Friday, May 20, 2011

Search Engine Optimization Tricks For Your Facebook Fan Page

It doesn't take very much because you only need to be sure of a few things. Given below are 3 useful SEO tips for your Facebook fan page so that you can stand out from the competition and get the best results.We'll then go into how you can explode your rankings by using free backlinks . When creating your page, you should always name it as the name of your brand. In other words, you need to make sure you have carefully chosen your Facebook fan page's name. The name should have to do with your industry, what you do, and what your overall goals are. The best way to do this is to go with your own brand name instead of choosing one that contains lots of generic keywords/phrases because that would make your page look spammy, which doesn't appeal to the majority. Another important point about your Facebook fan page's name is that once you set it, it's never a good idea to change it. When you name your page, Google uses this information to place it in the serps, and if you change your name, you will likely change your page's positioning. This happens mainly because Google gives a lot of consideration to the title of a page, so when you make any changes, it starts all over again with the ranking. Make every effort to offer frequent updates of content that is fresh and unique. Facebook searches have changed to include status updates, wall posts, and other types of posts in search results. When you update any fresh content on your wall it automatically increase the chances of it appearing in the Facebook search. If you want to really rock your results in Facebook searches, be sure you add a few rather commonplace keywords in your post. Once you get going, you can leverage your SEO by using good backlink software . Lastly, show gratitude and thank all the fans that join up with you. If a person finds you by using the search engine results, then you want to make sure you send out a thank you as soon as humanly possible. You can even go further by offering every new fan a free e-book or money off a product, just to make your thank you mean a little more. Don't forget to offer a quick message that thanks them. In closing, you should now be very familiar with how to effectively utilize SEO in order to get more fans and traffic to your Facebook page. Not only will you get more people to see your site, but your brand will also grow without you having to do very much. To better improve your rankings,  use SEnuke X .

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