Saturday, March 19, 2011

Every Website Needs SEO

Many internet marketers have years of online experience under their belt.  Yet in some cases the same mistakes are made over and over again.  One of the most frequently made mistakes is with respect to how they handle their website. Of course, in order to have a professional website, many hire the services of a professional who can actually construct a website which works correctly 24/7.  They also add some applications to help make their website as interesting as possible. The result is indeed a polished website.  After it is launched they wait and wait and wait. Yet nothing happens.  There are no visitors.  There are no sales.

The truth is success is not just about the look of the site itself. Sure the look, layout, and content all help to keep the visitors coming back.  However, how can these visitors come back if they have not seen the site yet?  This is the mistake often committed by the owners.  They fail to take the steps to attract potential visitor attention.  And a great site is nothing without its viewers.  There are specific actions employed to attract visitors.  These actions will result in visitors to your website.  The key actions are associated with search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization consists of a collection of strategies and tactics which will help the site to appear at the top of the rankings of a search engine results page.  These work together as the search engines index the contents of each page and acquire the address of the page once it is searched by a user.  For example, if the page has been mentioned in a lot of blogs, it has increased relevance.  The site containing the most relevance to the search is the one to appear on the top ranks.

It really is pretty simple.  If the site is the most relevant, it is the first one in the results.  In effect, it is the first one clicked by the user.  The traffic to your website then increases.  There will be more new and old visitors each month. After some time, the traffic can translate into sales and the sales will eventually become profit.

Search engine optimization is completed in two ways.  It must be done onsite and offsite.  In onsite search engine optimization, the efforts must begin on the site itself.  This means the contents and site coding must properly contain the keywords and tags.  As for the offsite, there are a variety of actions ranging from article marketing to blog commenting and much more.

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