Sunday, March 20, 2011

Emporium Bot Review-Emporium Bot Scam

Write the footprint to find blogs to post select google or yahoo, select how many url by keywords do you want, e.g. 200, click Harvest, wait, to avoid searche engine troubles you can choose 3 seconds pause which is 3.000 miliseconds. Grab A Copy Click here 1.Click Add project, write the project name, in the image: testdomain, then write the projectwebsite which is the website or url to get backlinks for, in the image is, then write the anchor keywords, in the image is site, it could weight loss, etc. Then Click in save every time you make and change remember click in save. To add Comments, you could lick in add auto comment and then you can modify. No duplicate checkbox, this is to avoid write two or more comments with the same projectwebsite in the same url. Select the milliseconds time out, some websites are big, with hundreds of comments so they take some times in load. Chose manual or auto post. In manual once the website is ready to fill the comment form, the process stop, so you make the changes you want then click in fill comment. Click Add urls, chose the file you just saved in harvest mode. You can do this with any form. Imagine not only posting in form to get backlinks, create account so much faster now. In this windows you can write a seed keywords then select a search engine and click get keywords, the software is going to get all the suggestion, to save click in save keywords or click in export to see them in the big text box at the right side. Click in create and the software is going to use all the name list, you can add your own name last names list, and is going to search for that name in google to know is someone else has already this name.
The most important factor to your web site is visits to generate sales. But they do not come by magic, no matter how good your content is. Grab A Copy Click here No matter if you have many articles and sections. You can have the best site in the world and nobody is going to notice. The missing factor that needs your web site are incoming links are also called backlinks. Think of it this way Google has built its strategy around identifying inbound links for each of the websites you visit and remember the amount of these is that so important ifor any web site. Now get backlinks is a very difficult process that takes time, weeks, months or even years. There was no other way to rely on luck and chance that someone would kindly give you an incoming link. Being aware of this problem a few months ago I develop a software that would allow me to get backlinks in a fast and automated way. Thus was born EmporiumBot With this tool you can get a list of websites ready to insert your backlink, you can obtain the page rank of each page. EmporiumBot's so special? You can post in any form, could be a wordpress blog or any other because it has the ability to learn. You can now tell at once the name of the field must be completed and EmporiumBot will fill it without any problems automatically or whenever you need it. Grab A Copy Click here

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