Saturday, March 12, 2011

Twitter For Marketing - Tips to Promote Your Service Business on Twitter

If you want to build your service business and make it worthwhile to be on Twitter, you have to find the most effective ways to entice readers of your tweets (posts on Twitter) to check out your business. This is relatively easy to do if you concentrate on a focused Twitter account, one that has a consistent message and appeals to readers. Did you know that you can even have multiple Twitter accounts, one for business and one for personal use? That is just one way you can make sure your service business contains related tweets and your personal account doesn't get mixed up with that.

Here are some more useful tips:

1. If you already have a Twitter profile that blends your personal tweets to Aunt Sally or Uncle Joe with news about your business, separate those accounts. You want a professional image. So the first step in creating that truly professional image you want is to makes sure your service business has its own dedicated account. After that, make sure tweets are regular, up to date and posted on a daily basis. As part of that dedicated service business profile, make sure every bit of information would be of interest to customers. Your professional service business account is not the place for daily chat or gossip but for posts or tweets that appeal to potential clients.

2. If you don't have a blog, consider getting one and make sure you have a link to your Twitter account. Keep blog posts up to date, too and consider joining a blog directory. The Twitter account will complement the blog and vice versa. The blog or online newsletter will allow you to post related information and articles that will convince clients that your service business is worth using. If you can't write a blog post every day, consider finding alternate ways to maintain daily blog posts. There are all sorts of options for doing this. Connect with related blogs. People who have related businesses and blogs in other cities might very well refer clients to you.

3. Ask questions when you tweet, ones that are related to your business. Ask readers if they know how to solve certain problems that your business can solve. Tweets that start out with "How do you..." appeal to the reader's curiosity. Questions definitely attract more readers and make it nearly impossible for them to resist clicking on the links in your tweets. Once you've gotten them to click, keep them interested. Make the information truly helpful and perhaps share some free tips or information. That builds good will among potential clients or customers.

4. Search Twitter for people with similar interests. Does your business cater to organizational types? Check out posts on Twitter with words that relate to your business. Hopefully, you can network with other businesses and refer clients to one another. You'll not only be looking to network, though, but to find followers who can't resist following you. You may have to find people on Twitter who have blogs, leave blog comments and help them find their way back to you on Twitter. Once you've got followers, you are that much ahead of the game.

Finally, find people who have related service businesses as well as a large number of followers. Learn from their posts on Twitter. See how they attract clients. Follow their lead and you, too, will be on your way to building your service business on Twitter.

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