Saturday, March 26, 2011

Improve Memory And Enhance Your Personality

Most human beings, unless they fall under the rare category of those blessed with photographic memory, would like to improve their memory power. Memory is considered to be one of the most vital functions of the human brain. In the course of life, we absorb a multitude of information and the inability to recall it is called loss of memory or forgetfulness. Sometimes, despite several efforts, we fail to remember some vital information. It can be a phone number, address, name or any other information, which we registered in our brain. Even though forgetfulness is considered as a blessing sometimes, remembering some vital information in life is a boon to one's personality.
Reasons For Poor Memory Power
Before plunging into the different techniques or methods that help in boosting memory, it will be beneficial to take a quick glance at the reasons for memory loss.  Memory loss with aging is natural. Aged people usually find it difficult to recall stored information. Even though the memory power declines with age, short-term and remote memories are not affected.
Most common reasons for weak memory are lack of concentration, cluttered thought process, inactive mind, low impression regarding self memory, absent-mindedness, lack of judgment, and anxiety. Researchers have proved that stress can damage neurones or nerve cells in the brain, leading to poor memory. Multi-tasking, which is inevitable in today's world, also causes short-term stress leading to memory loss. Unhealthy eating habits and lack of sleep can be some other reasons.
Memory Improvement Techniques
Memory can be defined as the aptitude of any human being to store, recall, or hold back information about day-to-day events. But the capacity of storing information varies from person to person, and thus memory power differs from person to person. It is scientifically proved that a person's memory can be boosted by memory improvement techniques.
Take Purposeful Efforts to Memorize:  Try to memorize any new information that you have learned. This is more helpful for students. The more you memorize, the more your brain would get used to memorizing a lot of information in a single day, making it easier to recall. The interest and importance a person allots on each event or detail positively affects the power to recall those events. Paying close attention to an event also helps in memory improvement.
De-clutter the Thought Process: Organizing the thinking process and doing away with clutter are important aspects of enhancing memory.  Having a definite goal in life and leading a truthful life will help in eliminating a cluttered thinking process and improves concentration. Controlling the thought pattern helps in improving memory.
Get Hold of a Relaxed Mind: Excessive mental tension and stress lead to poor memory. A relaxed mind helps in better learning and concentration, thereby improving memory. A tense mind will fail to recollect any past events or stored information, but a relaxed mind will be able to stroll through the events backward. If anxiety interferes with memory, we do tend to forget things.
Eat Right and Sleep Well: Foods that provide high levels of magnesium content like spinach and different kinds of cabbage should be included in the daily diet. Beef liver and fatty fish, which are rich in Omega-3, should be included in the diet too as they help in removing 'bad' proteins from memory. High-protein food should be included in the daily diet as it provides food to the brain. A healthy and deep sleep also helps in improving memory.
Engaging in memory games, exercise, mediation, and yoga also helps in improving memory to a great extent.

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