Tuesday, May 31, 2011

4 Important Factors To Consider In A Fully Managed Server Hosting Solution

The biggest advantage of selecting a service like this is the reduced number of headaches an IT department of a company faces. They can focus resources on higher level issues and help the company to achieve company goals. When considering investing in any service, proper research must be done. The list of factors below are all important and should be the basis for making a decision. If any of these are missing, company resources and profitability are put at risk.
Any business that decides to expand out to the internet wants to make sure that their systems are running online without any interruption. Imagine, if a company spent weeks and months trying to get an online ordering system up. The developers do several hours of overtime to ensure the system works without a glitch and the marketing team does its best to make sure the new feature is broadcast to its users and die-hard followers. On the day of the launch, the server that hosts the website goes down for whatever reason. Imagine the lost revenue for that company. When looking for a provider, make sure they provide the latest hardware and software configuration. Redundancy is also very important. This means that whatever problems are experienced, no interruptions will be experienced by the users. Proper disaster recovery plans should be clearly outlined and communicated. The service level agreements should ensure that servers are up and running 24/7.
Low Latency and High Bandwidth
Connecting a data center to the internet is fairly easy, but it's important to always make sure that the connection is fast. There is one thing that separates a great provider from an average one, the quality of the IP Transit. A good transit service will usually offer at least two upstream providers. This provides both low-latency and high bandwidth, basically a clear route is always available to the web. Latency is simply the time taken to send and receive a signal. Low-latency is very advantageous for companies that perform thousands of transactions on their websites on a daily basis. Customers would be turned off using the company website if it took several minutes to process a simple order, transaction or even to open a simple web page.
Support Offerings
Everyone knows that nothing ever goes as planned and that occasional problems will happen. Some problems will happen for more companies than others. Nothing is more annoying than not having the proper support when it is needed. When looking for a partner make sure they provide 24/7 support. It's best to look for a provider that can offer telephone, chat and email support. Chat and email is usually sufficient, but when major problems arise, there's no messing around and a certified engineer should be ready to field any technical issues over the phone.
Server Hosting Costs
This is probably one of the biggest things that a company must consider, the cost. Many companies decide to do everything themselves because some services cost too high. Some plans are not flexible or are very limited in their offerings. The best partners offer various plans that cater to the different needs and budgets of their clients. There is always a trade-off when a decision is made on whether a company should outsource or perform the work themselves. Companies that do their research properly will be able to find some nice first time deals and discounts.
More and more companies are now turning to a fully managed server hosting solution. It really doesn't cost as much as it once did. Going with a normal hosting solution will not give a company the proper attention that it needs, especially in times of trouble. You know the saying, "You get what you pay for". When investing in this type of service, always go with the one that guarantees 24/7 up-time, provides a good IP transit service, has great technical support and provides reasonable server hosting costs. This assurance is what will put minds at ease and allow them to focus on growing their business instead of just maintaining it.

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