Sunday, May 22, 2011

Women Internet Marketers - Talk About Being A Woman In A Man's World!

If you're a female internet marketer then you know what I'm talking about when I say that it's tough being a woman in a man's world out there. Nowhere is there more of a bias when it comes to successful professionals than internet marketing and the make money online world. But why is that?
It is my belief that we, as women are just built a little bit differently. I am not talking about the obvious when it comes to body parts and how we dress. I am talking about what is on the inside. I am talking about heart, motives. I am talking about how we feel about our online business and how we conduct ourselves in addition to our motives.
I know that most women have a problem with promoting products and programs that are either a little bit sketchy or just downright unethical in nature. Perhaps it's the mother in each of us... either those of us that actually are mothers or the piece of each of us that has that nature that wishes to nurture and help and do no harm no matter what the payoff is.
While I view this as being an admirable trait it does fly in the fact of much of what internet marketing and making money online is all about. Many men have no problem with promoting any old product that comes down the pike. The money earned is the bottom line. Many of the successful marketers will tell you that you have to have that killer instinct. You need to always be closing and always looking to make a sale.
I, on the other hand, like to sleep soundly at night knowing that my online efforts are actually helping people. I delight in knowing that my work has made someone's life easier, happier, more financially stable. I love to get feedback from people that like my writing and those that overcame a problem thanks to my guidance.
Then there's motive. I personally have no desire to be filthy rich. I would have a heck of a time parking a Ferrari. I'm not sure if they come in automatic and I know I would wreck it driving in heels and the insurance would never cover that! But honestly, my motives are not to become so rich that my life changes. My goal is just to make enough money so that I can spend more time with my family and make sure that there is never a question that they will be able to go to college.
In internet marketing, I search for the freedom that no other profession can provide financially as well as morally. No where else can you find a job or a business where you can say "No, I'm not going to do this" and not have to worry about the bottom line. And nowhere else can you find a profession that holds the potential to make you large sums of money as there is with internet marketing. Think about it... all I have to do is set up a website and promote it properly and it will be there for as long as I pay for my hosting and domain renewal every year. That virtual real estate will be making me money potentially until I am a grandmother!
Most men, on the other hand, are looking for huge sums of money and they don't consider themselves successful until they have all the toys that they dream of along with the reputation to flaunt along with it. Most guys look at internet marketing and they think in terms of millions. I, on the other hand, think of how much a trip to Disney for my children over the school holiday is going to cost. Of course, I am shooting for being able to quit my day job but that is simply because I would love to be able to spend the entire summer with my kids. For me, that is what I want out of internet marketing. Just a life free of worry that will provide the little niceties in life for me and my family... and new shoes, of course!

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