Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Revamp Your Pricing Strategies with eBooking

For the entrepreneurs and Businesses, the concept and technology of booking tickets from mobile devices with the help of an eBooking software has come as a boon. Till the advent of mobile booking of tickets, last-minute on-the-go reservations were a very tough challenge. With the introduction of mobile booking technologies, businesses can organize for mobile ticketing for the targeted people. Today almost all event organizers are making arrangements for providing mobile tickets to their customers. As with mobile booking it is possible to reserve seats till the very last moment of a program, the organizers are able to gather more attendees to particular events. This is helping them to collect maximum revenue from the bookings and the reservations made. They can attract more customers and therefore more business in the forthcoming times.
With mobile ticketing software, over the years, attendees and customers have been presented with innumerable options. You can also integrate the use of such a system to your company's marketing strategies. With the new ticketing system you can actually let your clients to book their requisite seats or rooms through certain applications in their mobile phones. Hoteliers or event managers like you can actually revamp their marketing and pricing strategies by offering the customers a mobile booking window through which they can get the requisite reservations. Mobile payments options are also convenient for both the client and the company, while you will be able to gather maximum revenue, it will act as an easier and convenient way of making the payments. While you do not have to spend too much money in staffing, the customers will be able to complete the entire procedure of requesting for tickets, booking them, and getting confirmed within a few hours.
How to succeed with new pricing strategies?
Generally, such a system is proficient in registering last-minute changes in the attendee database and allows ticket booking till the very last moment for the program to start. With such a system worries about the availability of seats or rooms is reduced as the platform comprises applications that provide accurate details about such factors to the clients directly to their mobile phones.
There‘s another advantage of including the software to your pricing strategy, the software will keep track of the financial transactions and guests arriving at the hotel or the event. This will help you to manage your finances in a better way. You can actually manually put up rates of booking based on the factors like current availability, competitive rates, and the program schedules for the clients to refer and do their bookings.
To stay ahead of the competitors with mobile eBooking, the managers and entrepreneurs have to react to certain things like – • Price of the competitors as compared to the overall rates of the market.
• Factors like local availability and unavailability of similar services and programs.
• Standard booking patterns.
• Projected performance.
• Value of market penetration by star ratings, and customer reviews.
The revenue management or ticketing software tracks all the above-mentioned channel attributes and hotel or event booking channels. So, you can see that the time and staffing saved thus represent financial profits for the company while not compromising on the satisfaction quotient of the clients. To put it simply, if you install eBooking software for e.g. Cart2Mobile to your Smartphone, you will have to simply oversee the process while the automated system will free your time to deal with complex event related matters.

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