Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why simple is the new golden rule for website design

Minimalist is one of the approaches to website design that will never go out of style and, increasingly, simple website design is the key to success in today's online world. More than ever before, simplicity has become essential for contemporary websites because users are commonly viewing them on smaller screened devices such as smart phones and tablets. So, what exactly is meant by simple website design? Here, we must firmly distinguish simple from boring. Simple does not mean black and white websites with no images or links, but it does mean website design that concentrates on the user experience to create the most straightforward and convenient website possible.
As I've suggested above, simple web design should not translate to a dreary experience for site users, but simple does mean cutting back on the fancy stuff. For example, using brief text in a clear font, on a subtly coloured background, will be easy on the eye and make information much easier to find. A general rule of thumb for all web design, simplistic or not, is to try to limit the colour scheme to no more than three colours. However, it is perfectly okay to use these main colours across the site in gradations of shade.
Another important principle of simple website design is the appropriate use of technology. It can be easy to get carried away with all the exciting new applications that web developers are regularly releasing, but, in order to maintain a site that is widely accessible and does not drive your customers crazy with interminably slow load times, it is best to stick to the essentials only and only use technologies that actually add some value to your website and user experience. When Flash technology was first introduced, many business owners added Flash features to their website designs, but it's incompatibility with mobile devices and some popular internet browsers have caused many ongoing regrets for businesses and problems for their browsing customers.
In order to simplify an existing website design, a great way to begin is to eliminate all elements that are not completely essential. Consider each and every element of the website such as fonts, colours, animations, graphics and applications to ensure that each element of the website design actually adds to the impression of your company rather than distracting site visitors away from your intended aims – that is, the goal activity you would like them to complete (for example, making an appointment of completing a purchase). You should also make sure that any additional applications and linked pages that are essential to the functionality of the website load quickly and are as accessible as they can be.
It's also much easier to create a professional impression with a beautiful minimalist website design. The misuse of technology and the over-use of flashing headlines, fancy fonts, poor quality graphics and garish colour schemes are almost always certain to drive online customers away and make them doubt your services, no matter how much expertise you truly have to offer when it comes to your industry. Not only is simple web design more compatible with a wide range of browsers and monitors, it can gain you respect and customer respect.
Just some of the reasons that simple website design is gaining so much publicity recently include allowing viewers find the information they need quickly and easily, a much higher rate of search engine compatibility, and, for you, a faster, cheaper and more easily maintained website. With all these benefits and more, it's not hard at all to understand why more and more website owners are adopting the minimalist approach to website design.

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