference in price or how a simple corner layout can mean selling it for a million more or a million less! But I was determined to succeed and dared to take chances. After years of learning the ropes and making sound judgements, I have made enough money to give myself an early retirement! While I don't really need to make any more money, it has always intrigued me on how money can be made on the Internet so easily especially if there is something that can give me a good return on my investments. That's when I discovered the Magic of Expired Domain names.... Click Here To Grab Your Copy In 2002, I started dabbling in expired domain names. Back then, I actually lost money at the beginning but I then I started to realized that there are some "rules" to this game. Once I started playing by the rules, I realized the game is actually quite easy! Domain names are as important to any business as their company name. It provides an instant branding or in some cases, an easy-to-remember domain names that can get you a lot more eyeballs on the internet and online traffic. However, most people would think that good domain names have all been taken up and if you are one of them then you are half-right! Yes, good domain names have been snapped up but guess what... ...there is an expiry date to every domain name and if they are not renewed... BINGO!! That's when the excitement begins!
If you find an expired domain that has once been developed and has all the links all done up plus good search engine listing, they don't die away immediately with the domain name! That means if you purchased one of those domain names that at one time had good rankings and good traffic, you get to INHERIT THEM ALL! Straight away INSTANT TRAFFIC! Just think about the time and money you will save! That's the best part of taking advantage of expired domain traffic - someone has already done all the hard work for you!
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