Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Twitter Marketing - Beginning Marketing on Twitter

<P>ACCOUNT SETUP</P> <P>Once you have your Twitter account you need to set up your profile. Twitter allows for easy customization of your profile page. You definitely need to put some effort into deciding what you want to type into your one line bio, because other than your Tweets, this line is all people have to judge your worthiness on. This time you get 160 characters (tweets are only 140) to describe what you have to offer.</P> <P>USER PHOTOGRAPH</P> <P>You should also use a genuine photograph of yourself or your company logo. A photograph of a person is probably best simply because people tend to connect better with a human face rather than any other image. A business logo would just shout "buy from us" to most people.</P> <P>BACKGROUND IMAGE</P> <P>A customized twitter background image is a must have feature for any business twitter account. Use it to get free exposure for your company. There are many places to get free backgrounds or you can have professionals create customized graphics for you (elance for example).</P> <P>GETTING FOLLOWERS</P> <P>Next you want to start getting followers. If you have any contacts that are already on twitter request that they follow you. Put your twitter URL everywhere asking people to follow you. Especially make sure it's in emails, on letters and anywhere else you like. If you advertise your twitter account and make it sound of interest your followers will naturally grow.</P> <P>Keep on eye on your direct competition, the users who are in the same niche as you are, so that you can discover how to improve your own tweets and you will also be able to share in their success and get some of their followers following you. Do this by following your competitor's followers, if that makes sense. Then when they check on some of the users who are following them, they will be interested in your account and will start following you back (I hope you are keeping up with all the lingo)</P> <P>RE-TWEETING</P> <P>Spread your tweets around more, and improve your chances of attracting new followers by using 're-tweets'. Re-tweeting is very popular and is when you re-post another users tweet that you like and you think your followers will improve of. You are simply taking the original message and sending it out so that others see it from you. To do a re-tweet, all you need to do is look at the message and hover your mouse over it. When you see the words retweet display at the side of the message click on them. It asks if you want to retweet to your followers. Click yes. That's it!</P> <P>REASONS TO RE-TWEET</P> <P>It is mutually beneficial when retweeting. Both the original tweeter and you will gain from the extra spread of the message. You may not get your messages retweeted by whichever user you retweet for, but that does not matter. You will always improve you chances of being retweeted by retweeting others. Just make sure the messages you retweet are closely related to your particular niche to maximise the benefits of doing so.</P> <P>Retweeting adds value to your Twitter page if you do it right. Just don't retweet any old garbage in order to get yourself advertised more and do not constantly bombard your followers with links to a sales page.</P></DIV> <DIV sizcache="2" sizset="67"> <TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellP<br>[Reason #1] You can easily have over 5,000 targeted followers on your  twitter account.

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