Thursday, March 24, 2011

Make a free imovie slideshow step by step

For mac user, it is easy to make a video slideshow with imovie with an iPhoto library full of photos. To be frank, imovie is designed primarily to capture and edit digital video, however it also has the ability to import still images and employ professional-looking transitions like wipes and dissolves, add audio and text narration, and lay down a soundtrack that works in conjunction with the photos. By making full use of this feature, we can build a m4v video with static photos. Step1. Launch iMovie and Create a new project Open your iMovie program and Right click on the Project Library, choose "New Project" in the menu. And input Project Name and select your favorite slideshow Theme. Hit "Create".  Step2: Collect Photos Click on the "Photos" icon to display your photo library. Enter your iPhoto program in a separate window and select the photos you would like to add to your slideshow. Click and drag the photos into the iMovie window. The photos are automatically added to the iMovie photo library. Quit iPhoto after you add all the photos you want and return to iMovie. Tips: Unless you have made a slideshow in the past, your library should be empty, so you must move your photos into your iMovie library from iPhoto. Step3: Drag the pictures into the timeline Place the photos onto the timeline once you are happy with the sizes and effects. Simply drag the pictures into the timeline in the order you would like them to appear. To add more pictures into the timeline click on the clip viewer icon. And drag your pictures into the timeline.When you drag your photos to the timeline, a redline appears below the pictures. The computer needs to process the pictures and the redline shows the progress. Step4: Add effects to your photos Clicking on the photo, then choose the desired effect on the tool bar, You can add music, text and transition to photo slideshow. To apply the effect click on the first photo, and click update. Once again the redline appears to render the effect. I'll click update for all of my pictures. After its finished rendering I'll click on the gray part of the timeline to deselect the clips. To shorten the picture length in the timeline click the timeline viewer icon, zoom out, and click and drag on the edge of each photo to shorten the length. To make your slideshow even nicer, click on the transitions icon and drag a cross dissolve between each picture. Step5. Export iMovie slideshow Right click and choose "Export movie", select some parameters according to your requirement. Finally, you will find the exported movie is in M4V formats. Embed imovie slideshow to web easily Picture slideshow exported from imovie is m4v formats, not compatible with web, so now we need to convert m4v slideshow to flash slideshow for embedding to web. iorgsoft Flash slideshow maker mac supports convert m4v photo slideshow movie to Flash FLV/SWF, and automatically generate an HTML web page embedding with flash video swf with flash video player. After finishing convert m4v slideshow to Flash slideshow in FLV/SWF on mac with Flash slideshow maker. Open the output folder, upload the converted flv/swf files to web directly or  open html file with Dashcode and copy the required codes to your website.

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