Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Truth About Income Entourage By Jamie Lewis And Travis Stephenson

Here's what Travis Stephenson the owner of Income Entourage has to say about what Income Entourage really is! In a Nutshell …Basically, they start off in the software by creating a squeeze page using the criteria inside. We ask them, step by step, for each part of the squeeze page. Then, there is a step inside the process for configuring their " facebook like " button. What this will do is make it so that when the first person "likes" their page, it automatically creates a fan page that the owner can edit from within their facebook page.
And then, I am going to show them how to
Manage the subscriber list and
Manage their facebook like group and
Use Facebook ads to target the people who have liked their page, and pay pennies on the dollar for those ads compares to targetted broad niches.
Solid product because Facebook fan pages and facebook advertising is where it's at right now!  I mean look at all the major companies who are diving in head first to Facebook!
Income Entourage simply put has been created from feedback and researching what do people need and want. Basically you will be able to make money within the first 5 minutes. No kidding 5 minutes literally you can start as soon as you buy the Income Entourage Product officially launching on june 13th  at 12:00 pm be sure to come back and check my Special bonuses I will give out great and awesome bonuses . I believe that Income Entourage is and will be the last online software you will have to buy.
Jamie Lewis and  Travis Stephenson created this product based on their members' feed backs. Many of their members and students requested a program that is easy to operate for getting lots of free-targeted traffic.
They also want to avoid all the technical skills involved on creating profitable websites. In short, they do not want to have a hard time on setting up an online business that will generate instant results. Wanting to grant their members' requests, Jamie Lewis and Travis Stephenson decided to develop and create  Income Entourage .
They offer a lot more when you have decided to grab this product. You will not only get access to the software but you will also be trained on how to use the program so you can easily build a successful online business.
You will be supported through the entire process. Step by step videos and live webinars are also available inside the member's area. These are the only information available about  Income Entourage as of the moment.
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