Monday, May 30, 2011

List Building For Profit!

Why is list building important?
List building is a vital part of internet marketing. The list is where you find your buyers and hence where you make your money. You may have heard "the money is in the list". The people on the list will be the people who will buy from you. You need a group of people who trust you and will buy things from you just because you recommend it. Your list will be this group of people.
How to build a list?
1. Make regular posts to - When posting to Twitter you will want to post 4 to 8 tweets at a time about 2.5 to 5 hours apart. When making these 4 to 8 posts about ¾ of the posts should have to do with interesting content in your niche. The final message in the list of tweets should have a link to your squeeze page or web page where you opt-in form is.
2. Create a Free Giveaway - For this you will need to set up a simple website(this could be a blog). On the website or blog you would offer a free gift or series of gifts to anyone who filled out your opt-in box. You can use any number of things to give away. You might write an e-book on a particular facet of your niche or give away a piece of free software that you have developed or paid to have developed. There are also many PLR (Private Label Rights) products out there to choose from.
3. Facebook - Facebook is another place to meet people who could potentially become list members. In order to find fiends in your niche, search for keywords and you will find peoples profiles that contain those keywords. Searching for groups in your niche is another way. When you find a group you can invite people who are members of that group to be your friends. Making a Facebook Fanpage is way to get people to sign up on your list. Invite your friends to join your fan page. You can put a squeeze page on your fan page or have a link on your fan page to your squeeze page.
4. Comment on blogs - A great way to get exposure to your blog is to comment on other peoples blogs. Most people use a plugin called Comment Luv which will allow you to put a link to a post on your blog in your signature. This will get people exposure to your blog and web form.
5. Article marketing - Writing articles in your niche area is another way to get exposure to your website or blog. After writing an article, submit your article to article directories such as You can put a link to your blog or website in your signature. There are other article directories out there also.
List building is important if you are going to market on the internet and make any money. I have given you a few ideas on ways to build a list but there are many other methods out there. The key is to just get started and be consistent at doing one or two methods.
As you master the first methods ad in more list building methods. List building starts out slow but as you get going you will see the momentum start to pick up.
Get started and build your self a great list.

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