Friday, May 20, 2011

3 Tips Help You Get the Most from Your Facebook Fan Page

By creating a Facebook fan page where people can interact, you can easily join the Facebook craze and start expanding your business. But, to make sure you have new fans coming to your page daily you will have to drive traffic to it regularly. One intelligent way to achieve this is to optimize your page for search engines which will drive organic traffic to it. This article will look at a few uncomplicated suggestions to help you build your fan base.We'll then go into how you can explode your rankings by using free backlinks . The first thing you should do is name your page after your brand name. In simpler terms, make sure the name of your Facebook page is the best one possible. You should really go for a name that describes the type of business you're running and that identifies with you the best. The very best way to do this is to just opt for your brand name instead of opting for one that's filled with a lot of filler words and phrases because people are going to think you're trying to spam people and they'll avoid your page like the plague. One other thing that's important to mention about your Facebook page name is that it shouldn't be changed once you decide on it. Google uses Facebook page names to figure out where your page should be placed within the search engine results, and so if you change your name you are likely going to change where your page ends up. This happens mainly because Google gives a lot of consideration to the title of a page, so when you make any changes, it starts all over again with the ranking. Your fan page's live stream should include direct links as well. Use your status updates to post links to your website and any other site that is related and that can help build your link score. This will also show Google that your page is popular. Just keep in mind that you should do this slowly over time; doing too much too soon will raise the spam flags. Your goal should be to give quality content on your fan page while still impressing the search engines. Once you get going, you can leverage your SEO by using good backlink software . Your page must not be a simple landing page, and this is very important. Since Facebook gives you the ability to customize where your traffic will land, make sure you use it. This will make sure you get the SEO benefit, too. This is why you will want to make sure your landing tab is made exactly to the specifications of your target audience, and you must tell them what you want them to do. Give people more than just one reason to become a fan of your page. Too many people have people land on their page but they don't provide info about their product or brand. This means you won't impact anyone visiting your page once. To sum up: once you have effectively optimized your page for the search engines you will realize that doing so is not all that hard and it won't take much time to show the results you want. And remember that getting targeted search engine traffic to your Facebook fan page is only the first step towards success. You need to keep putting in this same effort to get more search engine traffic by working on your SEO. While there are lots of factors that figure into making your fan page a success, it is how you build up on this success that really matters. To better improve your rankings,  use SEnuke X .

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